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While the Barbie brand as a whole generated $3.6 billion in global retail sales this year, according to manufacturer Mattel Inc., Barbie has seen sales slide over the past seven quarters. And in the last few years, rivals, including the edgier Bratz, have upstaged the iconic doll.  With mid-year 2004 Barbie doll line still seeing declining sales, Mattel was prompting for a brand makeover for the holiday season.  In September 2004, Mattel announces that Hilary Duff -- teen actress and top pop musician -- has teamed up with fellow style setter, Barbie® doll, to introduce a new range of Barbie® dolls called Fashion Fever™, girls apparel, accessories and Barbie® fragrance. The campaign, a first of its kind for the venerable Barbie® brand, shows Barbie® as the ultimate fashion doll and fashion line, reinforcing its position as the #1 brand with girls.

Available nationwide Fall 2004, are Barbie® and friends -- Drew™(a new friend), Kayla® and Teresa® -- dressed in the latest, hottest, casual fashion. A new clothing line for girls is also available this fall, exclusively at Federated Stores, such as Macy's, offering girls cool and trendy apparel. Additionally, the new Barbie® fragrance that launched in August 2004 in partnership with PUIG Beauty and Fashion Group, known for their many high-end designer fragrances, brings the Barbie® essence of style, excitement and femininity to girls of all ages.

BELOW:  Fashion Fever Kurt doll.  RIGHT:  Wave 3 Fashion Fever doll assortment that is available in Fall 2005.  [Pictures of the entire Fall 2005 Fashion Fever™ line that include Wave 2 and Wave 3 are pictured on the following link:  Fashion Fever™ Fall 2005.]

By October 2005 the line proved to be so popular that Mattel adds more new friends in the line.  Kurt, Gillian, Courtney and Desiree.  Kurt, the first male doll in the line uses the same head mold as Cali Guy™ Blaine® and comes in the Wave 3 doll assortment with one Fashion Fever fashion (sold separately).  It appears that it is the end of the line (literally) for the Fashion Avenue™ brand name that started (for Ken) in 1996.  The Fashion Avenue™ brand is being replaced by the Fashion Fever brand.  Even though it first appeared that the Fashion Fever brand was a separate entity and would not affect Barbie® doll's fashion line, it appears currently that Fashion Fever expanded in 2005 and Fashion Avenue will be discontinued after all. 


Another male doll in the Fashion Fever™ Modern Trends Collection  line is available in January 2006.  Collectors are disappointed to see that it isn't another version of Fashion Fever Kurt™...or even a new character like Blaine™ or even Ken®! Mattel doesn't include a name on the packaging (except for the trademark Barbie®) on any of the Fashion Fever™ Modern Trends Collection dolls.

In October 2006, another male doll is included that is not named, but there is no mistaking that he uses the newly introduced 2005 Ken head mold with medium skin tone, two-tone blond hair, and blue eyes.

Male Fashion Fever™ Fashions (Sold Separately)

Fashion Line Model Number Box Date
Fashion Fever™ G9043 (Asst. G8989) 2005


Fashion Fever Kurt

M#:  H0919 Asst. H0644  BD:  2005  HC:  Rooted Light Brown (Side Part).  C:  Medium blue jeans.  Cream turtle neck shirt s/l.  Brown Nehru collar "leather" jacket l/s.  Brown boots.  Silver flip top cell phone (attached to left hand).  A:  Doll stand (orange base) with clear plastic rod and attachment.  Promotional Fashion Fever poster.  NOTE:  This doll is part of the Wave 3 Fashion fever doll assortment


Fashion Fever Modern Trends Collection Doll

M#:  J1331 Asst. H0644  BD:  2005  HC:  Rooted Dark Blonde/Platinum Blonde (Center Part).  C:  Industrial washed blue jeans with unfinished fringe cuffs, with attached brown half belt with gray plastic designed buckle.  Cream with olive/dark olive/orange sherbet color paisley print woven Western-style shirt l/s.  Dark gray with black sole boots.  Gold/lt. green leaf shape medallion on black cord necklace (tied around neck).  A:  Doll stand (hot pink base) with clear plastic rod and attachment.  Promotional Fashion Fever poster.


Fashion Fever Doll (Wave V)

M#:  K2652 Asst. H0644  BD:  2006  HC:  Rooted Dark Blonde/Medium Blonde (Side Part).  C:  Navy blue pants with light blue contrasting stitching.  Heather gray V-neck knit shirt with white material insert (in V-neck) with matching heather gray color ribbed sleeves with abstract blue/lt. blue/white/silver dots eagle appliqué.  Black boots.  A:  Doll stand (hot pink base) with clear plastic rod and attachment.

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