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Lights! Camera! Action!

From 1995-1998, Mattel introduces a new Hollywood Legends Series that captures Barbie and Ken in memorable movie scenes.   First in the series was a tribute to the movie Gone With The Wind.  In 1995 two versions of Barbie as Scarlett O'Hara and one of Ken as Rhett Butler were offered.  In 1996, two more versions of Scarlett were offered as well as the introduction of Barbie as Maria from the Sound of Music and the first edition of Barbie as Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz

In 1997, more Wizard of Oz characters are added with the addition of Barbie as Glenda the Good Witch and a second edition of Dorothy.  Ken was back in the mix portraying the Tin Man.  Another movie is highlighted this year as well, with Barbie portraying Eliza Doolittle, from the movie My Fair Lady in four different versions.  Ken is added in this series as Professor Henry Higgins.

In 1998, two more versions of Ken as the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion would complete the Wizard of Oz set.  Also in this year, the final dolls in the series are produced.  In a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, Barbie portrays Marilyn in thee different versions, from three different movies.

gwtw.jpg (4508 bytes)  Casting!

Casting is important, as Mattel will literally "cast" Ken and Barbie in scenes from the movie.  A modified Alan head mold is artfully painted to resemble Clark Gable as  Rhett Butler, at the Atlanta Bazaar.  The youthful modified Alan hair is painted with a subtle mix of black and gray.  Tiny lines are added to "age" the face, and of course a painted moustache, for Clark Gable's signature feature.

The characterization is also important, as emotions about his "character" as a gentlemen in this scene run rampant.  The gossip is all about blockade-running.  Good or bad, when he offers $150 in gold in a dance bid for the newly widowed Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton, scandal erupts.  Officially in mourning, Scarlett's character is dressed in black, matching Rhett's black tuxedo.   Even though he looks elegant, the addition of a black cape makes the outfit , and his character, appear roguish.  Captain Rhett Butler places his bid to raise money for the Confederate Military Hospital in Atlanta.  When Scarlett accepts, the crowd is aghast and the two lead the Virginia Reel.

Even though the box says "Ken as Rhett Butler is a perfect match to Barbie as Scarlett", this outfit does not correlate with her recreated gowns.  It does match closely to the tuxedo he wears to Ashley's birthday party, but after all, he dumps Scarlett at the front door.   Understandably, this is the most remembered outfit for Rhett in the movie.  It is also the first scene where more than a hint of romance between the two characters, takes place.

BELOW:  The back of the box features Ken, as Rhett, in a dramatic black and white photo.  The photo is delicately shadowed and is reminiscent of early photography done for Ken.

Hollywood Legends Ken as Rhett Butler

M#:   12741  BD:  1994  HC:  Painted Two Tone Black/Gray.   C:  Black pants.  Black waiter length tuxedo jacket with black felt shawl collar and black buttons l/s.  White jacquard vest with white felt shawl collar and buttons.  White ruffled shirt and white bow tie.  Black trench coat with sewn in cape l/s.  Silver watch chain.  Black lace up dance oxfords.  A:   Black felt top hat.  2-piece black stand.  NOTE:  Face paint included a brown mustache.


gwtw2.jpg (14869 bytes)

red.jpg (6732 bytes)

ABOVE:  The Hollywood Legends series included Barbie as Scarlett O'Hara.   Four versions were created that captures Barbie dressed in recreated outfits worn in pivotal moments in the film "Gone With The Wind".  Obviously, the black mourning gown she wears that would correlate with Ken as Rhett, was considered too drab. (Clockwise from Top Right)  Available first in 1995 were the famous dress made from Tara's portieres and the red gown worn to Ashley's birthday party.  Following in 1996 was the green print dress worn in the opening scene of the movie, with the Tarleton twins.   It is also worn at the bar-be-que at Twelve Oaks.  Also available in 1996 was the black and white honeymoon dress.


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