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Four new Ken fashions are apperaing in stores! Under the label "Fashionistas" two "cutie" and two "sporty" styles are represented! Ken Fashionistas Fashion #T7485, Ken Fashionistas Fashion #T7486, Ken Fashionistas Fashion #T7487 and Ken Fashionistas Fashion #T7488 feature the real current Ken Fashionistas dolls on the card portion.



Further developments keep coming in the countdown to Ken's 50th anniversary! Mattel has developed a website where you can vote as to whether Barbie should take back Ken at  Articles from different sources say Ken is not holding back in his quest to woo Barbie back -- by Valentine's Day.

Here's the scoop.

Don't be surprised if you see billboards in New York and Los Angeles with Ken professing his renewed love for his ladydoll, declaring "Barbie, you are the only doll for me."

Even better, " Barbie, we may be plastic but our love is real."

Ken and Barbie fans may also have picked up on the famous exes flirting on Facebook, or noted that Ken checked in on Foursquare at the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York to get special cupcakes for his favorite girl.

Ken's thinks he's the ultimate boyfriend but Barbie fans will have to wait a few more weeks to find out if he succeeds in his quest. (DON'T click HERE if you want it to be a surprise).


After you vote, check out this awesome VIDEO advertising the site as Ken sets up his profile at  Super amazing!!


Of course some of you might feel a little more jaded about the history behind the reconciliation.  Ken and Barbie shocked their fans -- and the world -- when the doll world's "golden couple" went SPLITSVILLE in 2004, and Barbie began dating Cali Guy™ Blaine®.  Everyone smelled a rat, even through the scented sun tan lotion.  You might also like to check out the Ken 50th Anniversary Fun Facts from Mattel marketing.  Before you start emailing me, yes I realize they have the birthday wrong...but I believe they are using the March 11, 1961 date for a reason (it's a Friday) for some more big announcements.  The "real" date of March 13, 1961 falls on a Sunday this year.  Trust that I am making sure I correct this information in interviews.  March 13, 1961 fell on a Monday, and that is the date Ken was shown at toy fair.  For you Ken purists (like me) I know that is troublesome, but just try to go with it...


KEN DOLL 50th ANNIVERSARY LICENSED ITEMS! Did you ever imagine finding items (besides actual dolls) that use the Ken trademark? Well there is a BUNCH of stuff out there in Super Target stores! I found a special end cap display with what (I believe) to be everything, which includes the following:

4 different conversation hearts (candy) boxes, a tote bag, a gift bag, stationery in tin box, sticky note pads, note book, travel mug and coffee mug.  You can check out pictures of these items at the KEN DOLL 50th Anniversary LICENSED ITEMS link!



KEN DOLL CAMPAIGN TIME! And finally, where is the Ken doll dressed in the black suit that is being used heavily in all the marketing? I have a feeling we are never going to see an actual version unless a grass-roots campaign is formed.  I will say that I feel Mattel needs to rethink really long and hard why this doll hasn't been released yet? Feel free to use my plea below (and make sure to send this awesome Ultimate Boyfriend Ken Doll picture link):


Dear Mattel,

I REALLY REALLY love this version of Ken (Ultimate Boyfriend Ken Doll picture attached).  This Ken doll was used so much in the marketing of Ken doll I am sure people are asking themselves, "when will Mattel release this Ken doll?".  He really is the epitome of all the efforts Mattel has taken in promoting Ken doll's 50th Anniversary.  He is handsome, not dressed in swimwear, and is a perfect representation of the ideal ultimate boyfriend.  Might you please release this "Ultimate Boyfriend Ken Doll" to make the celebration complete?

Thanks so much for considering this doll for your fall 2011 line!

From your #1 Ken fan,



Okay, now write Mattel yourself or continue to be disappointed about this MIA (Missing In Action) Ken doll! He deserves to be made if he is being used so much in marketing.


Keeping Ken GENUINE  KEN!

The Barbie® brand, in partnership with Hudsun Media, announces “Genuine Ken®: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend,” a digital competition reality series hosted by Whitney Port. In eight, 22-minute episodes, eight guys ages 21-30 will compete for the title of “The Great American Boyfriend” – a Genuine Ken®. The series will premiere on Hulu beginning January 18, 2011, and will be featured on the homepage’s main carousel.
“What we are doing with Mattel and 'Genuine Ken' is a complete game changer. We have created a wildly compelling, network-quality reality show that, for the first time, can be distributed directly to the viewer in a non-traditional but very effective way.

”The original series will put contestants through a series of elimination challenges to determine if they, like Ken®, have the qualities of the “ultimate boyfriend for every occasion.” From a surfing competition to talent show to fashion challenge to demonstrating their romantic side, the episodes will be shot in Los Angeles and New York and judged by a line-up of various celebrity guest judges.

In addition to Hulu, the series will be distributed through the Barbie® brand’s social channels, including Facebook, where the Barbie® page, currently with 760,000 “likes”, grows at a rate of 10,000 fans per day, as well as YouTube and female-targeted digital sites. The series leverages the popularity ignited by the appearance of Ken® in Disney Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” and invites consumers to experience the Barbie® brand in a whole new way through the development of original and engaging content. With the series’ launch, the Barbie® brand extends its digital presence and demonstrates its innovation in marketing the brand in break frame ways to consumers of all ages.

“As pop culture icons, Barbie and Ken engage consumers across multiple touch points from events to television to social media,” said Stephanie Cota, Senior Vice President Marketing, Global Girls Brands. "We continue to raise the bar by driving toward new frontiers like the development of original digital content. ‘Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend' pushes boundaries and breaks frame in the digital space while remaining true to Ken's DNA as the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion."

“What we are doing with Mattel and 'Genuine Ken' is a complete game changer. We have created a wildly compelling, network-quality reality show that, for the first time, can be distributed directly to the viewer in a non-traditional but very effective way,” said Michael Rourke, CEO of Hudsun Media. “It’s inspiring to work with such an amazing brand like Barbie and Ken where the possibilities for compelling entertainment are endless.”

“Genuine Ken®” is being produced in partnership with Hudsun Media, an entertainment company dedicated to the art of storytelling. Executive producers Michael Rourke, CEO, Hudsun Media and Max Benator, VP Digital, Hudsun Media along with veteran Executive Producer Lauren Stevens, are bringing Ken® to life like never before as the star inspiration for the series.

Visit Genuine Ken - The Search for the Great American Boyfriend to watch the contestants compete to see if they have what it takes to be “The Great American Boyfriend.”

