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This is a complete listing of every Todd® made from 1965 until the present.  I will include Name, Model # (M#), Box Date (BD) and Hair Color (HC).  I am adding Clothing (C) and Accessory (A) descriptions as well.
Highlighted boxes are the Todd® dolls I keep.

A Brief History of Todd®

Todd® certainly is considered the most confusing character in Barbie® doll's world of friends and family.  Considered part of both worlds, he is sometimes related to Barbie® and then not related at all.  Because Todd® doll's  history is confusing, I have broken his history into three segments from the youngest version to the oldest aged version.  In the second segment things become more confusing since Todd® is not considered a relation to Barbie at all, and suddenly is again.  Finally, in adult form, he's not related...although many collectors disagree and say it is the youngest version grown up.  I disagree.  I'll try to guide you through this intertwined soap opera of character changes, age differences and relationship changes...all pulled together by a name....Todd®.

  The first segment  is the first chance we are introduced to Todd® in 1966.  It is also the youngest version of Todd® we will see.  This first version  has the most documented history.  He is related to Barbie® as a brother.  Related as a brother, he is also a twin brother and his twin sister is named Tutti®; instantly making them fraternal twins.  Todd® and Tutti®'s heads are miniature versions of the older characters.  Todd®'s head mold is the same as Tutti®'s, just painted differently.  But their bodies are completely different than the adult dolls.  Naturally since they represent 2-3 year-olds their bodies are much smaller.   The head is stationary but the rest of the body is a series of metal wires covered with molded plastic that makes their body/limbs bendable, referred to as the "pink bendable" body.  The head on the doll may pale and the body may develop green from internal wires.  Todd®'s hair is a rooted titian color with a very rare brunette version also available in 1966.  (Brunette Todd®'s with smaller heads were sold from 1975 to 1980 in Europe).  Todd's history would end quickly domestically, but prove popular in Europe, with many variations and a vast clothing line.  Eventually I intend to add the European editions and the clothing to this page, but the research is extensive and will take some time.  There were only two versions of Todd® domestically in 1966 and they are listed below.   Many more domestic versions of Tutti® were made and available through the first part of 1968, with another bendable friend Chris® (girl) in 1967.




M#:  3590  BD:  1965  HC:  Rooted Titian (side part).  C:   Red/Blue/White hounds tooth print shorts and hat with red bill.  Blue shirt with button front s/s.  White socks.  Red shoes.  Wrist tag.  A:   None.  NOTE:  Body may develop green from internal wires and head may pale.


Tutti & Todd Sundae Treat Gift Set

M#:  3556   BD:  1965  HC:  Rooted Titian (side part)  C:  Navy Shorts.  Red/white stripe jacket l/s with white shirt.  Navy knee socks.   White tennis shoes.  Wrist tag.  A:  Plastic table with attached matching stools.  Two silver metal spoons.  One strawberry and one chocolate shake.  White comb and brush.  NOTE:  Body may develop green from internal wires and head may pale.

  Now comes the more confusing part of Todd®'s life.   Reintroduced in 1991 for Midge®'s wedding to Alan, he was serving as a ring bearer.  His body, head mold and hair have completely changed.   He also resembles a child around the age of six or seven.  Two versions were available.  One is a two doll set with the new doll Kelly® who served as flower girl and the other is the Wedding Party Midge® Gift Set with six dolls.  In 1991, Barbie Magazine called Kelly® Barbie® doll's little sister and Todd®, Ken®'s little brother, but official Mattel catalogues do not!  This version of Kelly® is much older than the Kelly® we see produced later and presently.  Eventually in 1995, Kelly® WILL become Barbie®'s little sister, but not officially in this version.   So exactly who are Kelly® and Todd® officially related to in this version? Absolutely no one.  Many collectors still consider Todd® as Barbie®'s brother, but without Tutti® this theory doesn't fit.  If that were the case Tutti® would have been included in this set.

