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2003 National Barbie® Convention

June 24-28, 2003
Orlando, Florida

23rd Annual National


 Doll Collectors Convention



This year's National Barbie® Convention 2003 encompasses a huge theme...the entire world of Barbie.  It highlights every year of Barbie® doll's history from  1959-present.  This years collectors convention was hosted by The Western Pennsylvania Doll Club from June 24-28, 2003 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida (Lake Buena Vista, FL).  Official website:  here, but the site here has better pictures of the hotel and grounds! 

Encompassing EVERYTHING Barbie®, the convention is appropriately called "World Of Barbiesm", with the website located at  The beneficiary charity is the Latrobe Area Hospital (Latrobe, PA).  The goal is to purchase a Digital Mammography unit for the hospital.



Monday June 23, 2003



I arrived in Orlando on Sunday June 22 to visit my sister Missy and niece Alex.  It was really great to have someone pick me up from the airport!  We stayed in a hotel close to the airport, and I took her out for her 40th birthday.  Since check-in time wasn't until 3pm on Monday the following day, we took advantage of shopping at the Florida Mall on Monday, where I bought her some birthday presents, and I visited the Kenneth Cole Reaction store.  Then it was time to go to Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, to check in.

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort is like nothing I have ever experienced! It is just beautiful to say the least.  My roommates Dwane Adle and Jack Wootten were visiting Universal Studios, so I didn't see them right away.  The resort featured a themed swimming pool, smaller pools, trendy bars and restaurants.  Our room was located in Casitas 3, which overlooked the end of the lake.  It was a bit rainy when I arrived (with more rain promised for the week).  Thankfully, the weekly forecast was wrong, and the weather remained sunny and warm for the duration of the convention.  This gave ample time to work on my tan in-between convention events!

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Arrival


Room Shopping

I was still with Missy, so I showed her what "Room Shopping" was all about.  Like anyone not familiar with Barbie® conventions, the thought of entering someone else's room to buy stuff was foreign to her.  But it did give me a chance to see what was out there, and I bought several Mod Era Ken® doll outfits from Sandi Holder's room (Sandi Holder's Doll Attic) and from Alice of Diamonds & Dolls.  Alice had some awesome Mattel dealer catalogues which usually retail for around $30 apiece for $5 each.  I bought twelve of them from different years for research purposes for my Man Behind The Doll section of the site.  I dreaded trying to figure out how to get them home (they were heavy magazine type books), but I couldn't resist! Eventually I put them in my carry-on when I left for home, which slowed me down in the airport, but all for the love of research I guess....Then we visited Joe Blitman's room to drool a bit.  Joe had some great sales in progress, and he still had the perfectly mint Talking Brad I looked at at last year's convention, which I didn't get again this year.  Maybe the third time will be a charm.  Joe probably thinks I'm a bit odd, since I professed my opinion that Brad® is my favorite Ken® doll friend.

There was much more Room Shopping activity throughout the week, and I actually purchased a TNT Barbie® doll this year dressed in Movie Date #933 (gasp).  She will definitely compliment my Ken® dolls!

Event pictures Coming Soon

Early Registration

Later in the day, I said goodbye to my sister, and got into "convention mode".  It was time to register for the convention.  I saw that the registration area was open when I walked past it around 4pm.  Later, after receiving my convention packet, I learned that registration had been going on as early as Saturday June 21.  There seemed to be some confusion about the registration time on Monday, as many people were relying on the time posted on the website.  I saw (after receiving my packet), the event schedule listed the times from 10am-12pm and again from 3pm-5pm.  A lot of people showed up after 5pm trying to register.  The line got pretty long, so some one from the host club was called to re-open.

The registration packet was enclosed in a World of Barbie tote bag that included the updated event schedule, name tag (with my name spelled wrong) and a "Family Album".  I finally met up with Dwane Adle and Jack Wootten around 6p.  They were a part of the people waiting to register early.  After they registered, Dwane took us over to a different Disney resort where he was staying with his partner Andy.  We swam in the pool and then went into Kissimmee to eat pretty late.  Then they dropped Jack and I back at Coronado Springs for the evening.