After watching the first episode, Keeping Ken picks Chris (Compassionate Ken); but we really like David's hair (Crooner Ken) and Keith's personality (Heartwarming Ken).  We also acknowledge that Kurtis (Dreamer Ken) is from Iowa (although we don't condone shirt ripping in public).  By the way, our pick Chris didn't win the first round, it was Kash (All Ameri-Ken)...but none of the contestants were eliminated (yet).  Check back here as the competition progresses to see how our pick fares...


Keeping Ken NEW KEN DOLLS!



2011 will bring on the Ken dolls!! Already sited are the new Fashionistas Ken "Cutie" and Fashionistas Ken "Sporty". New for Fashionista Ken is bendable wrists and swivel necks. We have collectively asking for swivel necks back in the play line and Mattel delivers.  Unfortunately, there is no joint in the waist area like the last version of Fashionistas Ken (Second Edition) and combined with the new knee jointing, it limits the posablity considerably.  The ankles are not jointed.  They are play line, so don't be looking for Harley-Davidson (Barbie and Ken) quality, but all in all, some nice new guys to have around!

Photos courtesy of BFC Member pxsrdh

Both dolls feature molded underwear with a tiny “Ken” molded on the front of the waistband.

Sporty is brunette, and Cutie is blonde.  Both dolls feature upswept bangs, and it is reported that Cutie doesn't have too much hair behind the bangs.  Sporty's baseball t-shirt is to die for.  Love the nostalgic use of Ken doll's birth year.

These dolls have been spotted at Toys R Us and Target stores.  I have a feeling they will sell fast with the upcoming get these while you can!


Needless to say, I'll be busy looking (and buying).  But wait, there's more...

Barbie Shaving Fun Ken Doll: Ken has a date with Barbie but also has a five o’clock shadow. Girls can help Ken out by shaving away his facial hair so he will be looking his best for his date with Barbie. Just dip the sponge-tipped razor in warm water and shave Ken doll's beard and dip the towel in cold water to wipe his face and make his facial hair grow back. Includes Ken doll with color-change beard, shaving accessories and a towel. 2011 Swim Line Ken (Name not announced):  Get ready for fun in the sun! Ken® doll looks totally cool in the latest beach fashions to hang out with friends or splash in the waves.  NOTE:  Box pictured is a prototype.

Photo courtesy of
Barbie Sweet Talking Ken Doll: Ken is Barbie dolls ultimate boyfriend for every occasion. Why? Because the Ken doll says whatever you want him to say. You talk; he records up to 5 seconds of sound, and plays back. Just press the button on Ken doll’s chest to record your voice, a microphone is built into his chest, and then by pressing 3 different buttons on Ken doll’s lower back you can play back in a high, normal or low pitch. Sweet. Barbie Princess Groom Doll: Girls can play out the romance and fun of wedding day with this handsome groom doll. NOTE:  Doll does not use the Ken trademark.





PICTURED ABOVE:  A first look at Ken doll's new look for 2011!


PICTURED RIGHT:  My Favorite Ken Doll 50th Anniversary due in Spring 2011.




First, let me apologize for the very late update to the site! I have a lot going on in anticipation of Ken doll's 50th anniversary...which is officially on March 13, 2011...but here we are in September, and the fun has already started! I put the final touches on a Ken book that will be released on this date, am helping with planning for the 2011 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention, plus have been secretly updating other relevant pages to the site.


Let me introduce you to a extremely clever marketing campaign from Mattel that will introduce Ken doll to the world...and will just keep coming at you through next year! The "Catch Me If You Ken" campaign started September 9, 2010 in New York, NY for Fashion's Night Out, (Ken joined Facebook in late August) and you can catch the video HERE from Ken's personal Facebook account so you can "catch up".  It seems Ken will be EVERYWHERE as he goes viral as an eligible single guy looking for the right girl.  Here are all the places you can actually see what is happening with Ken as he makes his life more public:





Keep checking back on his Facebook page for all the details and how things unfold for him as he gets back into the world as a single guy.  It should be loads of fun, and I plan to check his page daily!!


Mattel also announced a 50th Anniversary Ken doll planned for Spring 2011 (probably on March 13,2011) and will retail for $40.  In celebration of Ken® doll's 50th anniversary, this reproduction of the 1961 original Ken® doll features his famous red bathing suit. Included in the package are reproductions of the popular Victory Dance #1411 fashion with a fitted blue blazer with fraternity crest, sports pants and shoes. From 1964 is a reproduction vintage booklet, collectible 50th anniversary cards with a reproduction vintage image and Barbie® fun facts on the other side.  Did I mention this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Ken fashion??? Thanks Mattel!!!!

Can't wait?? We can anticipate Ken joining the Barbie Basics line this fall (November 2010) for $25.  PLUS an accessory pack! (Regrettably, only one pair of socks, but check out those way cool shoes!!)


PICTURED BELOW:  Ken Basics Accessory Pack.

PICTURED BOTTOM:  Ken Basics Dolls.


Basics Model 15 Basics Model 16 Basics Model 17

And, Ken joins the Dolls of the World series (finally) with Japan KenJapan Ken doll features a brand new sculpt (the first Asian Ken doll), Japanese-styled clothing and a samurai-inspired sword! Available December 2010.  Approximate retail is $35.


PICTURED BELOW:  Dolls of the World Japan Ken.


This new Ken doll was shown at Toyfair 2010!


In the all-new movie, Barbie™ A Fashion Fairytale, Ken® stars as himself sporting a hip modern suit and a cool new “rooted” hair-do! Dressed to impress with a stylish grey satin suit, sparkle-tastic pink tie and designer shoes, Ken® is one stylish prince fit for a fashionable princess.

Available: July 2010

Photos ©2010 d. martin


Toy Story 3 Ken Doll


UPDATE:  Director Lee Unkrich (sorta) mentions this site in an interview

In an interview on Director of Toy Story 3 Lee Unkrich alludes to the fact that he used this site in researching the character of Ken for the movie.  When asked about the character of Ken, Unkrich answered "We knew pretty early on that we wanted Ken to be in the movie. We thought that was just so ripe with comic entertainment potential. We didn't know what we were going to do with him, but we knew he had to be in the movie. So at a certain point we had to decide what he wanted to look like. There were so many different looks of Ken over the years that I had to settle on one. Thank God for the Internet. There's a guy who runs a site just completely devoted to Ken that shows every Ken doll and every outfit for decades! I just pored through them, and there was this particular one from the '80s called Animal Lovin' Ken -- who came in a little safari outfit."

