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In 2003, Mattel added new girlfriend Nolee™, along with My Scene™ boys Bryant™ and Hudson™.   

The second male doll to appear in the line, My Scene™ Hudson™ falls into a well-scripted image from Mattel.  Most collector's like to "know" their doll's character, simply because it makes the doll more interesting.  Believe me, I want to know everything! But My Scene™ doesn't need it.  My Scene™ Hudson™ is the "sports-interested" character; one who is mainly concerned with the sport and competitiveness that a game of Soccer provides. Other My Scene™ male dolls will also fall into well-scripted images from Mattel.

My Scene™ Hudson™ is Caucasian, and shares some same box text as My Scene Bryant :  "whether you're catching rays at the beach or glances at school, looking good is always in style".  Unlike Bryant™ (who is already being tied romantically with My Scene™ Nolee™), My Scene™ Hudson™ is romantically tied to My Scene™ Chelsea® in a "Night out on the Town" gift set that is available Fall 2003.

More about Hudson doll is uncovered in the late December 2003 Jammin' in Jamaica DVD (sold with the female Jammin' in Jamaica dolls).  We learn he is a member of the band "Urban Desire".  Other band mates include My Scene River, Ellis and Sutton.  My Scene Madison writes the lyrics for the bands songs.  Hudson is drums, percussion and background vocals.  In the video, his romantic tie with Chelsea isn't really explored.


Hudson doll's romantic outlook stays the same in Spring 2004 when he goes out on a date with Chelsea doll again in the Out & About Chelsea™ and Hudson™ Gift Set. This version and another single version, Getting Ready/Out With The Girls Hudson™, are both available with new "smiling" head molds.  Interestingly, both versions take the boys' point of view, as Hudson doll's characterization is explored further as he readies himself for a real and impromptu date.  His sport-minded characterization is especially enforced in the single version, while the gift set version concentrates on the element of a chance encounter.  Out of all the My Scene™ boys, Hudson isn't in any hurry to make an official relationship commitment.

SORRY... in this section I will only give information about HUDSON™.  Highlighted boxes are the Hudson™ dolls I keep.


"Cars? Not really my thing.  Late nights? Yeah, once in a while.  But give me a soccer ball and goal, and it's on.  see you on the field."


My Scene™ Hudson™

M#:  B4864  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Two-Tone Medium Blonde/Platinum Blonde.  C:  Light Blue green athletic "wind" pants with double navy ribbon stripes down sides.  Orange t-shirt s/s with dark navy "29" appliqué with attached heather blue long sleeves.  Plastic silver whistle on black cord (around neck).  Plastic silver "bead" bracelet.  Plastic slip-on athletic shoes (black with tan design) with attached quarter sock (white). A:  White ribbed tank top with light green stitching.  Clear blue sunglasses.  Plastic beige soccer ball.  Plastic copper trophy with "1".  Navy color doll stand.  My Scene™ booklet.


"It's about the butterflies in your stomach on your first date.  It's about taking all your girlfriends with you to the bathroom to chat.  It's about getting to know the boy you've been crushing on for months.  It's night on the town™, and you're having the time of your life."

My Scene™Night On The Town™Gift Set (Hudson™ and Chelsea™)

M#:  B6710  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Two-Tone Medium Blonde/Platinum Blonde.  C:  Pieced brown pants with black with gray square design side inserts and red fabric strip detail.  Black mesh tank with red thread neck detail.  Rinsed blue denim jacket with white thread detail l/s.  Plastic off-white "bear claw" necklace.  Plastic slip-on athletic shoes (black with gold soles).  A:  None.  NOTE:  SE.  Hudson™ is thinking "Come on Hudson™, ask her!".


"You know the way you'll be kidding around with your friends about the cute girls you met the night before and who liked you, and meanwhile you're text messaging the one with the beautiful eyes and great smile about how freaky it is that you're both so into each other and you just met?

Hanging Out™Hudson™

M#:  C0169  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Blonde/Platinum Blonde/Dark Blonde.  C:  Navy pique pants with white stitching detail.  Maroon mesh t-shirt with yellow/navy ribbon detail and "39*60" and motorcycle appliqué s/s.  Black wristwatch.  Clear light blue plastic water bottle (attached to right hand).  Plastic slip-on athletic shoes (white with navy design and caramel soles) with attached quarter sock (white).  A:  Copper with navy ribbon (on sides) shorts.  Clear dark yellow sunglasses.  Light blue visor.  Light blue with navy/medium blue backpack.  Medium blue color doll stand.


"Dropping thick beats for the girls on the beach."