Making a return in 1993-1995 Todd® is again marketed as Barbie®'s little brother.  He looks the same as the 1991 version. He is also a twin again but not a twin to Tutti®.  His new fraternal twin sister is Stacie® who is available in 1992-present.  Stacie® is available to present day with friends Janet® (1994) and Whitney (1994).  But Todd® is discontinued while the three girls are still being produced.  A final interesting factoid (from Mike J): the Barbie® trading cards referred to ring bearer Todd® as Alan®'s cousin, not Barbie®'s or Ken®'s brother. A popular opinion:  little Todd® is Barbie®'s brother. His twin sister is Stacie®, who gave up the nickname "Tutti®" when all her teeth came in.

PICTURED ABOVE:  Todd doll as Michael in Disney's Mary Poppins.

After a 13 year absence, Barbie® Collector™ brings back Todd with Stacie in 2008 in the Disney Mary Poppins series of dolls.  It is interesting to note that Mattel uses the Todd and Stacie names for the Michael and Jane set, but does not use the Ken or Barbie trademark for the Bert and Mary Poppins dolls; probably because the dolls are sculpted in the likeness of Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews.



Wedding Day Kelly &Todd Gift Set

M#:  9852   BD:  1990  HC:  Flocked Brunette,  C:  1-piece body suit with gray pinstripe pants, pink shirt with white wing tip collar, light gray vest and silver ascot tie.  Charcoal gray tuxedo jacket with tails, black lapel and pink flower attached to lapel.  Black socks.  Black flower flats.  White satin ring bearer pillow with ring attacked to right hand.  A:  None.  NOTE:   Available only at J.C. Penney and Toys R Us.


Wedding Party Midge Gift Set (Barbie, Ken, Midge, Alan, Todd and Kelly)

M#:  9852  BD:   1991  HC:   Same as above.  C:  Same as above.  A:  Same as above.   NOTE:  Toys R Us E.


Party 'n Play Todd

M#:  7903  BD:  1992  HC:  Flocked Brunette.  C:  Black acid-wash jeans.  Lime green t-shirt with aqua stitched trim s/s.  Black jacket with multi-color square design on yoke and aqua cuffs and bottom.  Matching multi-color square design baseball hat with aqua bill.   White socks.  Black hi-top athletic shoes.  A:  Extra outfit:   White V-neck t-shirt with aqua/black stripe.  Aqua shorts.  Soccer ball.


Happy Meal Todd

M#:  11475  BD:  1993  HC:  Flocked Brunette.  C:  Black shorts.  White t-shirt with red collar band and black sleeves and McDonalds applique.  Black baseball hat with red bill.  Red socks.   Black hi-top athletic shoes.  A:  Cardboard Happy Meal box with child's jewelry inside.  Plastic red tray, Happy  Meal box, french fries, hamburger and drink cup.


Birthday Fun at McDonald's Gift Set (Barbie, Stacie & Todd)

M#:  11589  BD:  1993  HC:   Flocked Brunette.  C:  Aqua denim overalls.  Multi-color stripe shirt with lime collar and cuffs s/s.  Multi-color cone hat.  White socks.   Black hi-top athletic shoes.  Cardboard Happy Meal box attached to left hand.   A:  Birthday cake.  Cardboard punch outs.


Dream Wedding Gift Set (Barbie, Stacie & Todd)

M#:  10712  BD:  1993   HC:  Flocked Brunette.   C:  White body suit with satin pants,   shirt with pink collar, pink cummerbund and lilac bow tie.  White satin tuxedo jacket with pink flower on lapel.  White satin ring bearer pillow trimmed in white lace and pink flowers.  White flower flats.  A:  None.  NOTE:  Toys R Us LE.

Dream Wedding Gift Set African American (Barbie, Stacie & Todd)

M#:  10713   BD:  Same as above.  HC:  Same as above.  C:  Same as above.  A:  Same as above.  NOTE:  Same as above.