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Early Registration



Tuesday June 24, 2003

Souvenir Shop

Our day began around 8:45a with a visit to the Souvenir Shop, which was opened a bit early for Steering Committee members.  Later it was open to the rest of the conventioneers from 9:00a-11:30a and again from 1:00p-4:00p.  The Raffle Room was also opened at these times, but I wouldn't visit it until Thursday.

The Souvenir Shop offered everything from t-shirts and etched glassware to pins, key chains and charms.  Most of the charms were limited to 500 pieces, so I was seriously glad to get there early to get the Ken® and Allan® charms.  Three single charms included Ken® in Saturday Night Date #786, Bendable Leg Ken (Brunette) and Allan.  A four charm set included Barbie® in Cheerleader #0876, Midge® in Drum Majorette #0875 and Ken® in Drum Major #0775 and Touchdown #799.  To get the last of the male friend charms, you had to purchase "The World of Barbie® 2003-Orlando" pin which included three more Barbie® charms and Allan® dressed in Best Man #1425.  A key chain included bigger charms with heads of Skipper®, Barbie®, Midge®, Ken® and Allan®.  I got all of these items plus a "World of Barbie®" t-shirt.  

The souvenirs available at this convention were just awesome! Well worth the $95 I spent there.

Above:  Ken®  Saturday Night Date #786 charm.

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Souvenir Shop


Following the Souvenir Shop, it was time for me to attend my first Steering Committee Meeting that was held from 9a-12p.  I represented the Fan of the Man club as the voting club member along with Jack Wootten who  is the first alternate.  We both learned a lot, and if you're a FOTM club member, I'll be passing lots of information along to the club.  There seemed to be a bit of confusion of what we were supposed to have with us, but Julie and Maria provided copies of the contracts we eventually approved.  Most of the morning was spent discussing the changes involving the 2004 convention, and then we looked over and discussed the Mattel convention contract.

During this time, Registration was taking place from 10:00a-10:30a  (A-K) 10:30a-11:00a  (L-P) 11:00a-11:30a (Q-Z).  Later it would began again at 2:00p-2:30p  (A-K)   2:30p-3:00p  (L-P)   3:00p-3:30p (Q-Z).

After the Steering Committee Meeting, a group of us went to lunch at the Pepper Market, which was a restaurant in the resort.  You could pick different areas to get food from which included a grill, salad, bakery, pizza, Mexican and kid stations.  Each station included overly priced items that made Disney World famous.  The only real deal was the refillable mug that cost $10.50, but you could refill it the entire time you were there.  The German chocolate cake was to die for!

Dwane and Andy moved into the room with Jack and I, and after that, the rest of the day was free until 8p.  A group of us went to the big pool.  It was a blast! We had tropical drinks and went down the water slide (with the rest of the kids) there.  After a relaxing 3-4 hours, on the way back we ran into Jason Pickering and Brian Fox (two of our tablemates).  I'm sure we made a great impression after being in the pool so long with towels everywhere and "swimmers hair".  I don't know why I was so worried about it then, because eventually Jason and Brian joined our swim team on Wednesday.  Let's just say we all swam a lot, almost every chance we could, and we would recruit other table mates for our team.

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Lunch On Your Own/Pool


Later in the evening the workshops began.  This was the only day for workshops, and I didn't attend any this year, but here was the schedule.


Judy Frank

12:30p-3:30p and 4p-7p

Each participant will be supplied with a basic sheath pattern (sloper) designed by Judy. This is a beginning hands-on workshop to learn the techniques for designing and drafting your own patterns. Instruction will be given for 3 different necklines, empire and yoked blouse and dress. Although no sewing will be done in the workshop, participants will need to have sewing and flat pattern use experience (either for dolls and/or humans). Please bring your own scissors for paper cutting. All other materials will be supplied.

Julie Bronski / Nancy Parsons

1:30p-2:30p, 4p-5p and 5p-6p

This workshop will touch on some of the basic facts of convention planning. It will be a step-by-step program of preparing a bid to presenting one. It will cover guidelines on picking a hotel and readying your contract with them as well as some helpful tips of things to avoid. We will cover the basic working of your budget to planning meals and stopping those hidden cost in hotel bills that everyone should know. We will deal with how to work with your hotel representative and/or planner.