So will the site be credited? Will I get tickets to the premiere? I sent an email to the person I did research with... :)

The new Pixar Toy Story 3 movie will feature Ken (and Barbie again).  Ken will be voiced by actor Michael Keaton.  Pictures of the animated character of Ken came out today (pictured right). 


Toy Story 3 Ken is described as: "Grab your binoculars and join Ken on a safari! A swinging bachelor who’s always on the lookout for fun, Ken sports the perfect outfit for his eco-adventure: light blue shorts and a leopard-print shirt with short sleeves sure to keep him cool in the hot sun. And after his exciting expedition, Ken will be ready to hit the dance floor in style. His accessories include matching scarf, sensible loafers and a fashion-forward gold belt. Dozens of additional Ken outfits sold separately."


Ken is obviously modeled after 1988's Animal Lovin' Ken

Pictured Above:  Pixar animation of Toy Story 3 Ken doll.

Pictured Above and Left:  Toy Story 3 Ken and Barbie by Mattel.  Photos ©2010 d. martin


Barbie Harley Davidson Ken & Barbie Giftset PINK LABEL™

Approximate Retail $75

Check out the new HARLEY-DAVIDSON KEN & BARBIE Doll Gift Set!  Harley fans will love this Barbie and Ken Harley-Davidson gift set! Barbie and Ken are both in actual Harley fashions and even come with tattoos, piercings, and motorcycle helmets! Features two Dolls and two motorcycle helmets. 

This will be the third edition of a Harley Davidson Ken, preceded by Harley Davidson Ken and Harley Davidson Ken (Second Edition).  The Ken doll appears to use the Twilight Edward Doll head sculpt, but the most exciting thing about this doll is the jointed wrists! Ken doll's articulation, body molds and head molds look to keep improving for 2010!


UPDATE:  SHOPPING SURPRISE-Mattel is selling the hard to find early 2009 line European market exclusive Prinz Doll (European Edition) at  Ken enthusiast Jack ordered this doll based on the picture Mattel provided on the web site which shows a blue-eyed version. 

Jack said "I noticed on the new Mattel shop site, that they were selling the Prince Ken, like the European market Prinz Ken that Jef has shown on his website. The picture on the Mattel website has the exact same outfit, but the head mold shown is completely different. I ordered one and it arrived, but it is not like the blue eyed one pictured, it is the brown eyed foreign issue that Jef has pictured. Has anyone actually seen, in real life, the version pictured on the Mattelshop site?"

It looks like the same head mold, but obviously painted quite differently.  Here is your chance to get this foreign exclusive doll (at a MUCH cheaper price than I paid).  It would have been REALLY cool to have the promo photo version too...

Above:  Promotional picture of Prince Ken from  Right:  Actual doll that will arrive, the Prinz Doll (European Edition).



UPDATE:  This doll will be Ken! Here is the official Mattel description:

Sporty Fashionistas™ Ken® is ready for game day in his athletic polo tee, classic khaki shorts, black tennis shoes, stopwatch and sports sunglasses. Ken® features ten points of movement allowing for poseable fashion fun on the runway or in the stands. Availability: June 2010

Here is a promo picture of the second edition Fashionistas male doll (pictured right).  The doll is listed as Ken, and on Barbie's Face book page she informs us that there are two more Ken dolls coming, one black doll and one that looks like a handsome Italian movie star...which leads to the conclusion that this doll may be the "handsome Italian movie star" she mentions.  If you know who that is email me and let me know.  The only "handsome Italian movie stars" I can think of off-hand is the guy in the Lizzie McGuire movie or maybe Milo Ventimiglia from Heros...anyways the new doll reminds me a little of Mark Salling or Cory Monteith from Glee.  Barbie posted pictures shopping with another two dolls on her Facebook page (see photo below):  Barbie Fashionistas Ken, a Steven in a black leather jacket, black and white striped shirt and jeans, and a brunette doll who looks like the REBELDE Diego doll from Mattel's 2008 line.  Steve is articulated, Diego isn't which leads me to believe this is not a photo of future Fashionistas male dolls.  Confusing I know...  With this new doll, Mattel will probably not put a name on the box, as was the case with Barbie Fashionistas Ken (see below).

Pictured Above:  Picture from Barbie's Facebook.

Thanks to reader Caroline, she writes, "You mentioned in Keeping Ken News that you wondered who the brown haired character on the backing card was. Well in a recent Barbie comic here in the UK they had a "Meet the Boys" page with drawing showing Ken, Steven and this character, who was called Ryan."

Pictured Above:  The Meet the Boys" page from the UK Barbie comic booklet.

James a send me a scan of the mentioned "Meet The Boys" page (pictured above) and sure enough, there he is.  So the question remains are these new dolls that will be produced or not? I sure hope so!

So he is named Ryan.  So do you think a more grown up version of this Ryan doll or a grown up version of Alan's son is around the corner? Or to be a little more realistic, maybe it will be a brand new version recycling that name?? Cross your fingers!!


Ken Sporty Fashionistas Doll


Pictured Above:  Fashionistas (Second Edition).  Press image to enlarge.

Pictured Below:  Fashionistas Ken Doll

Fashionistas Ken Doll

Barbie Fashionistas Ken doll uses the Speed Racer Gift Set body mold and just looks terrific! He is appearing at TRU stores but I have not heard of him appearing elsewhere.  The biggest discussion has been about that looks like straw but is plastic and was used previously for the High School Musical Ryan doll.  He may look familiar...This doll is dressed similar to the boxed Ken doll in the beginning of the Do "The Barbie" dance video.


So in Style Darren Rocawear Doll
Available December 2009

This year Mattel Inc. released So in Style (S.I.S), its first line of black dolls with wider noses, fuller lips, sharper cheekbones and a variety of skin shades. Mattel will be coming out with a black male So in Style doll named Darren in the S.I.S.™ SO IN STYLE™ Rocawear Assortment: Grace™ and her friends are So in Style™ with their signature Rocawear fashions and totally rockin’ handbag or jewelry accessory. Dolls include Grace™, Kara™, Trichelle™, Chandra™ and Darren™.

Pictured Above:  So in Style Darren Rocawear Doll


The Twilight Saga New Moon Jacob Doll

Available February 2010

Twilight/New Moon Jacob Doll PINK LABEL™.  The cultural phenomenon continues with New Moon, the follow-up movie to Twilight, in which Stephenie Meyer introduces werewolf Jacob Black as a new love interest for the main character Bella Swan.

Mattel immortalizes actor Taylor Lautner, who plays wolfie shapeshifter/hero Jacob in "Twilight: New Moon," as a doll.

