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My Scene™ Sutton™ appeared in the line in late Summer 2003, with new My Scene™ boy  River™ and a second edition of Bryant™. 

My Scene™ Sutton™ is the "artistic" character, by expressing his creativity through art.  His artistry is mainly focused on his love for collecting comic books.  The story board art he draws is coupled with the storylines he creates to complete two My Scene™ Adventure comics based on his friends.  Unlike the other My Scene™ male dolls, My Scene™ Sutton™ doesn't fall into a well-scripted images from Mattel, probably because of lack of promotion.

My Scene™ Sutton™ is Black, and is the only My Scene™ male doll to have facial hair or flock hair.  Hailing from London, he speaks with an English accent.  

One per carton, Sutton™ and will be harder to find than the rest of the My Scene™ boys.  His box text states "It's weird, you know, how art can be so many different things to different people? But that's kinda what makes it great.  It's about expressing your creativity, and we all need a bit of that right?".


More about Sutton doll is uncovered in the late December 2003 Jammin' in Jamaica DVD (sold with the female Jammin' in Jamaica dolls).  We learn he is a member of the band "Urban Desire".  Other band mates include My Scene River, Hudson and Ellis.  My Scene Madison writes the lyrics for the bands songs.  Sutton is the "Master Scratcher" for the band.  Sutton doesn't have very much character development in the video, but he's the only character to meet and connect with newest My Scene member Jammin' in Jamaica Jai doll.  They discover they share the same distinctive accent.  Sutton also has a solo musical moment in the video at a party, where he showcases his scratching technique that gets the attention of a record producer.



My Scene™ Sutton™ is romantically tied to My Scene™ Madison™ in a "Night out on the Town" gift set that was available Fall 2003, and again in Spring of 2004 in the Out & About Madison™ and Sutton™ Gift Set.  This version and another single version, Getting Ready/Out With The Girls Sutton™, are both available with new "smiling" head molds.  Interestingly, both versions take the boys' point of view, as Sutton doll's characterization is explored further as he readies himself for a real and impromptu date.  Sutton jumps from relatively no character development in previous versions, to a well drawn one.  His relationship with Madison is especially enforced in the single version, as an unorganized Sutton forgets her birthday.  This relationship is explored further in the gift set version, as they exchange gifts on their one-month anniversary.  Like River and Barbie, Sutton and Madison seem to have made an official relationship commitment.

When we use the words "fashion dolls" to describe our dolls, the successful winning formula for My Scene™ can be as simple as examining each word "fashion" and "dolls" separately.  Think of the words "base" and "ball".  Singularly, you have two objects.  When you put them together you have a game.  I'm betting that My Scene™ will be successful if the words come together.

SORRY... in this section I will only give information about SUTTON™.  Highlighted boxes are the Sutton™ dolls I keep.


"It's weird, you know, how art can be so many different things to different people? But that's kinda what makes it great.  It's about expressing your creativity, and we all need a bit of that right?".

My Scene™Sutton

M#:  B6693  BD:  2003   HC:  Black Flock.  C:  Rinsed wash dark denim jeans.  White t-shirt s/s.  Rose knit sided slate blue mesh tank with navy "SCENE/10" appliqué and burgundy/white/navy ribbon accents. Plastic silver wristwatch.  Plastic slip-on athletic shoes (white with blue/red design) with attached quarter sock (white).  Black sunglasses (attached to right hand).  Blue with silver artist's box lid (attached under left hand).  A:  Blue with silver artist's box.  Blue/white towel.  Tan "pencil".  Green "paintbrush".  Red tube of "paint".  Blue tube of "paint".   Brown with silver drawing board.  Chipboard "My Scene Adventure 1" comic book.  Chipboard "My Scene Adventure 2" comic book.  Chipboard painting of My Scene™ Nolee™.


"It's about the butterflies in your stomach on your first date.  It's about taking all your girlfriends with you to the bathroom to chat.  It's about getting to know the boy you've been crushing on for months.  It's night on the town™, and you're having the time of your life."