This is a great workshop for those clubs deliberating on "should we or shouldn't we." Yes you should… All you need is an enthusiastic club!!!

Jim Faraone

12:30p-2:30p and 4p-6p

You will create a show girl / follies girl headpiece for your doll.

Tools needed: Doll head removed from doll, seam binding (color of your choice), cotton material (color of the seam binding), straight pins (4), thread that matches sequins and seam binding material. The remainder of materials will be supplied.

Kathy Moreau / Laurence Harding

12:30p-2p, 4p-5:30p and 5:30p-7p

Participants would learn how to make a straw hat for Barbie as they learn how to form and sew the straw. Plus, they will get some ideas on how to make other hats. Participants need to bring a pair of scissors, pencil and a note pad. All other supplies will be provided.

The last event held today was a Thank You Luau Dinner at 8:00p.  It was a dinner for Sponsors and helpers of the convention.  Jack and Dwane both attended while I did some more room shopping.

Event pictures Coming Soon



Wednesday  June 25, 2003
Day At Disney World

We were up early to get our day started.  Jack, Andy, Dwane and I decided to go to Disney's MGM Studios park.  Other conventioneers attended Disney's Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center or Disney World.  The weather was ideal (no rain), but it turned out to be a tad bit muggy.  We arrived at the park and it was pretty exciting for me, because I have never had the Disney park experience.  My three park partners were experienced pros, so they knew what to do to get on the rides the quickest.  We did almost everything there was to do.  Two shows were experiencing technical difficulties.  The park was awesome, and I was in awe of the streets that looked like Vintage versions of Sunset Blvd. and Hollywood Blvd.  I was mostly impressed with the New York Street.

The first ride we went on was the Rock 'n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. It was a "road trip" through Hollywood coaster style.  This was my favorite ride, and we went on it again later in the day.  Then it was on to "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror".  This ride was the most visually attractive ride for me.  It really felt like you were in a 1920's hotel.  The runaway elevator dropped you 13 stories over and over again.  I think I was expecting it to be a little scarier, so I was pretty disappointed when the very short ride was over.

Other rides or shows we attended:

Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage-We were in the nose bleed section of the Theater of the Stars (open air theater), but the show was truly enjoying! This was the best live actor show we saw.

Voyage of the Mermaid-A live theater (indoors) version of the story of "The Little Mermaid'.  It was cute, but I thought the actress portraying Ariel wasn't having an exceptional singing day.

The Disney-MGM Studios Back lot Tour-I had to drag my park partners on this one, because it has a reputation of being boring, which it was, but I have to say I loved it! It had a demonstration of movie-making magic in a special effects water tank show plus a ride through "Catastrophe Canyon".  My favorite part of the ride was through the fake neighborhood street.  The houses on the street looked like real houses from the front, but when you saw the back you could see that they were fake.  The true reason I wanted to go on this ride was to see the house front used for the "Golden Girls" television show.

Star Tours-By far the most uneventful ride was this flight simulator ride.  But all the Stars Wars fans probably like the visual effects.

Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3-D-A movie theater (indoors) movie showed a very entertaining 3-D Muppet tour of Muppet Labs.  It featured Audio-Animatronics characters and exciting 3-D effects.  We all liked this one!

We had a great time.  Although I was a bit disappointed by the rides and shows, I was really in awe of the visual sensation of the sets and streets.  Just seeing them made it worth the entire day (As you will see in the pictures link).

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Day At Disney

After Disney's MGM Studios park, we did a bit of cooling off in the pool, they we drove into Orlando and had a late supper.  Then it was off to bed as we all knew the convention was going into full swing the next day!



Thursday June 26, 2003
After a "day off" at Disney, my day started with a Steering Committee Meeting from 8:00a-10:00a.  The Souvenir Shop/Raffle Room was also OPEN  -  8:00a-10:00a.  Late Registration was scheduled from 9:00a-9:30a and Open Registration- 9:30a-10:00a.  Right after my meeting, it was time for the very first official event of the convention, the Fashion Show/Reception at 10:30a.