Bella and Edward dolls (see below) were released earlier this year, and I am looking forward to the Jacob doll since he'd offer a nice contrast to Edward's pasty complexion with his tan.

Jacob doll wears ripped denim shorts and sneakers. His well-defined six-pack abs are molded in loving, tiny detail...a brand new body mold!

Pictured Below:  The Twilight Saga New Moon Jacob Doll

New Fashions!

There could possibly be as many a FIVE new fashion for Ken arriving in stores.  Most everyone I have heard from are finding them at Wal-Mart.  I found four and will update this area as I find them.

2009 Ken Fashion #R4267 ?? #R4268 ?? 2009 Ken Fashion #R4269 2009 Ken Fashion #R4270 2009 Ken Fashion #R4271

Fashion #R4269 has been spotted, I just haven't found it yet.  It is a purple/red knit top with jeans.  The big mystery is #R4268, if in fact  the fashions go in numerical sequential order.  No one has found it yet so at this point it may not exists??  I have updated the Keeping Ken Fashion Frenzy! page with these new fashions.

  On two of the fashions, what REALLY intrigues me is the backer card art...obviously the drawn character (blonde) in the middle of the backer card is Ken and the brown-eye brunette boy character drawn on the left is Ryan! (Barbie is drawn on the right-not seen in my picture above).




Keeping Ken NEW PAGE!

Check it out! I have started a new page on the site:  Production Samples.  This page represents Ken® items from 1961 until the present that are considered verified prototypes or concept items that they never made it into production.  I will try to provide dates and model numbers if known.  If you own verified genuine Mattel prototype Ken items, please send me pictures and descriptions so I may include them on this page!



Project Angel Food's Exclusive Barbie Online Auction is underway! Project Angel Food's mission is to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. Volunteers and staff cook and deliver free and nutritious meals prepared with love throughout Los Angeles County, acting out of a sense of urgency because hunger and illness do not wait.

With a corps of 1,500 + dedicated volunteers, the agency provides more than 13,000 meals a week to 1,600 clients of all ages and backgrounds for whom a healthy meal, delivered with a warm smile, is truly lifesaving. Project Angel Food celebrates 20 years of service to the Greater Los Angeles community in 2009.

You can view all of the items here:  Project Angel Food's Exclusive Barbie Online Auction

Here are links two of the OOAK Ken items (HURRY, auction ends 12-14-09): 

 Ken® Meets Curl One-Off, Custom, Old-School Surfboard

Barbie® Original One of a Kind Holiday “Glamper”

Keeping Ken NEW DOLLS!

Pop Life Ken


Selling out in less than 15 minutes to members of the Barbie member section, Pop Life Ken made history as the very first Platinum Label Ken doll in the Barbie Collector line.  He joins the Pop Life series of dolls that include Barbie, Christie and Kelly, all of which were Gold Label dolls.  Designed by Bill Greening, the Pop Life™ dolls have Mod era inspired geometric patterned clothing and Pivotal™ body sculpts. A different color mod chair accompanies each doll.  His new head mold is an inspired reproduction of the 1968 Ken head mold which you can read about here: Feature Story Archive 02.11.01.


He was reported to be using the Speed Racer Gift Set (Barbie and Ken) and/or Superman Returns Ken as Superman body mold, but he actually uses the Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Prince Aidan Doll body mold which is noticeable by the size of his hands and skinner legs.


Twilight Edward Doll


Featuring a brand new body mold sculpt that was shown at the 2009 National Barbie Collectors Convention, Twilight Edward Doll is the first doll to use this new sculpt.  Besides being more muscular, the off-stance is interesting with the sculpt appearing as though the weight of the body is centered on the left leg, which is similar to the female "model muse" body mold composition.  The arms are also crafted differently with ball joints at the shoulders for lots of movement.  However the elbows or knees are not jointed.

The skin tone is very light (obviously since Edward is a Vampire) with a sparkle effect applied to the face, neck and front half of his torso, but this sparkle effect is not used on any other part of the body.  The overall look of the doll is based off the author of the Twilight book saga Stephenie Meyer's vision of Edward, and this is also a new head mold sculpt!

The Ken® trademark name is not used for this doll, but I thought you might like to see some pictures (follow the link above) as this body (and hopefully head) mold will be used going forward for future Ken dolls.

A second movie in the series, New Moon, is due this fall with Mattel promising more dolls including the character Jacob is with a new, beefier body than Edward.


Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Doll

A brand new swim-line doll also appears that will become a symbol of the state of the economy.  Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Doll is exactly the same as last year's Beach Party Ken with a few differences...most notably that the Ken® trademark name is not used for this doll and the exclusion of accessories.  The only differences you will see (except the obvious fashion change) is a lighter blonde hair color and lost fashion details and accessories.  The packaging is even similar.  I have provided a picture below so you can compare.  I will admit I like the eye painting on the new doll better.  The only other thing inspiring is the black doll in the line has a new name "Grace".  You can see all the dolls in the line from a picture on the box back by following the link above.



BFMC Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken

Abruptly, Mattel announced that "the Palm Beach Ken doll was a preliminary concept, and is not moving forward as part of the 2010 Barbie Fashion Model Collection. The doll will not be manufactured".

Earlier, Mattel was quoted as saying "It's a legitimate concept that leaked out," said Michelle Chidoni, Mattel spokesperson. "The collector community has a message board ( and this doll concept leaked onto the message board."

We've explored this character, but it's not finalized," she added. "The concepts that we're talking about now are for 2010-2011. This was a character we explored and that's the long and short of it. But these aren't dolls you'll see at Toys R Us."

The doll made it as far as dealer sites with a  model number (T3285) and a release date of April 2010 and approximate price of $70.  After that, Palm Beach Ken made quite the rounds on celebrity blogs, mostly sexualizing and stereotyping the concept.

If you happen to be one of these media sorts looking for a quote or sensational angle from Keeping Ken, this website's official comment is "We are sorry Palm Beach Ken won't be joining Barbie on the beach scene!"


Sizzling with silver streaked hair and seen walking the pooch "Sugar", this doll was highly anticipated by not only Ken collectors, but collectors of the BFMC (Barbie Fashion Model Collection) line.  He would have been the third Ken doll in this line following his predecessors Fashion Insider Ken Doll Giftset (2002) and Barbie Fashion Model Collection 45th Anniversary Gift Set (Barbie® and Ken®) (2003).  It's been a long wait, but Mattel promises that Ken will be represented soon in the BFMC line!


Keeping Ken NEW KEN DOLLS!

