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Let Down Your Confusing Variations!

Following 1995's Children's Collector Series Rapunzel BarbieŽ, would be a second edition of Rapunzel BarbieŽ in 1998, for the play line.  There was a Caucasian and African American version.  Included in this second version, would be a dashing Prince KenŽ! Conspicuously missing though was an African American Prince KenŽ.   This trend would be followed with the next Sleeping Beauty line.  The situation would finally be correct with the 2000 Rainbow Prince/Princess line.

From the beginning, the Rapunzel and Prince prototype pictures would not match the finished products.  With so many variations, it makes these two a pretty confusing pair.  Most of the changes are improvements for BarbieŽ, which make her costume, collectible quality.  The BarbieŽ doll's gown changes dramatically throughout the lower bodice, while KenŽ doll's tunic changes from a dusty rose velvet to a felt material and the gold wrapped bands around the arms becomes simpler.   The brocade material used for the front also changes.  The changes for KenŽ are not as noticeable, and make this pair worth every cent.  Box variations can also be found on both dolls, in relation to the side cardboard flap.  A third, 1999 version of Rapunzel BarbieŽ was produced for KB Toys.  This version was not as elaborate as its predecessors, but charming, just the same.

BELOW:  First in the Children's Collector Series, 1995's Rapunzel BarbieŽ.

Below:  Second Edition Rapunzel BarbieŽ, that goes with Rapunzel Prince KenŽ.  Bottom Right:  Second Edition dress.  The realized dress was much more elaborate than the prototype pictured on the Prince KenŽ box.  Bottom Left:  Picture of the Third Edition dress from 1999.  A cheaper, scaled down version made for KB Toys.

Below:  The prototype picture that is used on the back of the Rapunzel Prince KenŽ doll's box.  Both realized dolls costumes varied greatly from the prototype picture. 

Prince Ken (Rapunzel's)

M#:  18080   BD: 1997  HC:  Rooted Brown.  C:  Royal blue tights with attached metallic gold knee high cloth boots.  Pieced scarlet red with royal/scarlet/gold & light blue print(chest) tunic with puff shoulders l/s.  Gold with light blue ribbon embroidery(collar, chest & cuffs) and metallic gold bands(sleeves).  Metallic gold cord with tassels and royal blue jewel around waist.   Metallic gold(back)/royal blue(front) cape attached to tunic.  A:  Royal blue felt bag with gold cord and tassels containing pink necklace with prismatic jewels and pink bracelet .  Shiny gold crown.

The Story!

The story behind these dolls was inspired by the classic fairy tale by the brothers Grimm. 

"Once upon a time...a lovely maiden named Rapunzel BarbieŽ was trapped in as high tower.  As the years passed, the girl's grew and grew until it was as long as the tower itself.

Then one day, a handsome Prince named KenŽ discovered her and knew by her sweetness that they belonged together.  "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" he cried.  And when she did, he climbed and climbed until at last they were face to face at the top of the tower.  "Please accept these royal jewels as a symbol of my love for you," he said.

Rapunzel BarbieŽ looked deeply into his eyes, and soon her heart filled with great joy for she knew she had found her own true love.  Before long they were married and lived happily ever after".  The End.

Of course, this is the nice version of this fairy tale.   In the original version it is a evil witch who locks Rapunzel in the tower, and when she discovers Rapunzel has met this Prince, she cuts off her hair and the Prince falls to his death.  I like the other version better!