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Ken Shoes

Hair Paint/Rooted


Cork Sandals~(early model's)

Cowboy Boot

Dance Oxford

Lace-up Oxford




Top Sider~(rare)

Auburn~(reddish brown)




Brunette~(darkest brown)

Light Brown


Two Tone~(2 different colors)

Yellow~(yes, yellow)


Identifier Page

M#=Model Number

BD=Box Date




s/s=Short Sleeve

l/s=Long Sleeve


AA=African American







LE=Limited Edition

SE=Special Edition

SLE=Special Limited Edition

SSE=Store Special Edition


Edition/Variation Definitions

Variation:  Subtle box/doll changes made after the initial production period.  Examples may include misspelling corrections on box text, or addition or deletion of accessories.  A variation is defined as a "change from the original product".  EXAMPLE:  The Now Look Ken was first available with shorter hair.  The shorter hair version may also have come with a white dickey and no scarf.  Later, a longer hair version was available with a scarf.

True Variation:  Subtle box/doll changes made during the beginning of the production period.  EXAMPLE: Sparkle Surprise Ken!

Probably the best example of a True Variation is 1991's Sparkle Surprise KenŽ.  Three different box variations were made during the initial first production run.  CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT:  Plastic window without  text using the Modified Alan head mold.  Plastic window without  text using the Alan head mold.  The next box has "Handsome New Face" window text.  The last box also has the text, but a 1991 Stars 'n Stripes head mold pictured in the box photo instead of the 1990 Alan head mold box pictured on the other three boxes.

Different Versions:  Same doll, but repackaged or modified, usually with a different model number.  EXAMPLE:  A different version of New Good Lookin' Ken is the Red White 'N Wild Gift Set.

Second Editions:  1)May or may not have subtle box/doll changes made after the first period production run.  Usually a second production run of an already released doll.  2)Second Editions may also be an entirely different designed doll that shares the same series or given name.  EXAMPLE:  1) Hawaii Ken First Issue and Hawaii Ken Second Issue have subtle box changes after another production run was ordered after the first release; thus creating a "second issue/edition".  2) Harley Davidson Ken (Second Edition) is an example of an entirely different designed doll that shares the same series and given name.