Keeping Ken National Barbie Convention 2003

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National Barbie Convention 2004-Fashion Show

Thursday August 5, 2004

LATE Wednesday night before the Fashion Show checking over script and music was me, your exhausted Fashion Show Co-Chair.

Late afternoon after stage set up was finished.  Fashion Show Co-Chairs Jef and Dwane sitting on the "My Scene Lounge" Fashion Show set.

Let the Fashion Show begin! Portraying the character of River from the My Scene™Night On The Town™Gift Set (River™ and Barbie®), it's me "interrupting" the festivities to announce that we had a special event tonight at the My Scene Lounge, and a special VIP Guest...Barbie.

"River" starts the "This Is Your Life" Fashion Show for "Barbie" (Dorinda Balanecki as FAO Fashion Editor Silkstone).

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