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My Scene™ Tyson™ appears with new My Scene™ girl Jai in late December 2003 in the Jammin' In Jamaica line.  Tyson™ doll's character is introduced in the Jammin' In Jamaica DVD, that is sold with the female Jammin' In Jamaica dolls.  A native of Jamaica, Tyson is seen in the video as a valet for the "Jamaican Palms" hotel, the hotel where the My Scene characters are staying.  My Scene Chelsea™ notices how "cute" Tyson is as her, Barbie and Nolee arrived at the hotel.  This prompts a conversation between the two as he begins to park the car.  Later in the video, she dances with him at a local dance club.  His character isn't really explored much past his interactions with Chelsea.

It would appear that My Scene™ Tyson™ will only be available in this one time version for the Jammin' In Jamaica line...or until the My Scene regular cast come back to visit.

SORRY... in this section I will only give information about TYSON ™.  Highlighted boxes are the Tyson™ dolls I keep.


"It's full throttle on the water in Jamaica when Tyson takes to the waves on a tricked-out watercraft."

My Scene™ Jammin' In Jamaica Surfrider Tyson

M#:  C4890  BD:  2003   HC:  Flock Light Brown.  C:  Pieced jam-length swim trunks with floral white/navy/lt. green/green print front and navy back/waist.  Pieced medium lt. blue (front/back) with yellow ribbon detail and navy sleeve stretch knit top s/s with shark applique.  Medium lt. blue with yellow and navy detail swim slippers.  Smoke gray sunglasses (attached to right hand).  A:  Yellow with black trim and charcoal foam (interior) life jacket.  Yellow cooler with white lid.  Two silver soda cans.  Two purple bottles.  Red bottle.  Medium lt. blue towel.  Medium lt. green/white/black watercraft with number "76".  Medium lt. green/white with black wheels watercraft base (for use on land).  Sheet of instructions.  



SORRY... in this section I will only give information about RYAN ™.  Highlighted boxes are the RYAN™ dolls I keep.


My Scene™ Goes Hollywood Ryan

M#:  BD:   HC:  C: 

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