Camping Family Ken Doll

The April 2009 edition of showed a sneak of the 2009 playline.  Barbie's 50th Anniversary will be celebrated with the return of Kelly, Stacie, Skipper, Ken and Barbie in the Camping Family line whicheven includes a Glamour Camper!

I saw all the dolls in the line at TRU, including Camping Family Ken whick I have included on the Keeping Ken The Millennium Era 2 2006-Beyond page.

It's obvious that Mattel doesn't show signs of discontuning the use of the PTR arms even on this slightly more expensive version of Ken ($12.99) but are using the improved arms for other male dolls in the Barbie line. (See related story below).  You will also notice a slight change to the "Ken" logo used on the front.

PICTURED BELOW:  Camping Family Ken

Photo spread from Dolls Magazine.



Barbie and The Three Musketeers Prince Doll

I was also able to locate the Barbie and The Three Musketeers Prince Doll which is also now included on the Keeping Ken The Millennium Era 2 2006-Beyond page.  Typical fare, same concept but for whatever reason he looks very striking, I think because of his Prince fashion and the way his eyes are painted.  He has the new PTS arms.

PICTURED BELOW:  Barbie and The Three Musketeers Prince Doll



UPDATE: Looks like these last three fashions were intended for a later release.  Here are three pictures of these fashions below (and the are available) at  Released and available in LIMITED quantities! These never showed up in any stores in my area.  Marked with a 2009 box date.  I have provided links below the fashion picture.

2009 Ken Fashion #N7497

2008 Ken Fashion #N7495

I had reported earlier that I saw three new fashions for Ken on a few eBay auctions. (1) Dark blue striped sweat pants with gray l/s hoodie and gray loafers and cell phone, (2) Gray long pants with maroon shirt/light blue long sleeves and navy/white/gray sneakers and sunglasses and (3) dark jeans and red thermal l/s shirt with sewn on camo vest with boots and sunglasses.  I didn't see them in stores but I found what (I believe) to be different ones than I saw on eBay...but for sure I can report on the three I am certain of.  I found these at Target.  The new fashions are no longer labeled "Guy Time".  They use the "Ken" trademark.  Here is a promotional picture of all three with links below for close-ups. Thanks to James from the "He's A Doll!" Yahoo board for additional info on these fashions! Also Linda adds from the "He's A Doll!" Yahoo board..."Actually, I think there are 8 new Ken outfits...the 4 outfit Barbie sets See below) that each have a Ken outfit with them, the singles in slightly longer packages that included   Has Ken ever had so many choices out there at once?"

Barbie Fashion Trend Sets

Plus, I located (mentioned above) 2 new 2008 Barbie with Ken Fashion #N4859 fashion assortment out there which is part of the Barbie Fashion Trend Set called "Miami Sunset Date" and 2008 Barbie with Ken Fashion #N4858

UPDATE: I also found the third set with a tuxedo fashion for Ken which James found from a Polish auction service.  Picture link HERE.  Thanks to James for posting these pictures and another new one! I will add pictures soon!

2009 Ken Fashion #N7496


2008 Ken Fashion #N4872

2008 Ken Fashion #N4873

2008 Ken Fashion #N4874




Gareth Pugh Ken Doll

In honor of 50 years of fabulous fashion, Ken is styled by one of London's most significant male fashion talents Gareth Pugh.

The RARE Ken Styled by Gareth Pugh doll was unveiled at the colette store in Paris on March 12, 2009.  Only 50 hand-crafted dolls were created by the designer.  You can read more about the event at

With his strong design aesthetic, Gareth Pugh has become a highlight of the international fashion calendar. Black patent leather has become a signature of Gareth's work, and he has chosen to dress his hand made limited edition Ken doll in a look inspired by his first menswear collection, which illustrates his penchant for contrasting matt and shiny surfaces.
"Ken came backstage at my Fall/Winter 2009/10 show and selected his favorite outfit for me to recreate exclusively for him." G. Pugh.

I have added this doll to the listings and you can see more pictures by following this link:  Ken Styled by Gareth Pugh

PICTURED LEFT:  The Ken Doll Styled by Gareth Pugh is unveiled at the colette store in Paris.

Keeping Ken NEWS!

New Arms for Ken?

It would seem that slowly but surely that Mattel may be making improvements to Ken's body parts.  Apparently they are showcasing these improvements on every doll except Ken.

It's mostly about the recent new arms showing up first on the Mattel male Disney dolls in 2007 and pretty much every other non-Ken trademarked doll thereafter like the recent Wedding Day Sparkle Groom Doll, Barbie & The Diamond Castle Twin Musician Doll and Barbie Mariposa Prince Doll.  Technically, we can't say they haven't been used for Ken, because they were recently discovered on the Ken In India (India, European Edition), but this version was not produced for the domestic market.

The new arms are slightly different from what we are accustomed to.  They are sort of like an in-between of the PTR (Point To Rear) arms and the PTS (Point To Side) arms.  Literally, the position of the hands is in between PTS and PTR.

Also, the new arms have a significant elbow.

So what should we call these new arm molds? Please send me you suggestions and we will christen these arms with a new collector reference!

Check out this site from my friend Olga from Poland who breaks it all down with lots of comparative pictures! Plus she has a graph of the Mattel male doll body molds at:

PICTURED RIGHT:  New dolls Wedding Day Sparkle Groom Doll (LEFT) has the new arms, while Ken doll (RIGHT) still uses the PTR arms.  Photo courtesy of Olga.

Keeping Ken NEW KEN DOLLS AND 2009!

Here is a article about Ken on in case you hadn't read it yet:  Ken's sad and lonely life in Barbie's shadow. - By Troy Patterson - Slate Magazine

2009 Playline


My Scene

The My Scene Fashion Dolls are back in full Mexico.  It's nice to finally see new male dolls back! Sunny from the Philippines reports that Rob in Mexico posted photos of the 2009 My Scene Boys on the My Scene message board "My Scene Hangout".

Sunny says "the latest My Scene boys now features molded on hair which I'm not a fan but since it's been more than a year since the boys made an appearance I'm ecstatic.  River's head is an enlarged version of Wedding Day Groom Doll [2007 Ken head mold] but with brown eyes and darker hair.  Hudson head is from a new mold."

You can check out ALL the new dolls in this thread at My Scene Hangout

I will of course update the My Scene Fashion Dolls page with this exciting info soon!



