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My Scene™ Ellis™ appeared in the line in Fall 2003, with the release of the "Night out on the Town" gift sets featuring fellow My Scene™ boys  River™ and Sutton™ and a second edition of Hudson™.  Ellis™ however was featured with Barbie in a My Scene™ "Crusin' in my Ride" Barbie® and Ellis™ Giftset.

My Scene™ Ellis™ is interested in becoming a Actor.  Currently he is taking acting lessons.  Although he loves NYC, he wants to follow his dreams of becoming a Movie Star in Los Angeles.  

My Scene™ Ellis™ is Caucasian, and looks somewhat similar to My Scene™ River™.  Both dolls have romantic ties to My Scene™ Barbie® as well.


More about Ellis doll is uncovered in the late December 2003 Jammin' in Jamaica DVD (sold with the female Jammin' in Jamaica dolls).  We learn he is a member of the band "Urban Desire".  Other band mates include My Scene River, Hudson and Sutton.  My Scene Madison writes the lyrics for the bands songs.  Ellis plays guitar and supplies background vocals.  Most interesting in the DVD is the character development centered around Ellis.  We find out Ellis is pretty awkward and shy around girls, especially when it comes to asking out My Scene Delancey on a date.

In Spring of 2004, with a new "smiling" head mold, Ellis doll is available in his first gift set in the Out & About Delancey™ and Ellis™ Gift Set.  After asking Delancey out on a date in Jamaica, this relationship is explored further as he helps Delancey give away her kittens (which is an extension of a story line video at My  This relationship development gives a different element to the line which is different in comparison to the committed relationships explored with other characters like River and Barbie, Sutton and Madison, who seem to have made an official relationship commitment.  Out of the three gift sets available in the Out & About line, the Delancey™ and Ellis™ Gift Set is the best, not only for it's cute factor with the kittens, but because it made me decide that Ellis is my favorite My Scene™ guy!


 SORRY... in this section I will only give information about ELLIS™.  Highlighted boxes are the Ellis™ dolls I keep.


"So it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon on what has to be the most boring Saturday ever when this cutie in a convertible pulls up next to me and opens the door.  But I don't recognize him, so he pulls down his sunglasses and says "Barbie®, it's me."  And I'm like, "Ellis™?"

And suddenly the worst Saturday ever turns into a sunny drive to the shore with the radio blaring and nothing ahead of us but the open road and a warm summer night."

My Scene™ "Crusin' in my Ride" Barbie® and Ellis™ Gift Set

M#:  B6722  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:  Dark brown cord pants.  Blue violet shirt with blue violet ribbon detail (down middle front) s/s.  Silver wristwatch.  Dark caramel brown with black sole boots.   A:  (Ellis) Black My Ride™ car with tan interior and animal print seats.  Smoke sunglasses.  Chipboard "2003" date book. Two chipboard "tickets".  Two clear plastic water bottles.  Gold plastic cell phone.  Silver plastic camera.  Silver plastic car key on ring with white dog charm.  NOTE:  Ellis™ is saying (to Barbie®) "Hey Barbie®, ready to go?".  This set was also available as My Scene™ "Crusin' in my Ride" Madison™ and Sutton™ Giftset.  The silver wristwatch is a different style than Sutton's.


"You know the way you'll be kidding around with your friends about the cute girls you met the night before and who liked you, and meanwhile you're text messaging the one with the beautiful eyes and great smile about how freaky it is that you're both so into each other and you just met?

Hanging Out™Ellis™

M#:  C4198  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:  Blue denim jeans.  Brown knit t-shirt with brown design appliqué l/s.  Light blue with sheer stripes woven shirt with brown stitched detail s/s.  Plastic turquoise "stones" necklace.  Silver bead bracelet.  Plastic slip-on athletic shoes (tangerine with tan design) with attached quarter sock (tangerine).  A:  Clear light brown color sunglasses.  Brown skateboard with tan wheels.  Black crash helmet.  Black color doll stand.


"Dropping thick beats for the girls on the beach."

Jammin' In Jamaica Ellis™

M#:  C0851  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Brunette/Medium Blonde.  C: Light blue with dark brown stitch detail knee-length shorts with cinched bottoms.  Yellow with brown floral print shirt s/s.  Plastic slip-on burnt sienna strap with black sole sandals.  Silver bead bracelet. Silver bead with "dog tags" necklace.  Brown with silver guitar with attached black strap (around right shoulder).  A:  Medium blue and red/design print ribbon detail swim trunks.  Clear orange sunglasses.  Blue lotion bottle.  Clear water bottle.  Orange with black speaker.  Silver microphone stand with black base.  Black microphone.  Purple color child-sized pooka bracelet.


"Delancey™ and Ellis™, with one kitten left...

This one's so cute Ellis™.  Let's keep him. 

We're supposed to be giving them away, not keeping them!

I know, I know, but he's purring.  I think he like me. 

That makes two of us.

Out & About Delancey™ and Ellis™ Gift Set

M#:  C3727  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Brunette/Medium Blonde.  C:  Cargo pocket (right leg) cuff jeans with olive distressed "suede" application.  Blue knit t-shirt with attached white sleeves with "ReMix" and cityscape appliqué.  Loden green work boots with yellow/black soles.  Brown "leather" wristband (on left wrist).  Silver camera (attached to left hand).  Red soda cup with white lid and straw (attached to right hand).  Black kitty cat with yarn ball (attached to left elbow).  A:  Light brown wicker basket.  Black kitty cat with yarn ball.  White kitty cat.  Tan/white kitty cat.  Chipboard "FREE KITTENS!" sign.  NOTE:  Delancey is saying (to Ellis) "Three down, four to go."  Ellis is saying (to Delancey) "They're going all right! Quick, catch 'em!"

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