My Scene™Night On The Town™Gift Set (Sutton™ and Madison™)

M#:  B6709  BD:  2003   HC:  Black Flock.  C:  Raisin color "velvet" pants with contrasting raw sienna color stitching and attached black belt with gold square buckle.  Matching vest.  Shimmery sepia color shirt l/s with attached dark purple textured tie.   Plastic silver wristwatch.  Plastic slip-on athletic shoes (black with brown soles).  A:  None.  NOTE:  SE.  Sutton is thinking "Hope she goes for this carriage ride!".


"You know the way you'll be kidding around with your friends about the cute girls you met the night before and who liked you, and meanwhile you're text messaging the one with the beautiful eyes and great smile about how freaky it is that you're both so into each other and you just met?

Hanging Out™Sutton™

M#:  C0170  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Brunette (curly).  C:  Jam length blue denim shorts with white stitching detail.  Pieced heather tan/brown/charcoal camouflage and solid black sleeve t-shirt with "1979" appliqué l/s.  Plastic silver bead "dog tags" necklace.  Light brown wristband.  Black boots.  Clear light green water bottle with straw (attached to right hand).  Silver lap top computer with multi-color stickers (attached to left leg).  Plastic dark maroon messenger bag with black strap (attached to left hand).  A:  Clear sunglasses.  Tan "mesh" tank top with navy stitching detail.  Army green color doll stand.


"So it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon on what has to be the most boring Saturday ever when this cutie in a convertible pulls up next to me and opens the door.  But I don't recognize him, so he pulls down his sunglasses and says "Madison™, it's me."  And I'm like, "Sutton™?"

And suddenly the worst Saturday ever turns into a sunny drive to the shore with the radio blaring and nothing ahead of us but the open road and a warm summer night."


My Scene™ "Crusin' in my Ride" Madison and Sutton™ Gift Set

M#:  C5529  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Brunette (curly).  C:  Dark brown cord pants.  Blue violet shirt with blue violet ribbon detail (down middle front) s/s.  Silver wristwatch.  Dark caramel brown with black sole boots.   A:  (Sutton) Black My Ride™ car with tan interior and animal print seats.  Smoke sunglasses.  Chipboard "2003" date book. Two chipboard "tickets".  Two clear plastic water bottles.  Gold plastic cell phone.  Silver plastic camera.  Silver plastic car key on ring with white dog charm.  NOTE:  Sutton™ is saying (to Madison) "Hey Madison, ready to go?".  NOTE:  This set was also available as My Scene™ "Crusin' in my Ride" Barbie® and Ellis™ Giftset.  The silver wristwatch is a different style than Ellis'.



"So you're on vacation in Jamaica and you've made plans to do some serious sightseeing with your friend, when that cutie finally asks you out.  Now what? Grab a couple of tandem bikes and invite his friend to come along.  Everything goes better with boys!"

Jammin' In Jamaica Cruisin' The Boardwalk Gift Set (Sutton™ and Jai™)

M#:  C4213  BD:  2003   HC:  Black Flock.  C:  Tan pieced knee-length shorts with navy stitching.  Heather V-neck gray with orange ringer t-shirt with lion head appliqué.  Plastic slip-on sandal (blue and white) with attached sock (beige).  Burgundy crash helmet (on right wrist).  Orange tandem bike for two with chipboard "My Scene/Jamaican Rentals" insert.  NOTE:  Sutton is saying (to Jai) "Only if I get a kiss!".  Jai doll is exclusive to this set.


"Dropping thick beats for the girls on the beach."

