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Is That Ken®?

If any one-year can be singled out for Ken collectibles, it has to be silver-lined 1987.  Interestingly, only three dolls were produced, but each one brings the Ken collector to a passionate state.  

Jewel Secrets Ken debuted with the second use of a brand new head mold introduced in 1987. The head mold first appeared on Rocker's Ken the same year.  At first glance Jewel Secret Ken's 1986 Ken head mold (usually referred to as the “Rocker Ken" head mold) has a serious, almost determined look to it.  This may be due to the closed-mouth half-smile smirk, which was quite a contrast to the look of the 1983 Ken head mold.  The 1986 head mold is one of the most debated and discussed.  There is no middle ground; you either love it or hate it!  Being accustomed to Ken’s open-mouthed, dimpled smile, this head mold took most consumers by surprise.


ABOVE:  Another box variation has the Ken caricature looking to the side.  The box is also a slightly lighter shade of pink.

Birthday Boy!

With the new relatively new head mold, Mattel will treat collectors with a real life situation for Jewel Secrets Ken.  The box contents include a mini book entitled Mystery at Sea.  The story starts with passengers Barbie, Skipper, and Whitney on board the ship “Glamour II”.  Barbie is planning a special birthday party for Ken on the last day of the cruise.  Because she wants to keep the party a surprise, she does not reveal to Ken that she is on board.  Unfortunately, Ken leaves his suitcase with his dress clothes on the dock as the ship pulls away, and is left with only one silver tuxedo.  Three balls are planned for the three-day cruise, and Ken ponders how he can wear the same tuxedo three times in a row.  “Oh I wish Barbie were here,” he laments.  With a little thought of his own, Ken decides to change his cummerbund and tie color for each occasion.  Barbie attends each ball (naturally), but is masked in the first two to conceal her identity from Ken.  Ken wonders who the beautiful masked stranger is.  During the third ball, the planned surprise birthday party for Ken is revealed, along with Barbie herself, and everyone lives happily ever after.  I love this version for the book, and the Ken centered theme.  The produced Jewel Secrets Ken is everything and more with his silver tuxedo, consisting of a one-piece outfit with silver lame pants, a silver stripe shirt with a solid silver lame collar, and an argyle patterned tuxedo jacket with tails.  True to the story, the bow tie is a reversible prismatic aqua or fuchsia color.  The cummerbund can be rotated to reveal both of the mentioned colors.  A silver color cummerbund is also included.  He wears silver glitter net socks and gray loafers.  For some reason Mattel includes an aqua jewelry box with a silver, red & blue bracelet as a gift for Barbie.  Hey, isn’t this Ken’s birthday? Jewel Secrets has rooted brown hair, which can be brushed with the included aqua brush.  There are two box variations for this Ken.  One has a caricature of Ken looking to the side, and another has him looking forward.  The boxes are also different shades of pink.

Jewel Secrets Ken

Jewel Secrets Ken (Box variation)

M#:  1719  BD:   1986  HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:  1-piece with silver lame pants, silver stripe shirt with solid silver lame collar s/l.  Reversible aqua or fuchsia prismatic bow tie and cummerbund (the cummerbund also has a prismatic silver color).  Silver lame argyle patterned tuxedo jacket with tails.  Silver net glitter socks.  Gray loafers.  A:  Aqua jewelry box with silver, red & blue bracelet.  Aqua brush.  "Mystery at Sea" storybook. NOTE:  There are two different box versions given for this Ken.

Jewel Secrets Ken African American

Jewel Secrets Ken African American (Box variation)

M#:  2421  BD:   1985  HC:  Painted Black.  C:  Same.   A:  Same.

Below:  A Jewel Secrets Ken African American version was available as well.  It uses the 1983 Black Ken head mold.  This version will become important as it marks the last use of this head mold.  There are also two box variations for this version that are similar to the Caucasian versions.  The Jewel Secrets Ken African American (Box variation) is a lighter shade of pink, and the drawing is different.