Jammin' In Jamaica Hudson™

M#:  C5295  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Dark Blonde/Medium Blonde.  C: Orange with light orange floral print knee-length shorts.  Off-white V-neck t-shirt with engine fan drawing appliqué s/s.  Plastic slip-on athletic shoes (light brown with brown soles, light brown quarter- sock). Silver wristwatch. Silver bead with "dog tags" necklace.  Two silver drumsticks (attached to right and left hands).  A:  Light blue pique tank top with "H" appliqué.  Clear amber sunglasses.  Blue lotion bottle.  Light blue cup with "ice" and straw.  Yellow with black boom box.  Black with silver drum on silver stand with black base.  Silver microphone stand with black base.  Black microphone.  Turquoise color child-sized pooka bracelet.


"What's every girl's fondest wish? According to you, 9 innings of baseball, and the way this game is going, some overtime too.  But what makes this afternoon really special isn't how tiny the players look from way up here, or how that guy behind you keeps shouting instructions at them.  It's the sweet, sweet fact that you got these tickets for free.  Who cares if you had to hike up 20 flights of stairs and the nearest bathroom is half a mile away? The tickets were free weren't they? That's right, big boy.  You really scored this time.

You're Hudson™, a My Scene™ kinda guy."

Getting Ready/Out With The Girls Hudson™

M#:  C1236  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Dark Blonde.  C:  Pieced navy/light blue with gold trim nylon athletic pants.  White V-neck ribbed t-shirt s/s with "New York" appliqué.  Plastic slip-on Hi-Top sneakers (blue top, white front, back and soles).   Gold bead necklace with "dog tags".  Orange with blue star wrist sweat band (on left wrist).  White nylon with blue thread stitch baseball cap (on head).  Pieced navy/light blue nylon jacket l/s (held in left hand).  Burgundy gym bag with black/gray mesh design (on ends) and black ribbon strap (held in right hand).  A:  Light orange plastic tray with two hotdogs and two soft drink cups with straws.  Clear pink sunglasses.  Two chipboard tickets.  NOTE:  Hudson is thinking "7th inning stretch.  Snack time!"


"Chelsea™ and Hudson™, in the park...

This is so random.  Our dogs get tangled up, and now...

Now we're walking together.

Yeah.  Dogs are good like that.  They help you meet people.

Maybe we should do this every afternoon, you know, if you want.

I think I'd be into that.

Out & About Chelsea™ and Hudson™ Gift Set

M#:  C3729  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Dark Blonde.  C:  Dark blue Cargo pocket (both sides) jeans.  V-neck white with brown sleeves baseball t-shirt with red thread stitching and "Scene" appliqué s/s.  Red cloth baseball hat (on head).  Plastic slip-on slides (gray with yellow stripes with burgundy soles, white quarter- sock).  Black palm organizer (attached to left hand).  Red juice bottle with white lid, red straw and cherry sticker.  Brown/white/black dog with gray ribbon leash (attached to left hand).  A:  None.  NOTE:  Chelsea is saying (to Hudson) "Our leashes are tangled!"  Hudson is saying (to Chelsea) "My lucky day."


"Time for everybody to get their game on!"

Masquerade madness Hudson™

M#:  G4817  BD:  2004   HC:  Rooted Dark/Light Blonde.  C:  Tricot black knee-length shorts.  Black vinyl "prize fighter" belt with boxing appliqué.  White knit t-shirt s/l.  Tricot green/white jacket with hood l/s.  Gold color plastic bead necklace with tags.  Gray/green with white sole hi-top athletic shoes.  Green plastic mask with handle (attached to right hand).  A:  Two rust with white band boxing gloves.  Chipboard Sceneit?, Break the Safe and Magic 8 Ball (with plastic 8 ball inside) games.  Chipboard "Masquerade madness" invitation.  Plastic tan/green/red wallet, orange with black star wristband, light green/black camera, clear hot pink sunglasses and brown/black/white with red collar puppy.


"Hudson™ is so fun!...And now he's cuter than ever!"

Club Birthday Hudson™

M#:  G6121  BD:  2004   HC:  Rooted Medium Blonde/Light Blonde and Blonde Flock sideburns.  C:  Chambray denim jeans w/ cuffs.  Pale yellow w/ blue/brown stripe print woven shirt l/s.  Vanilla color with tan front and off-white sole tennis shoes.  Clear amber sunglasses (attached to right hand).  Gold camera (attached to left hand).  A:  Gold w/star wristband.  Gold medallion with "H" initial necklace.  Chipboard envelope and invitation.  NOTE:  Hudson is saying "Happy Birthday Nolee!™ Let's party!"

  Mall Maniacs Hudson

M#:  BD:   HC:  C: 

  My Scene™ Goes Hollywood Hudson

M#:  BD:   HC:  C: 

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