Scooby Doo Ken® as Fred~2002
Scooby Doo Ken® as Shaggy~2002

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Scooby Doo Ken as Fred

M#:  B3284   BD:  2002   HC:  Rooted Three-Tone Yellow Blonde/Medium Blonde/Platinum Blonde.  C:  Aqua pants.  White fleece shirt with attached aqua collar.  Orange scarf (tied around neck).  Gold buckle loafers.  Chartreuse green chipboard "Scooby Dooby Doo" notepad (attached to right wrist).  Yellow chipboard box of "Scooby Snacks" (attached to left wrist).  A:  Flocked Scooby Doo dog.

Scooby Doo Ken as Shaggy

M#:  B3283   BD:  2002   HC:  Rooted Strawberry Blonde.  C:  Rose corduroy pants.  Chartreuse green tunic length t-shirt s/s.  Gray lace-up boots.  Blue chipboard "Scooby Dooby Doo" notepad (attached to left wrist).  Yellow chipboard box of "Scooby Snacks" (attached to right wrist).  A:  Flocked Scooby Doo dog.


Scooby Doo™!

Barbie® play line dolls starring as your favorite characters from the cartoon version of Scooby Doo™ were available in early 2003.  Mattel partnered with Warner Brothers and the Cartoon Network to make these play line dolls which are incredible, and take their inspiration from the original cartoon characters, not the live actor movie version.  The costume detailing is terrific, and Mattel hasn't overlooked the vibrant coloring of the cartoon characters...even their unnatural hair coloring.

The second edition of Barbie® as Daphne is released with new versions of Skipper® as Velma and Ken® playing two roles as Fred and Shaggy.  Collectors noticed that the newer version of Barbie® as Daphne is done more in the likeness of the original cartoon character.  Even the hair is an unnatural titian color, but an exact match to the cartoon character Daphne.  Probably the nicest touch in the second edition of Daphne is the way Mattel captured and painted her trademark "cat-like" eyes! I have both versions, but I favor the second edition.  The first version of Barbie as Daphne was modeled more after the likeness of actress Sarah Michelle Gellar who played the part in the live actor movie.

Pictured:  Ken® doll stars as Fred (above) and also as Shaggy (below).  For expanded image, press on the pictures.



Scooby Doo™ Ken® as Fred uses the 1990  Ken® doll head mold featuring rooted blonde hair in three different colors! Look closely and you will discover platinum, medium and yellow (yes, primary yellow) shades of blonde.  Some collectors were hoping for a molded hair version of Fred, but I liked the rooted hair.  (I wish more of the primary yellow color was used, because Fred does have primary yellow hair color).  But that's it...everything else is completely perfect.  The attention to detail of Scooby Doo™ Ken® as Fred's costume is amazing! The coloring is perfect, and if you compare it to the drawn version, even tiny details like the aqua color shirt "collar" and gold buckle shoes are present.  A standard body mold with the PTR arms is used.

Scooby Doo™ Ken® as Shaggy is perfect in every way! A 1997 Ken® doll head mold features longer strawberry blonde hair coloring (including a cowlick in back).  The eyes are painted with a side-glance, along with the tiny goatee Shaggy is known for.  The attention to detail of the costuming continues, as Scooby Doo™ Ken® as Shaggy's costume is dead on to the cartoon character! You'll notice the exaggerated length of the shirt, and the corduroys.  Even his lace-up boots are the correct gray color!  The updated Hot Skatin' Ken body mold is used, which was a perfect choice for Scooby Doo™ Ken® as Shaggy's lanky shape.

Each doll comes with a collectible version of a flock Scooby Doo™ dog, with each doll having a different version.  It looks as though these were made for both domestic and foreign markets, since different languages appear on the box.  The boxes are year marked 2002, and interestingly, these versions are the first to be marked with stock numbers beginning with the letter "B".  (More detailed info can be found on the Keeping Ken The Millennium Era page).

Priced around $15, these versions of Ken® are pretty close to collector quality.  With upgrades to the fabrics, both Scooby Doo™ Ken® dolls could have easily been included in the Barbie® Collectibles™ "Pop Culture" series for a higher price point.  Thank goodness they remained affordable! Even though the box quality is definitely play line, the boxes are made interesting with chipboard cut-outs of familiar "evil" characters the gang has encountered in the cartoon series.  I thought this was a nice detail for a play line box, especially since each "evil" character is different for each doll.

The only thing that would have completed the line was a replica of the Mystery Machine...which was never made.