Fashion Show/Reception

The event was open seating around a stage in the center of the room.  I liked the fact that it wasn't tied to a meal event.  Refreshments were provided.  I was really focusing on the show to gain knowledge for next year's convention, where I will be the Co-Chair of this event.  In my opinion, the fashions that conventioneers made and modeled for this event were the best I have ever seen! Unfortunately, I was sitting quite a bit away from the stage, and the pictures I took were not very good.  Next year I hope we can let the models have a photo opportunity after the show is over, to truly showcase the details of the outfits!

After the show was over, there was an opportunity to take a few close-up shots of my favorite models.  Then it was time for lunch on our own, with everyone gearing up (and planning their shopping strategies) around the Souvenir Shop/Raffle Room/Sales Room which were open from 2:30p-5:30p.  I lingered around the pool a little too long and arrived at the Sales Room later, probably because I didn't want to fight the initial first day crowd.  I shopped till closing time, and as you will see below (in the Sales Room coverage link) I found some cool items to add to my collection!

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Fashion Show/Reception


Black & White Dinner

At 7:00p it was time for the first official meal function and gathering of the Ken® Collector Table.  I played host again this year and arrived at 6:30p for set-up.  The theme of this dinner event was "Black & White", and most of the other Host/Hostesses were dressed in black & white apparel (me included).  Most Host/Hostess gifts were themed in black & white as well.  The Sponsors of the convention gave each conventioneer a black vinyl Vintage logo coin purse and bag, which we placed on the table.  The host club gave an etched Barbie drinking glass.  The centerpiece doll was a mermaid Kira doll.  I placed my Black & White/Barbie & Ken gift set on the table as well.  More on it in the picture link that follows.

When the doors opened to let conventioneers in, it was a flood of black & white, and it was really cool to see that most all the conventioneers followed the dress code.  Jack and Dwane were the first to arrive at the Ken® Collector table, and like tradition, Jack ended up waving the #74 (our table #) holder up in the air so our other Ken® Collector friends could find the table easier.  Next came first-timers Brian and Jason, who probably thought Jack, Dwane and I looked a little better from the first time they met us after we went to the pool.  It was nice to finally meet Jason, who serves as Secretary for the club I belong to, Fan of the Man.  His partner Brian fit right in, and would eventually be my main source of laughter throughout each meal function.  Both Brian and Jason are the type of people you'll want to invite everywhere! Next I welcomed Dale and Arnaldo who both seemed a bit shy, but then who wouldn't be at their first convention.  Believe me, both Dale and Arnaldo warmed up as we started to talk.  Dale talked about the Barbie club he belongs to, but he also is a member of Fan of the Man, so we talked about that.  When I asked Arnaldo about his restoration experiences, he really opened up.  Both of these guys are perfect gentlemen, and it was such a joy sharing the convention experience with them.  At this meal function they were novices, but by the last they were professionals!  We all started to wonder "were are the women?", and then (like magic) Sandi Holder showed up bearing gifts.  She brought everyone a plush Minnie Mouse, which I thought was awesome, and some Mickey ears to attach to your car antenna.  Thanks Sandi! Next came Valerie and Lisa, which made our table complete.  It's fun to have more guys than girls at your table, because us guys like to treat the girls extra special.  And who wouldn't with the bevy of beautiful babes we had sitting with us.  It is always so much fun catching up with Valerie and Lisa after a year.  I'm starting to worry that Lisa might get married soon...maybe I should have proposed this year...

