Rocky Mountain ModSM

June 5-8, 2002
Denver, Colorado

22nd Annual National Barbie® Doll
Collectors Convention

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The theme of the National Barbie® Convention 2002 is Mod, and highlighted the years 1967-1974 in Barbie® doll's history.  This years collectors convention was hosted by The Fashion Doll Club of the Rockies from June 5-8, 2002 in Denver, Colorado and is appropriately called "Rocky Mountain Modsm".  The website is Rock Mountain Modsm.  The beneficiary charity is "Angels Unaware", a support group for families with HIV/AIDS.  The convention was held at the Adam's Mark Hotel Denver, located downtown on Denver's famous 16th Street Mall.

Ken® doll and Brad® are represented in the competition categories.  They will join other male Barbie® doll friends, Ricky® and Todd®.  It is interesting to note that Allan® is also included in the competition, which is strange for the time-line of the convention (1967-1974).  Allan® was quickly discontinued in 1965 the year the second version was released, but was available for sale in limited quantities until 1966.  Ken® was also available for sale through 1966, but found a extended absence until being released with an entirely different look and body mold in 1969.

The host club is also including Barbie® doll's female friends from this era like Twiggy, Skipper®, Scooter®, Black Francie®, Casey®, Midge®, Stacey®, Julia and Jamie®.  You can also use Ken®, Brad® or any other male friend/family  in the creative design categories.  Ken® is also included in the fashion show. 


ABOVE:  Brad

 ABOVE:   Live Action Ken.

The time line of 1967-1974 is very important in Ken® doll's history.  In 1968, a Ken® doll was not even available for sale.  When he was introduced in 1969 he had transformed literally from a boy to a man! A new head mold (marked 1968) is introduced in 1969 and his body mold is much more muscular.  From the Feature Story Archive 02.11.01, "Completely new for 1969, was the 1968 Ken® head mold that had a cool, debonair look. It will be used until 1975.  The painted hair was longer in an Edwardian-style, that swept across the forehead from a part on Ken’s left.  His new macho look imitated Warren Beatty, and he was fashioned as Peter Fonda.  The eyebrows are painted much thicker, his eye color returns to blue, and his skin tone is pinker.  With the production of this head mold, we see the first open mouth smile showing white painted “teeth”.  His new huskier body mold made all the clothing made prior to this time not fit anymore.  To resolve this problem, Mattel produced four new outfits that complemented this new persona.  Ken® dolls and friends of the convention era include the following:  
Talking Ken #1111 Live Action Ken on Stage #1172 Talking Ken Baggie-Mute #1111
Talking Ken Spanish #8372 The Sun Set Malibu Ken #1088 Mod Hair Ken #4224
Talking Ken Spanish (New Good Lookin') #1111 Walk Lively Ken #1184 Mod Hair Ken (Montgomery Ward's) # 7234
New Good Lookin' Ken #1124 Busy Ken #3314 The Sports Set Sun Valley Ken #7809
New Good Lookin' Talking Ken #1111 Busy Ken (E) #3314 Live Action Ken Baggie #1159
Live Action Ken #1159 Talking Busy Ken #1196 Sun Set Malibu Ken White Box #1088
Brad (Bendable Leg) #1142 Talking Brad #1114  

Convention Coverage

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Arrival-Adam's Mark, Denver

I actually drove to Denver this year.  The 13 hour drive wasn't that bad since I had a traveling companion Brooke.  We drove all day Monday from Iowa City, IA to Denver and stayed at Brooke's sisters house on Monday night.  Since check-in time was not until 3p, we took the opportunity to shop at a local mall.  I found a current "groovy" looking shirt that I could wear later at a function.  I'm not really into the "theme" dressing, so this was my first attempt at doing it.

I checked in around 4p and got all the items that were stuffed into my car to the room.  I did the early registration at this time and dropped of Linda's silent auction doll.  Then it was time for room shopping.  With all of the activities I was involved in, this was really my only chance to go room shopping and the experience was very relaxing.  There were really not too many other conventioneers that have arrived yet, so I felt like I had first crack at everything.  Later, I found out that I missed a room that had everything I was looking for (I walked right past it), but hey, there is always next year.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Arrival


Room Shopping

Best Item Found-Susan Maxwell called our room, from another she was Room Shopping in.  She wondered if we would be interested in any of the Enhanced Briefs for Ken® in a variety colors and patterns she found for sale! Between the four of us, we bought every pair and divided them evenly. I got a teal green pair and another pair that is navy with white stars!


Right:  Enhanced Briefs for Ken®.  The color shown here is "Racy Red".  (From the collection of Dwane Adle).

