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Movie Date Ken

M#:  28731  BD:  2000  HC:  Rooted Brown.  C:  Olive-drab color pants with double pleat at knees.  White/lt. blue/royal/yellow/olive-drab stripe baseball style t-shirt with royal sleeves s/s.  Black/white tennis shoes with new thicker sole. Dark pink plastic cup in left hand.  A:  Pink chipboard box with dark pink plastic cup, movie ticket, orange box of candy and popcorn holder with yellow tissue inside.

Movie Date Ken AA

M#:  29261  BD:  2000  HC:  Painted Black.  C: Same.  A:  Same.





Rated Gee!

It is Friday night, and Ken® and Barbie® are going to the movies. Ken® knows exactly how to make the date extra special. He chooses the movie they both want to see, gets plenty of popcorn to share, and is polite.

Both versions of Movie Date Ken doll debuted in the play line in 2000, and the Caucasian doll's hair is like nothing you have seen before! It is definitely a new buzz-cut hairstyle that is VERY closely rooted.  I have never seen such a closely rooted doll before and it is amazing looking!  His medium brunette hair is combed forward in a style that speaks fashionably today.  This version has blue painted eyes and heavy brows.  Ken® is dressed for a casual date.  He wears olive drab khaki pants that are darted at the knees in two places.  These darts make either a fashion statement, or the pants were too long in the front during production.  I think it is a nice touch!  The stripe royal/white/lt. blue and yellow stripe baseball styled t-shit has an olive drab stripe, so matches.  On the back of the box he is pictured with the yet realized Flower Power Barbie®.  (She came later in 2001). 

"Here's how Ken® makes every date extra great!"

  • Pick a movie that both want to see.

  • Get plenty of popcorn to share.

  • Be polite.  Don't talk during the movie.

  • Come home when expected.

  • Always say "thanks" for a great time!



Below:  Movie Date Ken escorts Flower Power Barbie® doll in this promotional photo.