Ken® Collector Table

National Barbie Convention 2003

HOST: Jef Beck (Ken® collector, Ken® table Souvenir gift set dolls* (Concept/Design), Fan of the Man Treasurer/Steering Committee and webmaster of Keeping Ken)

CO-HOST: Dwane Adle (Ken® collector, Co-Chair, National Barbie® Convention 2001, Ken® table Souvenirs and Fan of the Man Club Member)

CO-HOST: Jack Wootten (Ken® collector, Ken® table Souvenir Ken® doll fashion (Artist/Creator) and Fan of the Man Steering Committee First Alternate/Club Member)

Brian Fox (Avid Ken® supporter)

Jason Pickering (Ken® collector, Fan of the Man Secretary)

Lisa Steadman (Mattel, Inc. Copywriter, Barbie®

Valerie Case (Mattel, Inc. Producer, Websites & Media)

Sandi Holder (National Barbie® Convention 2003 Sponsor, Sales Room Dealer)

Dale Davis (Ken® collector and Fan of the Man Club Member)

Arnaldo Cardona (Educator, artist, collector and restorer of vintage Barbie® and Ken® dolls)

* Souvenir gift set dolls--Original concept and design by Jef Beck.
Ken doll’s fashion by Linda DiCicco.  Ken doll’s accessories by Michele Solinger.
Barbie doll’s hair and fashion by Dorinda Balanecki.

After a thoroughly enjoyable time together, a few announcements were made.  Numbers 1-10 were assigned to each table member and a drawing was held for the centerpiece doll.  Who would win the mermaid Kira™ doll? Who would pack this doll in their suitcase to take home.  When the # was called, it was Brian who won, and I think everyone (including me) wondered where he was planning to pack the mermaid Kira™ doll sitting on a 5 pound rock and painted plywood base.  We love you Brian! With that, the Black & White dinner event was over, and so was my day!

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Black & White Dinner



Friday June 27, 2003
Steering Committee Meeting- 8:00a-10:00a

Raffle Room- OPEN  -  9:00a-10:30a

Souvenir Shop- OPEN  -  9:00a-11:30a

The Magic Of It All Luncheon/Raffle Giveaway- 12:00p-1:30p

Mattel Program

The Raffle Giveaway was cut short to start the Mattel Program.  We assumed that it was going to be highlighting the 1 Modern Circle™ doll line after we ate that delicious 1 Modern Circle™ dessert provided by Mattel.  The program started pretty much on time at 1:30p and lasted till 2:30p.  Liz Grampp from Barbie® Collectibles™ was our mistress of ceremonies and she welcomed the conventioneers in a very genuine way that made me feel as though this program was going to be very special.  She introduced Valerie Case and Lisa Steadman (our tablemates) to the stage, and we of course cheered them loudly because we love Valerie and Lisa so very much.  They introduced the new bulletin board to the audience and Valerie spoke briefly about their vision for the new bulletin board.  They encouraged us to use it and provide feedback.  After they were finished, our table again cheered them wildly, to the point where other tables wondered what was going on.  Oh well, we love our Barbie® Collectibles™ girls THAT much and we wanted to show how proud we are for what they do and for the constant friendship they provide all year long.

Next, Liz presented Mattel designer Robert Best and announced that he would be doing a signing after the conclusion of the program.  Robert drew a ticket and announced one conventioneer as the winner of every doll in the 2003 Barbie Collectibles line.  

Next, Liz delivered a speech about the changing look of Barbie® over the years.  The speech was mingled with Vintage commercials.  One commercial even showcased Ken® from 1961, and hats off to Liz for remembering us Ken® collectors in the audience.  I've see the commercial before, but seeing it on the big screen made me feel like I was seeing it for the first time.  Liz's speech was not only informative, it was captivating  It's just delightful to hear a speech from someone who is so proud to be a collector like the rest of us.

After the conclusion of the speech, four 1 Modern Circle™ models came out to the stage (you could take photos with the models after the program ended) and Liz asked the table Host/Hostesses to pass out what was underneath our tables.  We were presented with a 1 Modern Circle™ Barbie® doll make specifically for conventioneers of the 2003 National Barbie® Convention.  Differences from the normal 1 Modern Circle™ Barbie® doll included hair color, outfit and the screen of her laptop has a sticker with the World of Barbie sm National Barbie® Convention logo.  The doll came in a 1 Modern Circle™ printed clear bag that included a 1 Modern Circle™ logo coffee mug and appointment book.  Of course we were all thrilled, and for me, it was one of the most exciting souvenirs of the entire convention!

It was back to the room after the last of the remaining Raffle item tickets were drawn.  I forgot to go take pictures with the 1 Modern Circle™ models, something I really regret.  Guess I was too concerned about squeezing some pool time in before I went back to view the Competition entries.

