There are three different box variations for Sparkle Surprise Ken.  There are two versions of Ken head molds used.  There are a total of four versions of this doll.  This version (pictured below) uses the Alan head mold with a "text" box that reads "Handsome New Face".  It uses a picture of the 1991 Stars and Stripes Ken head mold in the corner box right.  It is the only version to picture this head mold on the back box picture as well.  Other versions included Sparkle Surprise Ken (Modified Alan head mold, no text box), Sparkle Surprise Ken (Alan head mold, no text box) and Sparkle Surprise Ken (Alan head mold, text box).  The Sparkle Surprise Ken (foreign edition) is also listed.  Also, please note that the Brilho Mágico Ken (Brazil) made by Estrela Toys (Brazil) under license from Mattel is similar to the domestic versions Sparkle Surprise Ken, but uses a 1988 Ken head mold.

Box Front Box Back