Keeping Ken National Barbie Convention 2001

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National Barbie Convention 2001-Competition

Friday July 27,2001

NRFB, MIB and VOOB (Vintage Out of Box) vintage and new dolls, store display and clothing competitions.

Dwane Adle's, NRFB Flock Hair Ken won first place in the NRFB Vintage doll category.

The holy grail of Ken outfits.  Dwane's NRFB version of 1967's #1427 Pilot's Uniform (Braniff)/Marx Co.  I believe this was entered under "licensed products", since it was made by the Marx Company.  What were the judges thinking...this came in second place.

This is what came in first in the "licensed product" category.  It deserved it I guess since this Ken seat cushion is VHTF in this condition.

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