Best Prices-I did have a great time in Katy's (Katy's Kollectibles) room ( and it was really nice seeing her again.  Hands down, Katy had the best prices on the Silkstone™ Barbie® dolls.  When I came back a day or two later, what she had brought with her was almost gone.  I was REALLY tempted to buy the raven haired Silkstone™ Barbie®, but the name "Ken®" kept going through my brain.

Best Ken® Shopping, Best Vintage/Mod Era Shopping-If you wanted to drool over the best examples of mint condition NRFB Vintage and Mod era items, you wanted to shop in Joe Blitman's room (  I got to talk with both Joe and Kevin Mulligan and they let me take pictures of the fabulous Ken® items they brought in.  I felt like a kid in a Ken® store.  They had a huge room...and it was packed with mint examples of everything you can imagine.

Best (and Grooviest) OOAK Room-What can you say about the two most talented people in the world?  And they're married to each other? David and Angie Howard had so many hand crafted things in their room that it was like...far-out! From trinkets to hand-painted Barbie® dresses, I was truly amazed of the level of creativity these two have.  Angie pointed me to her "I Love Ken®" jewel pins and Ken® bracelet charms.  I wanted the #1431 Guruvy Formal charm, but guess what? It was already purchased by Sandi Holder...for me! If you missed this room, you missed being inspired by "The Creative Duo".

Left:  Angie Howard's Ken® Guruvy Formal charm.  A treasured gift from Sandi Holder!

Best Overall Selection-This is the room I missed on the first day.  Jack and Dwane discovered it the following day and came out with some wonderful foreign editions of Ken® doll.  Dan and Faith Wagner's room created a space where you could find just about anything HTF on the foreign market, with a mix of other dolls and accessories.  I did end up buying something from them later in the Sales Room, which I'll cover on Saturday.

Best Dealer-Where else could you go and have a blended drink while shopping, or be invited to "rest-a-bit".  No place else but Sandi Holder's ( room.  I was so tired that I sat on the couch and we talked for about an hour.  She is truly a Princess and had some great Ken® gifts for me! I found what I was looking for later at Sandi's table in the Sales Room, after pre-viewing it here.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Room Shopping


The only thing I bought room shopping the first day was a loose mint condition Talking Brad in original outfit with wrist tag, from the AMC Collection ( room.  Yuchi Chuang must have known I would love this doll! Brad® is a mute talker, but he was too handsome to pass up!  



Left:  My new Talking Brad®.

It was another long day...and I knew this would be the only day I could get a decent nights rest, so I turned in early!



Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Today was the day! The first official gathering of  the conventioneers!  Workshops were in process from at 12p-4, but because of my schedule, I couldn't  attend any workshops this time.


Mod Boot and Beltmaking

by Michael Chambers and Joseph Dunn

Create a pair of MOD boots and matching belt.

Polymer Clay Picnic Lunch

by Jenn Scully

Create a picnic basket full of miniature  foods including sandwiches, desserts and more.

Beginners Mod Rerooting and Restyling

by Ann Meili, Bob Hrivnak and George Sarofeen

Easy to learn step-by-step instructions on MOD rerooting and styling.

Advanced Mod Rerooting and Restyling

by Ann Meili, Bob Hrivnak and George Sarofeen

More advanced instructions on MOD rerooting and styling.

MOD Restoration-Limb Reattachment

by Kris Peterson and Phyllis Belcher

Designed to teach you the technique of repairing and reattaching MOD era doll limbs while maintaining their mobility.

Fabric Origami

by Vicki Young

Based on the Japanese art of "Origami", learn how to fold fabric and create a stole for your doll.

I decided to drop off all the display pieces for the Fan of the Man table around 9a, while other dealers were setting up in the Sales Room.  Then I had my last few hours of free time.  Brooke and I went to breakfast at the "Delectable Egg" which I had called the "Detachable Egg" after reading the sign wrong. (Who knows what I was thinking).  It was right down the street from the hotel.  We had REAL French toast (not the fake American kind) that was so good, I could feel the calories coursing through my veins.  The French toast was exactly what vacations are all about.  Brooke was way excited to see me actually eating since she had become accustomed to me eating only once a day (she really hated that).  We chilled for a while and her sister came to pick her up.  That was the last time I saw Brooke before I went home.  (I think she was already in Ken® overload).

I was trying to hang out and see if Dwane and Jack (my roommates/tablemates/buddies/etc.) had arrived in Denver yet.  It just happened that while waiting for the elevator, it opened and they were inside.  That's a cool way to find the people you're looking for! They were going to lunch, so I told them I would meet them in the room.

Little did I know that they did some SERIOUS room shopping.

Eventually we caught up with each other and got ready for the Go-Go Gathering in the room.  There were clothes everywhere.  Probably the best part of the convention is getting ready for the events, because you get to spend quality time with your roomies.  Dwane and Jack are the best roommates ever!

