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Secret Hearts Ken

M#:  7988  BD:   1992  HC:  Painted Brunette.  C:  White prismatic pants.   White wing tip shirt with prismatic pink bow tie.  White with pink heart print prismatic cummerbund. Shiny fuchsia waiter length jacket with prismatic pink shawl lapels.   Pink flower corsage in right hand.  A:  White socks.  White lace up dance oxfords.  Hot pink tray with 3 hearts.  Shiny fuchsia prismatic heart for ice to change color on cummerbund.

Night of the hearts!

  This Ken (Pictured Right), in my opinion, was the best head mold made.   A lot of collector's refer to this  as the "Tom Cruise" Ken. It is a 1991 Ken head mold.  Most of the head molds being used were modified Alan's or later, just plain Alan.  Was Ken going through an identity crisis? It's one   side of Ken we like to see...the   romantic side.  The story begins on the night of the hearts and Barbie  & Ken believe in magic.  He hands her a bouquet and as they touch magical hearts appear on their clothing.  They keep it their secret.


ABOVE:  Secret Hearts Ken.


Secret Hearts Ken doll is also available in a gift set with Secret Hearts Barbie doll.  The Secret Hearts Gift Set Ken doll is completely different than the single version.  In this set, Ken is dressed in a completely different outfit and  a   modified Alan head mold is used...and he was BLONDE! This gift set was available in wholesale clubs, and is VHTF.

Secret Hearts Gift Set

M#:  10929   BD:  1993 HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  Nylon white 1-piece bodysuit with prismatic white collar and prismatic pink tie attached.   Prismatic white jacket with prismatic pink lapels.  Pink flower in right hand.   White socks and oxfords.  A:  Prismatic magenta heart shaped bag (for ice cube).  Pink tray to make ice cubes.  Pearl oval brush.  Instruction booklet.  NOTE:  Club Doll.  Ken is completely different than the regular issue Secret Hearts Ken (M#:  7988  BD:  1992).  A modified Alan head mold was used with blonde hair and outfit is different.

BELOW:  Comparison of Secret Hearts Ken (LEFT) and Secret Hearts Ken Gift Set (RIGHT).