Wedding Day® Barbie® Doll and Ken® Doll Gift Set

Barbie Collector has announced three new male dolls in their 2009 Fall line! Wedding Day® Barbie® Doll and Ken® Doll Gift Set is due in June 2009; this set will retail for about $66.  This Vintage reproduction will feature Ken dressed in a reproduction of Tuxedo #787 and the Barbie ensemble is a reproduction of Wedding Day Set #972.  Ken is a flocked brunette similar to 45th Anniversary Ken and Barbie is a brunette #1 reproduction. has a picture posted at this link:  Wedding Day® Barbie® Doll and Ken® Doll Giftset!


Star Trek

UPDATE I received both Star Trek Ken Doll as Captain Kirk and Star Trek Ken doll as Mr. Spock yesterday and added them to the Keeping Ken The Millennium Era 2 2006-Beyond page.  All of the dolls (including a Uhura doll are in the likeness of the actors in the Star Trek Movie coming to theatres  May 8, 2009.  The new movie centers on the characters younger years.  Barbie Collector’s Pop Culture Collection features excellent likenesses of Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Zoe Saldana (Uhura).  Accessories include a phaser and communicator. For additional Movie information, check out
Single dolls will be available in April 2009 for $49.95 each.  A gift set with all three dolls will also be available for $134.95

Next are two "celebrity" dolls in the Pop culture line.  Elvis Presley® Jailhouse Rock™ Doll is due in the fall, Elvis can be in the house for about $45. 


The Christmas Show (Fred Mertz) Doll is a Platinum Label doll that will be coming to Wal-Mart in the fall, for about $48.  His character is new to the I Love Lucy show line of dolls! You can see a picture at this link: - News - Preview the Fall 2009 Barbie® Collector Line


Prinz Doll (European Market)

A European market exclusive doll that doesn't use the Ken trademark and looks similar to the doll below is Prinz Doll (European Edition).  Erik reports the following:  "There's a new Prinz Ken in Town! I found this doll at Toys r us in Germany. The box doesn't show a name anywhere but the the shelf label says "Prinz Ken" which means Prince Ken in English.  His Stock No is "N5025". The box backside says "Relive the magic and excitement of all your favourite Barbie™ movies with this handsome royal prince doll." So it seems like it's not an official "Ken" doll.  He looks like he's "Ken in India's" twin brother."
Here are some pictures below! I hope to get this doll soon (plus last year's European market Sleeping Beauty Prince Doll that I was never able to locate).


More pictures here:  Prinz Doll (European Edition)

Ken in India

Barbie and Ken in India Gift Set

Ken In India (India, European Edition), has made it from India.  You can use previous link to see more pictures, but  Panya from Thailand was nice enough to send me some pictures before mine made it here (below).  It looks like it is the same head mold as Barbie & The Diamond Castle Twin Musician Doll.  This is exactly why I love collecting...discovering Ken dolls you have never even knew were produced.  Of course more info when Ken actually makes it here...but until then enjoy the pictures below.  Thanks Panya for the pictures!

ALSO, check out the Barbie In India (Barbie and Ken) Gift Set that Omar brought back on his trip to India.  It features Ken in a different fashion! I've added it to the Keeping Ken Identifier Gift Sets page but am waiting on a complete description of the Ken I didn't want to open mine.


Wedding Day Sparkle Groom Doll

I finally located the new Wedding Day Sparkle Groom Doll, box dated 2008, a near match to last year's Wedding Day Groom Doll.  The NEW 2008 Groom has dark brunette hair and brown eyes.  Like many others, I waited to find a batch that didn't have crooked painted eyes, which many of you are reporting as a serious problem with this doll.  I was anticipating this doll so much mostly because  finally...another doll with brunette hair and brown eyes!! So when I found a batch with good eyes, I got it and then went home to be EXTREMELY disappointed with the cheap one-piece fashion and the use of non-bendable legs (reported from James earlier), which I guess is the new norm on the "Doll" dolls that don't bear the Ken trademark.  I will seriously start complaining if this trend continues.  Sure it's a play line doll, but I immediately noticed the shortcut cost savings on this doll.  The box is even poorly constructed, held together by tape on the back (which won't bold well for preservation 20 years from now).  I normally find something I like with every Mattel male Barbie line doll, but I can't find anything nice to say about this one.  In my history book this doll will probably go down as truly THE example of how to cut costs in every single way in a recession.  And while I do enjoy a molded hair doll every once in awhile, it scares me to think that we will be seeing many more, in the spirit of cost cutting.  It makes me think back to darker times when the male doll was just an after thought in the line.  Let's give Barbie a nice fashion and lots of rooted hair and save all the costs we put into the female doll on the male doll. Mattel could have at least enhanced the fashion or the body of this doll.  It's just not fair to cheap-out on the male dolls.  I am truly surprised I actually bought it.  I spent $11.44 on it at Wal-Mart.  Thank goodness I was smart enough to find the lowest price.  It's like a cheap knock-off of a Mattel doll, but is actually a Mattel doll.  Mattel needs to start paying more attention to what is being passed off as quality merchandise from the play line department...even in a recession.

The Campus Spirit Gift Set (Barbie and Ken) is showing up at select Toys R Us stores!

Beach Party! Ken and Steven

Thanks to all my spotters who alerted me that the new Beach Party! dolls were making it to store shelves! As you can see, I found both Beach Party Ken and Beach Party Steven (at Toys R Us).  Both are standard swim dolls, and this time around they have molded hair.  As you can see, Ken is using the head mold from Wedding Day Groom Doll (with the same eye and eyebrow stencils or decals) and Steven is using the head mold from Wedding Day Groom Doll AA.  Maybe this is the beach honeymoon??

The packages are shaped like a surf board to get you in the mood for beach party fun.


  • I acquired an extraordinarily MINT NRFB example of Brad (Bendable Leg) to add to my collection! Sweet!!
  • Reading Material: If you want to read my latest interview, head over to Collectors Weekly.  It's featured on the Ken and Barbie pages with a link.
  • I had never seen this, now I have it.  You have to LOVE 1989! Ken Cool Jeans Fashion # 8731


Ken Fashions

I had reported earlier that I saw three new fashions for Ken on a few eBay auctions. This week I found what (I believe) to be different ones than I saw on eBay...but for sure I can report on the three I am certain of.  I found these at Target. (And hopefully more).  The new fashions are no longer labeled "Guy Time".  They use the "Ken" trademark.  Here is a promotional picture of all three with links below for close-ups. Thanks to James from the "He's A Doll!" Yahoo board for additional info on these fashions! Also Linda adds from the "He's A Doll!" Yahoo board..."Actually, I think there are 8 new Ken outfits...the 4 outfit Barbie sets See below) that each have a Ken outfit with them, the singles in slightly longer packages that included 1) Dark blue striped sweat pants with gray l/s hoodie and gray loafers and cell phone, 2) Gray long pants with maroon shirt/light blue long sleeves and navy/white/gray sneakers and sunglasses and 3) dark jeans and red thermal l/s shirt with sewn on camo vest with boots and sunglasses.  Has Ken ever had so many choices out there at once?"

