30th Anniversary Ken® (Porcelain)~1991

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A First In Porcelain

The Ken® doll is 30 years old in 1991 and master sculptor John Gardner will capture his 1961 likeness with a numbered Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Ken® (Porcelain) #1110 (BD 1991), presented to the public by the Timeless Creations division at Mattel, which at that time was the Collectible/Specialty Doll division of Mattel Inc.  Each Ken® doll is hand numbered and is made of fine porcelain bisque in Northern Malaysia.  Skilled craftsmen make only 20 castings from each mold, ensuring a high level of quality.  It is interesting to note that subtle changes are made to the body structure, with more muscular details that weren’t in the original vinyl version.  A booklet is included that plays up Ken® doll’s importance in the Barbie® dominated world he lives in:

"He's been an astronaut, doctor, pilot, Olympic skier and much, much more! But he's most famous as the constant companion of the world's most popular fashion doll, Barbie®.

For over 30 exciting years he's been her dance partner, her beach buddy, her boyfriend, her steady date.  Who is this handsome guy with so many accomplishments? Ken®, of course!

Although Ken® has become a cultural phenomenon forever linked with Barbie®, he does have an interesting story of his own”.  

This version has the same flock brunette hairstyle and is dressed in a replicated Tuxedo #787 fashion.  Because fashion begins from the inside out, sleeveless white knit cotton undershirt, striped cotton boxer shorts and black dress socks with garters are also included which were not included with the original outfit.  They were specifically designed to fit with the '60's tuxedo ensemble.  Also included is a silver metal replicated "Ken®" wrist tag on chain which reads:  "1961" on one side, "30th Anniversary Ken®" on the other, ivory color stand and certificate of authenticity that assures that your 30th Anniversary Ken® is a limited edition.



30th Anniversary Ken

M#:  1110  BD:   1991  HC:  Flocked Brunette.  Replicated Black tuxedo outfit with white shirt and burgundy bow tie and cummerbund.  White undershirt and boxer shorts.   Silver replicated "Ken" wrist tag on chain.  Black socks, black sock garters and lace up dance oxfords.  A:  Ivory color stand. Certificate of Authenticity.  NOTE:  LE.

"It all began in 1961, two years after Barbie® came on the scene.  Tall (12"), handsome, and reliable, Ken® was just what any girl would want.  Dressed for the beach in red trunks and sandals, he was sold as #750 at a suggested retail price of $3.50.

Master sculptor John Gardner has brought that first Ken® to life in porcelain, enhancing his face and body structure subtly but surely with muscular details that weren't in the original vinyl version.

Porcelain Ken® is sporting the same dark brown flocked crew cut as 1961 Ken® did 30 years ago.  His face is hand-painted with the same brows and eyelid lines that highlight his blue eyes, capturing the essence of Ken® as he was in the beginning.

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