Officially, Surf City Ken is  the second 2000 version, and he retailed for $4.99.  The hair is painted brown with lighter brown highlights.  His eyes are painted two colors of a turquoise blue color.    If you aren't already stoked enough, the box back has a warning:  "Beware! It's beachwear that's hot! In sizzling color combos that are as bright as the summer sun, everyone is ready for the surf or the scene".  Ken's swim trunks are a mixture of turquoise blue front with yellow back.  Lime green ribbon is added on the sides along with a lime green tie at the waist.  I absolutely love the fact that Mattel has moved away from the standard pink box color to "match" the swim trunks inside.  The box is a lot of fun and will spice up the look of your collection.  I especially like the additional touch of a surfboard shape cut-out window on the side of the box.  Too cool.  Ken comes with a cardboard surfboard that matches his color theme.