As soon as I find these remaining 3 I will post pictures...until then here is an eBay auction with a picture of the remaining 3 HERE

Barbie Fashion Trend Sets

Plus, I located (mentioned above) 2 new 2008 Barbie with Ken Fashion #N4859 fashion assortment out there which is part of the Barbie Fashion Trend Set called "Miami Sunset Date" and 2008 Barbie with Ken Fashion #N4858.  Apparently there is a third set with a tuxedo fashion for Ken which James found from a Polish auction service.  Picture link HERE.  Thanks to James for posting these pictures!


2008 Ken Fashion #N4872

2008 Ken Fashion #N4873

2008 Ken Fashion #N4874




He’s A Doll! - Collector’s Club is officially forming and we want you to be a part of it! He’s A Doll! is recognized as an official Ken doll collector’s club from Mattel. It was formed in 2007 as an Internet based male fashion doll collector’s club focused on the Ken doll by Mattel. A Yahoo group was started to keep us all in contact and organized as a club.  We are now ready to take the next step and form the club with a membership drive. The drive will take place from April 1, 2009 through May 10, 2009.

We're glad to have Ken® doll collector enthusiasts join our club.  If you are interested in joining, we have a Yahoo group located here:  He's A Doll!

We are pleased to offer these exciting benefits with your “He’s A Doll!” 2009 membership:

  • Welcome letter with an exclusive He’s A Doll! - Club member pin

  • Opportunity to purchase a specially designed club t-shirt and future club items

  • Continued access to the He’s A Doll! - Yahoo bulletin board

  • An invitation to the annual He’s A Doll! - Club meeting and social event at the 2009 NBDCC

  • Access to a NEW exclusive He’s A Doll! Club website featuring:

o       Club newsletter

o       Event announcements

o       Member profiles

o       Contests

o       Doll related activities

o       And LOTS more fun stuff

So don’t delay…join and send in you application starting April 1, 2009! You can send you application either by mail or electronically. We would love to have you as an official He’s A Doll! - Club member!




In early June 2008, the Keeping Ken website reached 1 million plus unique visits! It also is also holds the #1 top search result for Ken doll on Yahoo and Lycos, #2 on Google and MS search engines! Hats off to the mighty Ken doll collector!!

Keeping Ken NEW DOLLS!

New Barbie Collector™ dolls have been listed on the Keeping Ken Identifier Gift Sets page! They are Campus Spirit Gift Set (Barbie and Ken) and the Speed Racer Gift Set (Barbie and Ken).

Fashion Fever Ken

Looking WAY hot is the new edition of Fashion Fever Ken (Fourth Edition) I am loving the way the eyes are painted.  Drawbacks are the use of the PTR arm molds and it looks as though the messenger bag was omitted from production.  Cell phone charms are attached to the box.  Brad found this Ken at Kohl's.  I found my edition at Target! He is now listed on the Keeping Ken The Millennium Era 2 2006-Beyond page!



Barbie & The Diamond Castle Musician Doll

Brad found Barbie & The Diamond Castle Twin Musician Doll at TRU.  A new head mold and use of the arms like the Disney guys last year! Only one doll is available to create "twins" Anyway, I really like the new head mold, but I like molded hair dolls as much as the rooted versions.  Interestingly, the head mold is marked with the stock number of the doll, so this may be a one times use?  It is also interesting to note that Mattel is producing quite a few new head molds for their lines that don't use the Ken® trademark name.

This doll has also been added to the Keeping Ken The Millennium Era 2 2006-Beyond page and the new head mold has been added to the Keeping Ken/Ken Parts Department page.


Angelic Dreamz has photos of the popular telenovela star Rebelde male dolls here:  REBELDE  Unfortunately, it looks as though to purchase the male dolls, you will have to purchase them in gift sets paired with the girls:  Mia and Miguel, Lupita and Giovanni and Roberta and Diego.  I saw the first edition female dolls at Wal-Mart and K-Mart, but haven't seen these new gift sets in stores yet.  Thanks to Dana for this info!

Sleeping Beauty Prince Doll

Erik from Germany has alerted me of a new Mattel male doll that is appearing in that market.  Petra from Finland  has also located this doll!

Erik says "I found an new prince doll. The box is without any label (Ken or Prince) but the box backside shows 'Barbie as Sleeping Beauty' and 'Prince'. So it seems obvious that 'he' is the prince of 'Sleeping Beauty'. But you have to look very carefully to find that.

Box date is 2007 and the Model-No. is L8123.

His face mold is identical with the Caucasian version of Barbie as The Island Princess Prince Antonio Doll but has lighter brown hair and steel blue eyes."

I have added this doll to the Keeping Ken The Millennium Era 2 2006-Beyond page and you can find a bigger picture and a picture of the back of the box here:  Sleeping Beauty Prince Doll.

Thanks for the info from my international friends for this news (and the pictures provided by Erik)! I hope to add him to my collection soon!


Keeping Ken UPDATE!'s been a long time since the last update.  As you may have heard on national news, my city was hit with a devastating flood.  Honestly, I have been trying to be a good community helper and have spent a great deal of my time trying to help those in need.  Recently, with other leaders of the company I work for, we helped clean out a home devastated from the flood.  Here is a link with a few pictures of that event I would like to share: GAP Milwaukee District Community Service

The work here isn't glamorous and there is still much to be done.  My home, was spared, but imagine if you can the entire downtown of your city being destroyed.  The flood, Iowa's worst in 30 years, had rendered 36,000 residents homeless and destroyed homes, farms and properties expected to exceed $2 billion in value.

It is a tough, emotional time, but as a community we will prevail.

Right as the city was flooding, I went to the 2008 National Barbie Collectors Convention in Kansas City, Mo.  It was a welcome departure from sandbagging, that's for sure.  I had many duties as the Raffle Room Chair, and in my haste to leave, I actually forgot to bring the card for my digital camera.  But I am relying on friends to send me at least a few pictures to cover the convention like I usually do.  I would like to publicly thank those of you at convention who came to me and made sure I was holding up under the circumstances.  It meant more to me than I could ever communicate in words.