Go-Go Gathering

A dizzying, nightmarish clash of colors (including hair color) awaited you at the convention's first official event.  The ladies were as hot as the coffee, and the guys were out-a-sight! I wore my "normal" shirt, while Jack and Dwane pulled out some groovy Vintage threads for the occasion.  I must have asked twenty people where they got their Mod clothes, and while a few had actually made their own clothing, most people replied "eBay".  I thought that was pretty interesting, since I usually only visit the Ken® doll listings at eBay.

This was a chance to see everyone again.  I made the moves around the room and chatted with some people I had met last year.  I'll admit I am horrible with names, but I always remember a face.  We hung out till the room pretty much cleared, then we met up with Norita Bergmann (co-chair of last year's convention in Dearborn).  What a complete joy she is!

 Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Go-Go Gathering

We convinced Norita and a few of her friends to come out to eat (yes, I ate twice today) and we explored 16th St. looking for just the right place.

I don't even remember the place we ate, but it was COOL! It was like eating in a cave.  I just wish I had ordered the Gazpacho soup, because it was excellent (I tried Norita's).  It took forever to get our food, but who cared! We had the most incredible time just laughing...and laughing some more with each other.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-After the Go-Go Gathering



Thursday, June 6, 2002

Piccadilly Square

This day looked to be the busiest day of the entire convention for me! I literally had something to do every minute.  It was challenging, but I survived.

My day started early around 7:45a as I met the television producer Geraldine Smirk and crew from Idtv (Netherlands) to drop off the Ken® doll dressed in #1431 Guruvy Formal.  The host Rob Kamphues from their show would be using it later as a participant in the Fashion Show.  Rob arrived with a lot of "flair" down the escalator carrying his version of Guruvy Formal (complete with Malibu Ken® blonde wig).  I was not a participant in the Fashion Show this year, but the rehearsal was from 8a-9a.  I sighed (with relief) when told that I would not be part of the documentary they were filming that day.  I was very sorry to learn that Rob had to immediately leave the convention when news arrived that a family member had became ill.  I don't know whether the crew completed filming the convention coverage, but Rob's presence in the Fashion Show was memorable (pictures in the Fashion Show link).

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Idtv (Netherlands)


Piccadilly Square-Fan of the Man Club Table

Then it was time for me to drop off the items for the Fan of the Man club table located in Piccadilly Square that was outside of the sales Room area.  I had set up the four tables previously with all the display cases, so now it was time to add the donated merchandise and complete the table.  Thanks to the following FOTM club members who donated items to raise funds for the club:  Dwane Adle, Linda DiCicco, Jason Pickering, Dorinda Balanecki, Susan Maxwell and Dan Campbell.  Also thanks to Bea for the great photo for table decoration!  Also, many thanks to FOTM club members Susan Maxwell, Jack Wootten and Dwane Adle, who helped staff the table!

Our survey about Ken® doll collecting let you decide what you want to see in the Ken® doll line from Mattel.  Have you been itching for a Silkstone™ Ken®, a Reproduction Ken® or a separate Ken® Collectibles line similar to the Barbie® Collectibles™ doll line? Taking the survey was your chance to share your passion and insight! Our goal is to turn in ALL the surveys to Mattel, with everyone's viewpoints!

Fan of the Man club had two separate exhibits featuring Ken® doll.  One exhibit highlighted Ken® doll's four new fashions in 1969 after the body mold change. Four dolls from the era were dressed in these four outfits and arranged in a picture frame fixture that added a 3-dimensial effect, with Ken® looking as though he is exiting the picture frame. We also had three very large shadow box fixtures that represent a Ken® doll from the eras of 1960 (Flock Hair), 70 (Mod Hair), 80 (Sunsational African American), 90 (Harley Davidson 1) and 2000 (40th Anniversary). Text accompanied each specific doll. The shadow display box allowed great depth for posing of the dolls, with the text towards the back of each box. This allowed the conventioneers and public an opportunity to really study the dolls as they are reading.  The public especially enjoyed this display on public day (Saturday)! I held many conversations with the public about Ken® doll and Ken®  collecting.

It was very busy as the dealers in the Sales Room were also setting up merchandise from 7a-11a.  It was flurry of activity in this area with the 8a-12p-Registration.  Also the Souvenir and Raffle Rooms were open from 8a-10:30a nearby.  The tables set up in Piccadilly Square were roped off so we could set up without being distracted (thank goodness).  Other tables in the Piccadilly Square area were Barbie® Bazaar magazine, Barbie® Collectibles™ and KB Toys.  There were several other dealers, an African American doll collector club and a bunch of OOAK doll artists!