Wedding Party Gift Set (Barbie, Stacie & Todd)

M#:  13557  BD:   1994  HC:  Flocked Brunette.  C:  1-piece white body suit with satin pants, white shirt and collar, yellow cummerbund and bow-tie.  White satin tuxedo jacket with pink flower on lapel.  White flower flats.  A:   None.  NOTE:  Toys R Us SE.

Wedding Party Gift Set African American (Barbie, Stacie & Todd)

M#:  13556  BD:  Same as above.   HC:  Same as above.  C:  Same as above.  A:  Same as above.  NOTE:  Same as above.


Mary Poppins Jane & Michael (Stacie & Todd)

M#:  M0673  BD:   2007  HC:  Rooted Auburn.  C:  1-piece white shorts and attached white shirt w/ atatche peach bow-tie.  Gold/blue/lt. blue/white stripe jacket with gold buttons l/s.  White knee socks.  White gloves.  White tennis shoes.  Dove gray hat with peach ribbon detail.  A:  None.  NOTE:  Barbie Collector Pink Label Edition.

Jumping back to 1983, an adult Todd® enters the scene for the opportunity to have another "most romantic wedding ever" that doesn't pair Barbie® and Ken®.  I think the naming of this doll was an oversight and has no relation to Barbie® at all.  On the box packaging it says "Barbie® and Ken® doll's handsome friend".  After all, the Todd® character that comes after this version is a small boy again.  The real reason Mattel made two dolls with the same name probably has more to do with trademarks and registrations.  There's a lot of time spent to secure the rights to a name, so it makes sense for Mattel to reuse names that are not currently in use. This version of Todd® borrows the 1977 Super Star Ken® head mold with painted black hair color not used very often on Ken®.   The event is a wedding and Todd® is the Groom.  His bride is Tracy®, who will also be a one doll version affair. 

Above:  Todd® with bride Tracy®.

Officially there are no tie-ins with other dolls for the event, but the Dream Date Ken®, Dream Date Barbie® and Dream Date P.J.® boxes from the same release date are similar to Todd® and Tracy®'s.  An avid Todd® enthusist, collector Mike J thinks Todd® and Tracy® served as test dolls for the Heart Family™, which arrived some two years later. Both dolls used molds that turned up later on the Heart Family™. The Superstar Ken® face used for Todd® was also used for the Caucasian versions of Mr. Heart™, and the Steffie® mold used for Tracy® became the mold used for the black Mrs. Heart™ dolls.  The Dream Date Ken® also uses the Super Star Ken® head mold and Todd® and Ken®  look like twins, with the only difference being the eyebrow painting, hair and eye color.  The Dream Date dolls are also "dressed up" and look like they may be attending the wedding.  The Dream Date Ken® is actually pictured on the back of the box with the happy couple, but Barbie® is wearing a different dress and P.J.® is not pictured at all.  Skipper® has taken her place, and there was no Dream Date Skipper® produced. 

Above:  Todd® doll produced in Mexico which uses the 1983 Ken head mold.

What makes collecting dolls most interesting is foreign release dolls.  In Mexico, the Todd doll was produced using the 1983 KEN head mold while all Todd dolls sold in the U.S. and worldwide have the 1977 SUPERSTAR KEN head mold.



Todd (Groom)

M#:  4253  BD:  1982  HC:  Painted Brunette.   C:  1-piece jumpsuit with dark gray pants, white s/l shirt with ruffled front, white vinyl collar, purple bow-tie and purple vinyl cummerbund.  Purple maître d' style tuxedo jacket with tails.  A:  Gray loafers.  Black tricot socks.


Todd (Groom) (Mexico)

M#:  4253  BD:  1982  HC:  Painted Brunette.   C:  Same as above.  A:  Same as above.  NOTE:  This Mexico version uses the 1983 KEN head mold while all Todd dolls sold in the U.S. and worldwide have the 1977 SUPERSTAR KEN head mold.

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