I am looking forward to other things I had planned this year.  Stay tuned.  And, I mostly look forward to getting back to focusing on Ken.  Sometimes it is the things we most cherish that bring us back to the way things ought to be.  With that, Brad has been great on keeping me in the "Ken" loop, and I has been gracious enough to send me some pictures of the new Ken dolls arriving in stores below!

Keeping Ken NEW KEN!

Mariposa Prince Doll

In other male doll news from Mattel, it was rumored that a male doll will be introduced into the Fairytopia™ line named Carlos.  Brad found the Mariposa Prince Doll after going to Toys R Us for a few days in a row.  He said he is just labeled Prince and didn't see any mention of the name Carlos being used on his shipping carton or box.  He is described on the back as 'Meet the prince!  He's a butterfly fairy friend from the new Barbie Mariposa DVD!'    This is also another new head mold kind of similar to the prince from 2006.  He also has pointy ears!


Wedding Day Doll

When pictures of the Fantasy Groom dolls were  released, they look exactly like the Barbie as The Island Princess Prince Antonio Dolls.  The descriptions also hinted that these dolls were somehow tied into the Barbie Princess line, so maybe these dolls are actually second versions of the Antonio dolls dressed for the wedding?  We now know that the Barbie as The Island Princess Rosella & Antonio Wedding Gift Set was produced, and these new dolls are actually called Wedding Day (Pictured Below).  I finally found Wedding Day Groom Doll and he has a NEW molded hair head mold marked 2007 Mattel on the back of his head. Island Princess Prince Antonio says 2005, 2006 Mattel. The most noticeable difference is the part in his hair.  This doll will not be using the Ken trademark.

PICTURED BELOW:  Actual pictures of the Wedding Day Caucasian doll with a new head mold marked 2007 Mattel.  (Photos courtesy of Brad).  PICTURED BOTTOM:  Promo photos of the Wedding Day dolls.  The Caucasian version shows The Island Princess Prince Antonio head mold.


Vogue Collectibles has a photo of the new Speed Racer Gift Set.  Here is a link to the picture:  Speed Racer Gift Set.  This gift set should be available in March 2008 for around $40.  Looks like they are finally using a articulated body with the new Ken head mold!

Guy Time™ Fashions

Ken has a new fashion line called Guy Time™! I found 3 new fashions under this label at TRU this weekend! They use the new logo pop art that is the same image used on the Fashion Fever Ken (Third Edition) (see story below) box.

This is probably the best thing that has happened all year! For now, enjoy the new fashions, the return of fashions with the Ken® trademark and a specific male fashion line!

Anyway, here are some links of all three of the fashions:  Guy Time Fashion #L9797, Guy Time Fashion #L9798 and Guy Time Fashion #L9799.

I think I saw another fashion from pictures on another website, maybe a set (like those big Fashion Fever sets with several pieces), but I'm not sure? I'll look into that...


PICTURED ABOVE:  New logo pop art.

  Fashion Fever Ken (Third Edition)  
  Imagine my surprise when I went into Toys R Us and found a brand new Ken doll I wasn't even expecting!

Fashion Fever Ken (Third Edition) was there with a bunch of new articulated female dolls which included Barbie, Teresa, Nikki, Raquelle and Summer.  Finally, some more articulated dolls, but alas, poor Ken isn't articulated.  That really stinks, because we at the point of practically begging for another articulated Ken doll and we get stuck with another doll with the same body and those PTR arms.  Why articulate all the female dolls and not the sole male doll? I am sure however collectors will be happy to see new articulation on the female dolls, and a return to the normal body!

This doll is pretty neat however, and I'll take it as my one Holiday "surprise".  He is of course probably one in a case pack of 12 (or more), so find him if you can.  He is $9.99 and was the only one on the shelf! His sunglasses are a bit askew, as you can see in the picture.

On the back of the box we see Ken doll's "fashion motto" and discover his favorite color is "ocean blue".  The box side also has some awesome pop art of him.  LOVE that! Follow the link above to see the box art.  I LOVE surprises, and this made my shopping day that much better!


Surf's Up Beach Ken and Steven has pictures of the new Surf's-Up Beach Ken and Steven dolls on the site! (Pictured below).  I haven't found Steven yet, but I have added Ken to the Keeping Ken The Millennium Era 2 2006-Beyond page.

It's the most glamorous beach party ever and Ken® and Steven dolls are cool in the latest sporty beach fashion, hanging out with friends. Both dolls wears hip shorts and a short sleeve button down shirt. Comes with a cool friendship bracelet.

Surf's-Up™ Ken® 2007


Surf's-Up™ Steven® 2007


And here are some pictures of the European version of Tommy model #L4379.  This new version of Tommy should be available here in the US in the Kelly line.  Thanks to Erik in Germany for sending these!







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Q: I found this booklet that has some Ken® fashions in it that I have never seen before.  Can you give me some insight as to where these are from?-Barb

A: This fashion booklet was included in the Ken® dolls made by Industrias Rotoplast under license from Mattel in Venezuela in the late 1980's.  I have three of these versions Olimpico Ken, Jean Ken and Llanero Ken and all of the have the same booklet, which I have pictured on this page: Venezuela Ken Fashion Booklet.

I would think if you could locate any of them it would be an amazing find, since I have never personally seen any of the six pictured.  It took me forever to even acquire the thee dolls!


Q: Love your site...I just bought a Ken® shirt on Ebay that I can't find in any of the books. Mod era, long sleeve with the Ken® label -- pink,  orange, turquoise and chartreuse floral, almost Peter Max print...any ideas?-Steve

A: I believe the shirt is a variation used in 1972 Casual Cords #1717 outfit.  The fabric originated in 1971 Festival Fashion Barbie® outfit. (Thanks to Joe Blitman for help on this one)


Q: Can you tell me who this doll is (pictured left). On another site it said Happy Family neighbor doll, but I have never seen this doll before. Can you tell me if we could buy this doll here in the states or is this a foreign doll?-Fiyas

A: It looks like a redressed "New Neighbors" Dad From the Happy Family "Sounds Like Home Smart House".  This set included a house play set and 4 dolls:  Dad, Mom, Kelly sized Daughter and Krissy sized baby.  It was available in small quantities at Toys R Us domestically.

Even though Mattel officially discontinued the Happy Family line by the time this was released, this Dad doll was also supposed to be available as a Happy Neighbors Dad and Daughter set, but never made it to store shelves when a "New Neighbors" Mom and Baby set was released in Spring 2005. His only appearance is in this Toys R Us  Sounds Like Home Smart House Gift Set priced at $80, so in order to get him, you had to buy the whole gift set.

Photos courtesy of Li'l Friends



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