Piccadilly Square and the Sales Room, were opened later at 2:30p-4:30p today.  The Raffle Room and Souvenir Rooms were also reopened at this time.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Fan of the Man


Caranby Street -Souvenir Room

After the set-up I headed to a Host/Hostess meeting from 9a-10a.  This was the first year I have hosted.  Erma Rhodes (who was in charge of us) was simply delightful! We were given instructions about the luncheon, and filled in on the Mattel event that was to be held later.  I was pretty psyched because I couldn't wait to see my table guests!

The Souvenir Room was open from 8a-10:30a and later reopened at 2:30p-4:30p.  The lines were pretty long immediately at 8a., insuring these early risers the sizes they needed.  I thought I might try waiting in line (and did) until the announcement came that the system that would accept credit cards was not functioning.  There was a mass movement to the "cash or check" line after this announcement.  I decided not be part of the movement.  I knew I could come back later in the afternoon.  Some exciting souvenirs were available that included:  several styles of t-shirts, a "pleather" Barbie® logo jacket, Mod charms, mug, "I LOVE BARBIE®" bumper sticker and a cool paper doll set. I wished that they had "I LOVE KEN®" bumper stickers, but they didn't.  I bought a t-shirt designed by David Howard and the bumper sticker.  Don't worry, the bumper sticker is for someone else.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Caranby Street-Souvenir Room


Shagadelic Catwalk-Luncheon/Fashion Show

I entered Plaza ABC for the luncheon function a little after 11a, after getting my hosts gifts from my room and the convention gifts for our table.  Being a Host this year took a great deal of planning and coordination with my co-Hosts Dwane Adle and Jack Wootten.  It would become one of the most memorable and certainly the most enjoyable thing I did this year.  Traditions from last year were continued, and new traditions were set for next time.  Here are the guests at this years table:

Ken® Collector Table/National Barbie Convention 2002

HOST: Jef Beck (Ken® collector, Ken® table Souvenir Ken® doll Artist/Creator [title used loosely], Fan of the Man Treasurer and webmaster of Keeping Ken)

CO-HOST: Dwane Adle (Ken® collector, Co-Chair, National Barbie® Convention 2001, Ken® table Souvenirs and Fan of the Man club member)

CO-HOST: Jack Wootten (Ken® collector, Ken® table Souvenir gift set dolls Artist/Creator and Fan of the Man club member)

Susan Maxwell (Ken® collector, Fashion Doll Club of the Rockies club member and Fan of the Man club member)

Michael Jankun (Ken® collector, Convention Steering Committee)

Lisa Steadman (Mattel, Inc. Copywriter, Barbie®

Valerie Case (Mattel, Inc. Producer, Websites & Media)

Negin Haghighi (Mattel, Inc. Graphic Designer, Barbie®

Deborah Singo (Logan, OH)

Laura Vickroy (Logan, OH)


Thing were a little chaotic as we were trying to figure out were our table numbers would be.  Erma straightened things out and got us all to the correct table placement, but time was short to get the tables actually set up.  I had a bunch of things to set up! Convention gifts at this function included Joe Blitman's book Francie™ & Her Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion from Hobby House Press, with a Fashion Doll Club of the Rockies bookmark.  A limited edition pink color fashion mannequin was a gift from Dream House dolls.  A commemorative fashion was also given called "Plumb Crazy" by Don Meindl.  I unveiled my gift "Love-In" Ken® to my table guests at this function.  Eventually, we all got our tables put together 30 minutes late, and seating didn't begin until 12p.

As they let the people in, I wildly waved a kite with #78 on it.  #78 was our table number, and #78 eventually became notorious for its party girl/boy reputation.  New friends Laura and Deborah arrived first, and I think they were pretty nervous after I explained this table represents the "Everything is Ken®" campaign (just kidding).  Laura is a Barbie® collector and Deborah is her friend.  They are both from Logan, OH.  I was just as nervous as they were, being a first time Host.  Eventually they figured out that this was the Ken® collectors table.  Out of 100 tables and ours being the only Ken® one, they picked us! How lucky was that?

My arm became tired from waving the kite and Jack took over when he arrived with Dwane.  Both of them brought theme clothing, and they looked great.  Handing off the kite became standard practice by the next meal function.  (Laura, Deborah and Susan helped out on "kite" duty in later events).  I do give most of the other hosts/hostesses credit for their kite waving skills.  Some of the girls were up on chairs jammin' to the music and waving their little kites like nobody's business  It was truly groovy.  Dwane had The Original Traveling Ken, which he dressed in Mod outfits throughout the entire convention.  Traveling Ken® changed clothes as much as we did! Dwane placed Traveling Ken® aka "TK" in with the Barbie® centerpiece at the table.  TK became a hit and will eventually get a lot of press throughout the convention!  More on that later.