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Mattel Program




Like last year, this convention offered something different in the competition category, like more common categories, along with the traditional rare categories.  This gave the collector who doesn't have a rare outfit a chance to win a ribbon, as well as a chance to show off their doll and outfit.  Categories are judged First (Blue Ribbon), Second (Red Ribbon) and Third (White Ribbon) as well as Honorable Mention (Pink Ribbon) awards.  In addition, Judge's Choice, Chairman and People's Choice awards were given.  Judge's Choice went to Mathew Sutton for his Cinderella's stepmother/stepsister diorama, Chairman's Choice went to a rare Todd® doll and People's Choice went to an Animal Kingdom diorama.

Above:  Detail of the Competition Awards.


I entered Competition this year in two categories.  

F.  Ken/Allan

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  b.  Common

I ended up getting second place for the MIB category for my Gold Medal Ken (Swimmer) 1974.  Considered by collectors as one of the rarest Ken dolls to locate, this doll was created by Mattel Europe to commemorate the upcoming 1976 Olympics held in the U.S. In the United States, only a Gold Medal Skier Ken was available, but in Europe this Gold Medal Ken wearing a red, white, & blue bikini swimsuit was available to U.S. citizens there.

I also entered a Painted Hair Shortie Ken dressed in 1964 Campus Hero #0770.  He placed third.

Dolls were judged on rarity, condition and originality.  Dealers donated gift certificates for the winners. Entry fee:  $4 per item.  Each conventioneer is limited to one entry per sub-category (listed below).  The Competition schedule was as follows:

Competition Drop Off- 8:30a-10:30a

Competition Judging- 10:30a-11:30a

Competition Viewing (Entrants/Judges/Dealers)- 3:00p-4:00p

Competition Viewing All- 5:00p-9:00p

Competition Room Pick Up- 9:00p-10:00p

I dropped my items off before attending the Steering Committee meeting and viewed the items during the Competition Viewing (Entrants/Judges/Dealers) from 3:00p-4:00p.  Unfortunately, I changed watches later in the day and was late picking up my items because I was still on Iowa time.  Jeff from Security called me in the room to remind me.  I was pretty embarrassed!

Competition Categories

l.  Barbie® 

A.  Pink Boxed Ponytail (#1, #2 or #3)

B.  #1 Barbie

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

C.  #2 Barbie

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

D.  #3 Barbie

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

E.  #4 Barbie

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

F.  Ponytail Barbie (#5 and later)

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

G.  Swirl Ponytail Barbie

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

H.  Bubble Cut Barbie

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

I.  American Girl Barbie (no side-parts)

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

J.  Side-Part Barbie

  1. MIB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

K.  Color Magic Barbie (doll must have Color Magic hair)

  1. NRFB
  2. Dressed in Color Magic fashion

L.  Miss Barbie

  1. NRFB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

M.  Standard or TNT Barbie

  1. NRFB
  2. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

N.  Foreign Barbie

  1. Up to 1970 NRFB/MIB
  2. Up to 1970 Dressed in outfit of era
  3. After 1970 NRFB/MIB-Asian
  4. After 1970 NRFB/MIB-South American
  5. After 1970 NRFB/MIB-European
ll.  Barbie® Family and Friends

A.  Skipper

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

B.  Skipper's Friends (Ricky, Skooter, Tiff etc.)

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

C.  Francie

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

D.  Francie's Friends (Casey, Twiggy etc.)

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common


ll.  Barbie® Family and Friends (Continued)

E.  Tutti, Todd & Chris

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

F.  Ken/Allan

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

G.  Midge

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common

H.  Eyelash Era Friends (Stacey, Julia, Jamie etc.)

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. Dressed in outfit of era  a.  Rare  b.  Common
lll.  Special Items

A.  Gift Sets

  1. MIB
  2. NRFB
  3. OOB

B.  Boxed Fashions

  1. 900's  a.  MIB  b.  NRFB
  2. 1600's  a.  MIB  b.  NRFB
  3. Other  a.  MIB  b.  NRFB
lV.  Accessories

