Totally Cool KenŽ (Casual) andTotally Cool KenŽ (Suit)  

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Two KenŽ dolls in One!

Maybe ingenuity was behind the decision to give KenŽ consumers a choice in 1998.  In a dramatic move, Mattel took a chance that KenŽ consumers might like to have more of a selection when it came down to their interpretations of KenŽ doll's personal style.  And it didn't come down to hair color either.  For the first time in his history, the same named KenŽ doll was produced with a choice of clothing and accessories.  Granted, the "My First KenŽ" doll line share the same name, but they were all produced in different years.    The choices were pretty cut and dry.  Either your liked KenŽ casual (Model #19209) or professional (Model #19387).  Both styles of Totally Cool KenŽ were exactly the same head mold and rooted hair color.  The hair was styled the same on both dolls.   The boxes were a like with the exception of the background color.  Of course the outfits greatly differed and the Totally Cool Casual style came with a surprise gift for BarbieŽ (a plastic perfume bottle) in his shopping bag.  I like to think of the Casual version as "The Gap KenŽ" that was never made.  Other added features were the black work boots he wore the were half laced that's cool!

NOT Suited for a Groom!

Obviously the Totally Cool Suit style didn't have time to shop for a gift.  This is certainly not the first time we see KenŽ in a suit, but is the first time we see him in a suit where their isn't any weddings, dates, cruises or dances to attend.  I find it very interesting to note that this KenŽ preceded the Working Woman BarbieŽ from 1999, and there was no BarbieŽ tie-in with this KenŽ.  Dare we say KenŽ may actually be a hit in the business world? Certainly in the end the choice was yours.  I kept my eyes open for selling trends and there were definitely many more suits left then there were casuals.  As usual, I try each month to give you something to mull over.  Why wasn't the surprise gift added to the suit version.  Couldn't there have been a briefcase with the surprise in it?  Did the added surprise gift play into way each version sold?

In the end it is up to you to determine exactly what attributes make up being "totally cool".  Are you totally cool on your days off or are you totally cool at work? One thing for sure, I think the idea of expanding and creating different versions of Ken is totally cool.  That's the best surprise gift of all!

Totally Cool Ken (Suit)

M#:  19387  BD:   1997  HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:  1-piece with black pants, white top s/l and purple/black & light green print tie.  Black suit coat l/s.   Black socks and loafers.  A:  Black brush.


Totally Cool Ken (Casual)

M#:  19209   BD:  1997  HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:  1-piece with black pants and white tank s/l.  Plaid blue/black/white shirt with white snaps l/s.   Black boots.  Black sunglasses ( left hand).  Tan with stars shopping bag (right hand) with perfume bottle gift inside.  A:  Black brush.

ABOVE:  In 1999, KenŽ Fashion Avenue™"Day at the Office" combines casual and professional attire.

Choose a style that's "totally cool" to you !