Keeping Ken National Barbie Convention 2006

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Thursday July 28, 2006






Welcome to Keeping Ken Technical University, a modern look at Vintage collegiate Ken doll fashions.


The spirit is the same, only the fashions have changed.


“Touchdown” Ken doll fashion (Model #799) was available from 1963-1966.  The football uniform features a red knit jersey top with white band sleeve insets and a white felt #7 on the chest.  The knickers are red cotton with white ribbon stripes down the sides, and feature padded legs and laced fly.  The knee socks are red with a navy band.  Accessories included red plastic shoulder pads and helmet for protection, and black shoes with molded “cleats”.  A brown plastic football was included for the big kick-off.

Every football player's uniform has a number on it that is unique for that particular team, making it simpler for fans, coaches, announcers, and officials to differentiate between players.  Numbers 1-9 are reserved for Quarterbacks and Kickers.

By 1963, Ken doll’s wardrobe was growing to parallel his developing lifestyle.  “Touchdown” is one of nine new fashions made for Ken in 1963, most of which reflect an athletic and career oriented lifestyle.

This Keeping Ken recreation of “Touchdown” reflects how the original might look today.  New colors reflect the Keeping Ken web design, while modern accessories compliment the originals.

Keeping Ken Tech “Touchdown” Ken Doll

Original Design & Concept by Jef Beck  Fashion Assembly by Coray Davis

2006 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention

Keeping Ken


My table gift this year was a third edition Ken doll in my Keeping Ken Tech line.  This year I did a recreation of the Vintage fashion "Touchdown".


Sandi Holder and I created these mugs with the Barbie "Queen of the Prom" dates.

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