A.  Patent Leather Products (lunch box, cases, wallets, purses etc.)

B.  Paper Products (paper dolls, books etc.)

C.  Transportation Vehicles

D.  Structures

E.  Other Licensed Mattel Products

V.  Creative Designs  (Single Doll Only)

A.  Wedding Gown

  1. Mattel Pattern (shown w/pattern)
  2. Crocheted
  3. Original Design

B.  Evening Gown

C.  Anniversary

  1. Midge-40th
  2. Teresa-15th
  3. Christie-35th
VI.  Creative Designs  (Multiple Dolls 1-5)

A.  The Presidents (Hall of Presidents at Disney)

B.  Famous Couples from Around the World (past or present)

VII.  Disney Designs

A.  Disney Character (Single Doll)

B.  Disney Movie Scene (Diorama)

  1. Single Doll
  2. Multiple Dolls  a.  Cartoon Films (ex. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella etc.)  b.  Classic Films (ex. Luvbug, Bed knobs & Broomsticks etc.)

C.  Multiple Disney Related Scenes (Diorama)


VIII.  Photographs

A.  Calendar Flicks (Single or Multiple Dolls in Monthly Calendar Scenes)

B.  Barbie on Disney Vacation

IX.  Barbie® Collecting Diorama

A.  Childhood Play Memories

B.  Convention Memories

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Competition


Sales Room

After Competition Viewing, it was on to the Sales Room, open from 4:00p-6:30p, which by far was the most impressive Sales Room I have ever seen in my convention experiences.  It's just incredible walking in there and seeing all the items that the dealer's have for sale.  I found some truly unique foreign Ken® dolls at one booth, and pretty much spent my entire doll budget in one transaction there.  But it was well worth it for the extremely HTF Ken® dolls I found like Talking Ken Spanish (New Good Lookin') Orange/Aqua Outfit, Funtime Ken and Cor Do Verão Ken (Brazil) and New Wave Ken (Brazil) dolls.  It was also nice to see my Dealer friends like Sandi Holder from Sandi Holder's Doll Attic and new Dealer friends like Norita and Dorinda who launched their new company a few weeks ago.  They were selling unique charms.  If you didn't find what you were looking for, you weren't looking hard enough, because it was all right here in one room.

The Barbie® Collectibles™ team were there to unveil their new Bulletin Board.  I was invited by Valerie Case to be the first to post a message in the Ken®/Other Male doll section.  If you haven't tried out the new BB yet, I highly recommend it!
They also had 2004 dolls on display like the 45th Anniversary Silkstone™ Barbie® doll and a 45th Anniversary Bob Mackie Barbie® doll.  One of the most memorable moments in the Sales Room was taking a Polaroid picture with Lisa Steadman at the Barbie® Collectibles™ booth!

FAO Schwarz was also present offering 25% off and free shipping.  They also had the 1 Modern Circle dolls, but quickly sold out.  Jack was lucky enough to get the 1 Modern Circle Ken®, and was nice enough to debox him so we could all take a look at him.  The following day FAO got more 1 Modern Circle™ dolls from a store that was close to the convention, but sold out again by the next day.  The deal was pretty good if you planned on buying the entire set of dolls, especially with the free shipping.

The Late Night Sales Room was open again later from 8:00p-10:00p, just in case you need to return to pick up something you were debating on earlier.  Today was enough for me, but I would return on Public Day.

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Sales Room


Raffle Room

The Souvenir Shop/Raffle Room was open again from 3:30p-6:30p, and I still need to visit the Raffle Room.  I decided to visit the Raffle Room later after I was finished in the Sales Room.  I was impressed with the items in the Raffle Room, it seems to get better and better each year.  Stand out items were a quilt, a David Howard painting of Barbie® and a retro chrome Barbie®-sized dinette set...but all of the items there were truly unique.  You have to hand it to the gracious people who donate items to the Raffle Room.  All of the monies raised from what they donate goes directly to the charity.

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-Raffle Room




Saturday  June 28, 2003

I could hardly believe it...this was the last day of the convention! Today started with a Steering Committee Meeting from 8:00a-9:00a.  At the same time, a Barbie Open Golf Tournament was beginning at 8:00a.

