Mod Hair KenŽ was available with two different box variations and variations in material used for the brown and white checked sport coat.  Pictured below is one box variation, while this link, Mod Hair Ken will show you the other box variation with flap.  NOTE the variations in the sport coat.  Far right is the back of the card.

modhairken.gif (29673 bytes)   Mod Hair Ken doll's appearances changes to match his mood. Add stick-on moustaches, beard or sideburns to match Ken's rooted, mod-length brown hair. Vinyl 12 inch doll wears checkered jacket, slacks, dickey, shoes.
49 C 30016 - Shipping weight 14 oz. ........$3.73
MODKENFRONT.jpg (73697 bytes)

MODKENBACK.jpg (41049 bytes)