I think Michael and Lisa arrived next.  I had spoke to Michael earlier in the lobby.  He had arrived even earlier than I did to the convention for his Steering committee duties.  Lisa defines the words "fun-loving".  Don't you just love to be around people like that?  We would eventually laugh so hard and have such a good time every time we saw each other, that I was ready to ask her to marry me.  (This is the "summer of love" after all, and I pick Lisa).

Valerie came shortly after, with Negin with all her camera equipment.  (Remember Valerie, Lisa and Negin were working).  It was so interesting watch the Barbie team in action! I love news, and they loved bringing it to all of you on the "Ponytail Press" at! It was so nice to see Valerie again, and I was ready to ply her with gifts.  Valerie is so beautiful.  She remained beautiful throughout the entire convention, despite the fact that she was up working in the wee hours of the morning...every night.  I think they need to make a  Silkstone™ Valerie.  Negin was so full of energy! She took all of the fabulous pictures you saw every day at Barbie's convention coverage.  I hardly saw poor Negin at all during this meal function because of the Fashion Show.  She was out putting her life on the line to provide the best possible picture of moving objects (the models).  I was truly amazed at her agility to dart here and there between models/tables/chairs/wait staff/conventioneers/etc.  All for the best picture possible.  She's awesome!

After a sack lunch, the Shagadelic Catwalk Fashion Show begin coordinated by Jim FaraoneHere was your chance to dress in your out-of-sight, sock-it-to-me Barbie® doll and friends fashion from the period of 1967-1974.  Suggested Ken® outfits were:  Business Appointment #1424, #1431 Guruvy Formal, Suede Scene #1439, Bold Gold #1436, The Sea Scene #1449, Breakfast at 7 #1428 and Ken A Go Go #1423.  They also suggest original doll outfits like the one worn on Mod Hair Ken.  Since Ken® was in "transition" in 1967 when the convention era starts, some late Vintage items can still be worn.   I didn't participate in the Fashion Show this year.  For those who did, the models strutted their stuff in MOD fashion! Towards the end, children and families from "Angels Unaware" participated in the show with costumes they have been working on for over a year.  There were cute little Tutti® and Todd® models as well as two Ricky®s and an Allan®.  It was very moving to see all these families affected with HIV/AIDS participate, and each family was met with thunderous applause from the audience!

With the Fashion Show completed, a tribute to Ruth Handler was given by Liz Krenek.  In honor of Ruth Handler's memory and legacy, Liz then presented a check from Mattel to Angels Unaware for $1000.  Then, Arte Banks, an adoptive mother of a child affected, gave a very moving speech about the support and confidence she has gained from the support that organizations like Angels Unaware provide.  It was the most emotional part of the convention for me.  Arte spoke from her heart and I felt so lucky to be a part of the convention that was supporting an organization like Angels Unaware.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Shagadelic Catwalk Luncheon


Governors Square 15-Raffle Room

Immediately following the luncheon, I was admitted to the Sales Room/Piccadilly Square area at 2p to work at the Fan of the Man club table.  I met Bill Greening from Mattel while working at the table.  We talked about Ken® play line dolls.  Turns out that Bill likes Ken® (almost) as much as I do! Bill was so polite and personable, that I didn't want our conversation to end! I hope everyone gets the chance to meet him sometime because he's awesome! 

Fellow FOTM club member (and member of The Fashion Doll Club of the Rockies) Susan Maxwell, met me to help out at the table.  Susan and I had a lot of fun trading places at the club table so we could go to the Sales Room and shop a bit! Susan made FOTM logo buttons for the table that sold out immediately.  Lucky you who got our club logo pin!  Susan was a huge help at the table and afforded me some extra time to see the Raffle Room and take pictures.  

With so much to choose from, the Raffle Room is always a hit at convention.  From new dolls to OOAK dolls, there is something for everyone.  And they can all be yours if your lucky raffle ticket is drawn.  I usually pick my favorites and put most of my tickets in these boxes instead of spreading them out.  My philosophy is "strength in numbers".  Alas, I did not win the Ken® doll donated from Taggarts Odd Art Studio in Rush, NY.  Their doll was a repainted Movie Date Ken with side-glancing eyes (pictures in link below).

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Raffle Room


After the Sales Room closed at 4p, I finally had time to chill out for a few hours.  It was time to have dinner on your own, but I spent it talking with whoever I happened to run into.  It was time well spent.  The people you meet at convention are priceless! I ran into the girls I met at last year's workshop and this time I wrote down their names (Paula and Beth).  I decided to get their picture again this year, to make it sort of a tradition.  HERE is the picture from this year, and here is the  LINK for last year's picture (scroll down).  Look's like we made another friend this year and I forgot to write down her name (drat).  Paula and Beth are just too much fun to be around! Can't wait to see them again next year (and their new friend).