After the meeting, I met with friends Madison, Michelle and Beth who were waiting in line for the Sales Room, which was open to the public from 9:30a-4:00p.  Of course I had to make one more trip to the Sales Room to make sure I hadn't missed anything.  I went in briefly, with my friends and then went back to the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

After a VERY relaxing day and impromptu FOTM club meeting, it was time to get ready for the last official event of the convention, The World Of Barbie Dinner held at 7:30p.  A little too sun-kissed, I felt casual clothing was in order instead of the traditionally dressier suit or tuxedo most conventioneers wear for the last event.

The World Of Barbie Dinner

Host/Hostesses arrived at 7p.  Our table gift for this event was Co-Host Jack Wootten's OOAK Ken® doll outfit.  The outfit featured a smoking jacket with matching slippers and a Ken®-sized martini.  Since Jack was bringing the outfits himself, I had ample time to snap some pictures of the OOAK auction dolls and meet some of the other Host/Hostesses.  The club gift for each conventioneer was a black "Barbie® Collector" eyeglass case.

I finally had a chance to talk to Chair of the convention Nancy Parsons.  We had talked before this moment (while trying to coordinate reporters who were after both of us for interviews), but this was my chance to thank Nancy for a terrific time at convention!

As conventioneers were let in the room at 7:30p, I knew that this would be the last gathering of my fabulous table guests.  I knew we were going to have a great time.  

My one and only girlfriend is Lisa!

As we were seated, the buzz around the table was about Jack's Ken outfit, as he passed them out.  I'm pretty amazed at Jack's talent not only on the outfit itself, but of the modified artwork that came with it.  Then Sandi pulled out her gift, which was the coolest Ken® doll as Simon Cowell, designed by doll artist Tamara Bennett.  It was love at first sight, and I think everyone at our table realized how special not only the gift was, but how special Sandi Holder is.  I've known Sandi's a sweetheart for a few years, and I'm glad I got to share her with my new friends this year! And the gifts kept coming as Jason and Brian presented each table guest with a picture frame that had a city map of where we lived as a background, with a Ken doll graphic attached.  My frame featured the graphic from Rally Day #788 and of course, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

After dinner, the events started with the announcements of the winners of the Competition special awards and the Barbie® Open Golf Tournament Awards.  Then Nancy introduced Mr. Clark, who was the charity speaker for the Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Fund.  After he was finished speaking, a check for $1000.00 from Mattel was presented to the charity by Liz Grampp.

Next up was Carol Spencer who awarded Linda Dembek with the "Barbie's Best Friend Award", followed by a speech by Maria Sox (Steering Committee President) about the upcoming 2004 National Barbie® Collectors Convention, and the newly elected board members to the Steering Committee.  Maria then introduced next year's 2004 National Barbie® Collectors Convention Co-Chairs, Julie Bronski and Norita Bergmann.

It was time for the Live Auction.  Before it began, a special auction was held for Western PA Doll Club member Kelly Ellison's OOAK Angel Barbie® dolls, so that she would not have to transport them back home with her.  Following this, the Live Auction began.  All proceeds from the Live Auction go directly to the Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Fund.

With the conclusion of the Live Auction, Host/Hostesses were asked to retrieve their Host/Hostesses Gift from under the table.  I was thrilled to see it was a Ken® doll this year! The "Cast Member Ken®" doll is perhaps modeled after a Disney employee who is playing the character of Mickey Mouse.  The doll came in either Caucasian or African American, and included a very cute Mickey Mouse costume.

Finally it was time for the unveiling of the Convention Doll, designed by the Western PA Doll Club.  The doll wasn't the traditional Barbie® doll, but instead a Midge® doll in celebration of her 40th Anniversary.  This would mark the last event of this evening's, and the convention.  It was extremely hard saying goodbye to everyone (especially Lisa), but we all promised to meet again next year!

Event pictures National Barbie Convention 2003-The World of Barbie® Dinner



The 2004 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention "We Are Family" will be held at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare ( in Rosemont, IL.  Official convention dates are August 4-7, 2004.