Barbie® and Ken® Tango™ Gift Set.

LE Fashion Doll Series

Barbie® and Ken® make a sizzling couple as they dance the Tango in Latin-inspired outfits. Barbie® doll’s fitted red dress with plunging neckline accentuates her every move with dangling red fringe and hanging black and pink feathers. Black net stockings and black heels add a racy touch, while hot pink three-quarter length gloves and dangling rhinestone earrings complete the ensemble. Her upswept brown hair is adorned with a pink rose and feathers, and in her mouth, she clenches a single rose given to her by her partner, Ken®. With rooted hair and rugged-looking facial hair, Ken® makes a dashing companion. He’s dressed in pinstriped pants, red collared shirt, and six-button vest that features a black and red floral pattern on back. A matching tie, black shoes, and a silvery watch chain complete his outfit.

Tango Ken® has a brand new head mold marked:

TM © 2001

However, the new Ken® head mold was seen earlier at the National Barbie Convention 2002.  This head mold was used on the Ken® doll that was part of a OOAK Live Auction item: Mattel designer Katiana Jimenez's "Gypsy Passion" (which sold for $8,000).