Mattel Program

It was time for me to go to the Mattel program that was kept a secret to everyone.  When I entered the room I about fell over.  Words can't describe the room decorations, so I'll try to explain with the pictures (link below).  Every last detail of the decorations were amazing, right down to the table centerpieces.  The tables were filled with fresh fruit and a lot of chocolate.  I immediately called the pink chocolates with the Barbie® "B" as mine.  When everyone assembled at the table, the program started, but not before everyone got a Malibu Fizz (or a drink of your choice) at the bar, courtesy of Mattel.

Enjoy a Malibu Fizz.

 Laura and Deborah  provided entertainment with pink "purses" filled with Mod gifts.  From pins, friendship bracelets to games to miniature posters (for your Mod Barbie® room), I think we all appreciated all the thought that went into putting this together! Whenever any of us got bored, we turned to our bag of gifts and dug inside to see what else we could find to play with! The program started with models who looked like Malibu Barbie® and Ken®.  This year the models spoke, and their rapport was pretty cute.  I thought the Malibu Barbie® model was a dead ringer for the doll, but we all couldn't decide which Ken® the Ken® model looked like.  Liz Krenek joined Malibu Barbie® and Ken® on stage and read some of the collectors' Malibu memories submitted to the Malibu section of  After that, Liz , Malibu Barbie® and Ken® held a drawing for 12 Barbie® Collectibles™ dolls from the 2003 line.  Victoria Jackson of Aurora, Colorado (and member of The Fashion Doll Club of the Rockies) won the drawing.  She was obviously thrilled!

After that, entertainment was provided by the Dan Band.  I loved the band immensely, but I found out afterwards some conventioneers just didn't get it.  All the songs performed were just hilarious.  My table guests had a great time laughing (and dancing) during the band's performance.

After the band was finished (after doing an encore) it was time for Mattel to present everyone in attendance with a convention-exclusive Malibu Barbie® gift bag.  Inside the gift bag was a Malibu Barbie® doll camera and the coolest pen with a "floating" Malibu Barbie® doll inside.  A plastic drinking cup was also inside that had a faux bottom filled with sand and Barbie®-sized beach umbrella, radio and sunglasses.  Of course, a Malibu Barbie® doll was also included with a special monogrammed beach towel commemorating the 22nd Annual Barbie® Convention.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Mattel Program


After that, a group of us went out for the "Far-Out Bar Trip" in Denver.  We all looked great, but I didn't bring my camera.



Friday, June 7, 2002


Governors Square 14-Competition

Friday morning started out early.  It was time to place my entries into the competition.  I'm a "newbie" to entering anything into the convention competition. Allured by the challenge to test my fate (or Ken's for that matter, since I was entering him in the competition). I arrived somewhere in the middle of the time frame from 7:30a-9:30a to the Governor's Sq. 14 entry door.  This was my first time, so while waiting in line I watched the activity inside the room.  It was way cool that the host club decided to add Ken® doll into the competition a few months after no Ken doll category existed in the original competition categories.  The "more common" categories where an awesome addition this year.  It gave more collectors (like me) more chances of winning a ribbon, since I really don't any what you would call "rare" things in my collection.  


Competition Room Categories

This convention offered something different in the competition category, like more common categories, along with the traditional rare categories.  This gave the collector who doesn't have a rare outfit a chance to win a ribbon, as well as a chance to show off their doll and outfit.  Categories are judged First, Second and Third as well as Honorable Mention awards.  In addition, Judge's Choice, Chairman and People's Choice awards will be given.  Four dealers donated gift certificates for the winners. Entry fee:  $3 per item.  Each conventioneer is limited to one entry per category, sub-category, unless specified.

Competition Categories:

l.  Barbie® (Sub-Category)

A-1 Standard Barbie/TNT Barbie MIB or NRFB

A-2 Standard Barbie/TNT Barbie Dressed in outfit of era RARE

A-3 Standard Barbie/TNT Barbie Dressed in outfit of era COMMON

lV.  Accessories (Sub-Category)

H-1 Licensed Mattel Products

H-2 Patent Leather Products

H-3 Paper Products

ll.  Barbie® Family and Friends (Sub-Category)