Jammin' In Jamaica Sutton™

M#:  C5296  BD:  2003   HC:  Rooted Brown.  C: Dark blue denim cargo pocket (sides) knee-length shorts with white stitch detail.  Orange/burgundy/dark rose/cream/dark green/light green stripe Vintage style polo shirt.  Tan "stone" necklace.  Plastic slip-on athletic shoes (dove gray with blue soles, tan quarter- sock).  Miniature silver/black turntable (placed across lap).  Silver headphones with microphone (on head).  A:  Heather gray tank top with "33" appliqué.  Clear dark green sunglasses.  Two-piece black set-up stand (for turntable).  Two records.  Dark green with silver record carrier.  Blue lotion bottle.  Light blue cup with "ice" and straw.  Multi-color child-sized pooka bracelet.


"Oops, it's someone's birthday--your girlfriend's to be exact, and you don't have a present.  Or a clue for that matter.  But that won't stop you from showing up at her doorstep a few minutes from now, will it, because you have a plan.  Too bad it involves your friends' money.  Too bad for them, that is.  Ten minutes and a lot of begging later, you show up with flowers, chocolate, and a one way ticket out of the dog house.

You're Sutton™, a My Scene™ kinda guy."

Getting Ready/Out With The Girls Sutton™

M#:  C1237  BD:  2003   HC:  Black Flock.  C: Olive drab cargo pocket (front left knee) pants.  Cream with gray/blue check design woven shirt s/s.  Silver "stone" necklace.  Plastic slip-on sneakers (tan top, brown front and white soles).  Camouflage print messenger bag with black mesh pocket and black ribbon strap (across left shoulder).  Brown "leather" wristband (on left wrist).  Floral bouquet of yellow daisies (attached to right hand).  Clear purple sunglasses (on top of head).  A:  Light blue nylon and brown knit trim jacket l/s.  Gold box of "chocolates" with lid.  Chipboard gift bag.  Two chipboard charge cards.  NOTE:  Sutton is thinking "All girls like chocolate!"


"Madison™ and Sutton™, exchanging gifts...

Our one month anniversary.  Crazy huh?

Kinda.  Do you like your fish?

They're sweet.  They kiss--I like that.  Do you like your lovebirds?

I'd like anything from you.

Ohhh, Sutton...

Out & About Madison™ and Sutton™ Gift Set

M#:  C3728  BD:  2003   HC:  Black Flock.  C:  Multi-stripe blue jeans.  Burgundy with cream/black/orange floral print woven western style shirt l/s with black yoke/sleeves and brown ribbon accents (down front).  Black shoes.  Clear brown glasses (attached to left hand).  Fish bowl tied with red ribbon bow with fish, plant and rocks (cradled in both hands).  A:  None.  NOTE:  Madison is saying (to Sutton) "Kissing fish...are you trying to tell me something?"  Sutton thinks "Uh-oh.  Say something funny!" Sutton says (to Madison) "Uh...well...uh..."


"Pizza, chips, soda...sounds like a party to me!"


Masquerade madness Sutton™

M#:  G4819  BD:  2004   HC:  Black Flock.  C:  Black pants with gray ribbon (down sides).  White knit t-shirt l/s with attached black with red trim vest with gold star closure.  Black (exterior) and red (interior) cape with black velvet pointed collar and black ribbon tie.  Black shoes.  Dark peach plastic mask with handle (attached to right hand).  A:  Chipboard "Masquerade madness" invitation.  Chipboard pizza box with plastic pizza inside.  Plastic yellow liter of juice with sticker, white bag of chips with sticker, blue bowl of popcorn, navy/burgundy wallet, black wristband, clear blue sunglasses and black/white with red collar puppy.


"Sutton™ is so sweet!...And now he's cuter than ever!"

Club Birthday Sutton™

M#:  G6123  BD:  2004   HC:  Rooted Brunette and Brunette Flock sideburns.  C:  Reverse style denim jeans with navy ribbon (down front right side).  Black sheer shirt with white stripes l/s.  Black boots.  Clear black sunglasses (attached to right hand).  Silver camera (attached to left hand).  A:  Red watch.  Silver necklace w/ dog tags.  Chipboard envelope and invitation.  NOTE:  Sutton is saying "Happy Birthday Nolee!™ Let's party!"

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