B-1 (Skipper, Ricky, Scooter) MIB or NRFB

B-2 (Skipper, Ricky, Scooter) Dressed in outfit of era RARE

B-3 (Skipper, Ricky, Scooter) Dressed in outfit of era COMMON

C-1 Black Francie MIB or NRFB

C-2 Black Francie Dressed in outfit of era RARE

C-3 Black Francie Dressed in outfit of era COMMON

D-1 (Francie, Casey, Twiggy) MIB or NRFB

D-2 (Francie, Casey, Twiggy) Dressed in outfit of era RARE

D-3 (Francie, Casey, Twiggy) Dressed in outfit of era COMMON

E-1 (Tutti, Todd, Chris)  MIB or NRFB

E-2 (Tutti, Todd, Chris) Dressed in outfit of era RARE

E-3 (Tutti, Todd, Chris) Dressed in outfit of era COMMON

F-1 (Midge, Stacey, Julia, Jamie) MIB or NRFB

F-2 (Midge, Stacey, Julia, Jamie) Dressed in outfit of era RARE

F-3 (Midge, Stacey, Julia, Jamie) Dressed in outfit of era COMMON

O-1 Ken Mint In Box or NRFB

O-2 Ken Dressed In Outfit Of Era Rare

O-3 Ken, Allen, Brad Dressed In Outfit Of Era Common

V.  Creative Designs of the MOD era 1967-1974 (ONE DOLL) (Sub-Category)

I-1 Celebrities (Single Doll)

  • A.  National/International-1.  Male  2.  Female
  • B.  Denver Local (Any time period)-1.  Male  2.  Female

J-1 Music

  • A.  Groups (Multi-Doll)
  • B.  Individual-1.  Male  2.  Female
  • C.  Diorama (Single and Multi-Doll)

K-1 Entertainment (Movies/Television)

  • A.  Single Doll (dressed as a character)-1.  Male  2.  Female
  • Diorama (Single and Multi-Doll)

L-1 Athletes

  • Male
  • Female
  • Multi-Dolls
  • Diorama (Single or Multi-Doll)

M-1 Events

  • Single Doll-1.  Male  2.  Female
  • Multiple Dolls
  • Dioramas (Single or Multi-Doll)

N-1 Fashion

  • A.  Designer Reproductions (Must accompanied by a photograph of original design and credits to the original designer)-1.  Male-a) Daywear b) Eveningwear c) Miscellaneous  2.  Female-a) Daywear b) Eveningwear c) Bridal d) Miscellaneous
  • Original Design-

          1.  American MOD Style 1967-1974-A) MALE-1.  Daywear 2.  Eveningwear 3.  Miscellaneous  B) FEMALE-1.  Daywear 2.  Eveningwear 3.  Bridal 4.  Miscellaneous 

           2.  British MOD Style 1967-1974-A) MALE-1.  Daywear 2.  Eveningwear 3.  Miscellaneous  B) FEMALE-1.  Daywear 2.  Eveningwear 3.  Bridal 4.  Miscellaneous 

            3.  Photography (original photographs including single or multi-dolls)


lll.  NRFB Fashions of MOD era 1967-1974 (Sub-Category)

G-1 Barbie

G-2 Francie

G-3 Stacey

G-4 Julia

G-5 Skipper

G-6 Tutti and Todd

G-7 Ken


I checked in at the entry door with a member of the convention competition staff.  I entered the area where the Ken® competition was.  I unpacked and placed all three of my entries on the table.  You could place your entry anyplace within a ribbon boundary section of the table (for that competition specific area).  You could not move anyone else's item that had already been placed.  You could take time and fix it up if you needed to while the competition staff person waited.  There were little paper flowers on the table in each section that served as suggested places to place your entry, but you didn't have to.  After placing my Ken® entries, I checked back out at the door.  Except for the "first-timer jitters" I think everything went well.

Judging took place from 9:30a-10:30a, and results would be know later in the day during viewing.  It was hard waiting for the room to reopen for viewing at 2p-3:30p. I breathed a sigh of relief when the wait was finally over.  The early viewing was for dealers, photos and the entrants.  I took a good look around the room taking pictures at all of the great stuff (after I went to see if my entries placed)! All of the photos in the following link are from Dwane, because I lost a roll of film from today.  Thank goodness he took pictures (and there are lots of them).  I was very excited to see that all three of my entries received a ribbon! Probably "first-times" luck.  After the special viewing period, the room was open to conventioneer viewing from 4p-6p.

I entered three categories and here was the outcome:

1st Place (New Good Lookin' Ken® NRFB)--O-1 Ken Mint In Box or NRFB

2nd Place (Busy Ken dressed in 1972's Brown On Brown #1718)--O-2 Ken Dressed In Outfit Of Era Rare 

Honorable Mention (Live Action Ken dressed in 1971's Casual Scene #1472)--O-3 Ken, Allen, Brad Dressed In Outfit Of Era Common  

The Competition Room is a really neat part of the convention.  It's awesome to see all the hard work put into the OOAK dolls, fashions and dioramas.  It also gives you a chance to see rarer items.  Matthew Sutton's Scooby Doo doll ensemble won People's Choice Award and David Howard's Andy Warhol "The Factory" diorama took top honors receiving three awards: 1st Place (in category), Judge's Choice Award and Chairperson of the Convention Award!

 Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Competition



Governors Square 15-Silent Auction

The Silent Auction dolls were in the same room as the raffle room, which I visited on Thursday.  Today was the day I would cover the silent auction dolls and activities.  I popped over to this room about 2 hours before for closing, while Susan watched the FOTM table.  Today was the last day to place your bid on a silent auction doll  or drop your tickets for the raffle. It was very busy inside the room with silent auction bid "lurkers" and people filling out last minute raffle tickets.  The room would close at 6:30p.  The silent auction items were awesome, and I took a lot of pictures...but this was Friday, the day I lost the roll of film.  Dwane took a few pictures thank goodness! I kept close tabs on Linda DiCicco's "Flower Power" OOAK Ken® doll (which she graciously donated) to see the final bid price.  The silent auction and raffle proceeds go directly to "Angels Unaware," the beneficiary charity of the convention.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Silent Auction


Summer of Love Dinner/Dance

True LOVE at the Summer of Love Dinner/Dance.


Workshops continued today from 8:30a-10:30a, 11a-1p and 2p-3:30.  I had a pretty clear afternoon until I went to work at the Fan of the Man club table again at 4p.  Susan Maxwell met to work with me.  Since we had one extra spot at our table, I invited Susan to sit with us for the rest of the events.  The Sales Room, along with the Raffle, Silent Auction and Souvenir Rooms were open from 4p-6:30p, allowing Susan and I a chance to "cover" each other for shopping (and for me to cover the silent auction).  I didn't take any pictures of the Sale Room this year.  Not that I didn't want to, I just forgot.  Later, Jack came to work at the FOTM club table and closed it down for the day.  It was double duty for me at 6:30p.  I had Host duties, right when the rooms were closing (at the same time).  Thanks Jack for helping out!  It was a quick change of clothes in our room, and off I went.

The Host/Hostesses were totally loaded down with stuff for this event! A box of 10 Doll Show magazines, 10 Grand Entrance Barbie® dolls courtesy of KB Toys and 10 host club Barbie® fashions.  The host club's fashion at this event was Nancy Kella's "Groovy A Go Go".  Plus, Rocky Mountain "Maude" plush purple and green mascot bears were already on the tables.  Thank goodness I had only Mod graphic cloth bags (with pencils) to give out myself at this event! I got everything set up in the nick of time and the doors were opened exactly at 7p for the Summer of Love Dinner/Dance.

As my table guests entered, we all were loaded down with more surprises.  Laura and Deborah had another surprise of Mod gadgets and gizmos packet inside pink cylinders.  From mood rings, Mod print material to toys etc., I loved all these things (especially the plastic flower ring) and so did everyone else.  Thanks Laura and Deborah, you made the table so much fun!! Tablemate Michael was very creative as he handed out his gifts.  You had to choose a miniature game key chain ( I think I chose "Sorry") and inside was a number.  Whichever number was inside was the order you got to pick one of 10 different Kelly® Club dolls.  I guess being the Host gave me first choice, so I picked the "Winter Fun" Nikki® doll.  She's cute! Negin gave everyone an awesome Barbie® musical "jewel" box and a Barbie® Fashion doll pen you can write with.  I ended up with the "Dancing Ballerina" version.  I'm taking it to work!  I was feeling the love already...I had the BEST table guests! 

Right after dinner (or during) John Reilly from KB Toys made a speech.  KB Toys treats Barbie® collectors JUST AWESOME at the convention, and John is a BIG part of that!  He gave a great speech, and I look forward to seeing John again next year! After the speech, he announced that a $250 KB shopping spree ticket was taped somewhere on the underside of the table! Our tablemate, Deborah Singo, just happened to find it at her place at the table! That was awesome! Thanks John and KB Toys for all the excitement!

This evening's program began with a collaboration effort between Joe Blitman and Kevin Mulligan who showcased some videos of Mod era dolls.  My favorite one was one that featured Ken® and Brad®.  Brad® was totally the star of the short video, and it made me feel great about purchasing that Brad® doll earlier in the week during room shopping.  Another short video with spinning Mod era shoes was also cool! It was fun and a lot of laughs.

Then former Mattel designer and competition judge Carol Spencer presented the Barbie Friend Award.  This year's award went to Jim Faraone, a OOAK/Makeover artist and author. 

The next event, was of course, the Summer of Love dance.  It was announced that the dance would be held at the Supreme Court Lounge, which was a bar in the hotel.  After the dinner event, I had to wait in line to pick up my competition items, and drop them in the room before I could go to the dance.  It was pretty weird that the bar was not reserved, and we were mixed with regular bar patrons.  I personally had a good time, but I heard a few of the conventioneers express that the situation was uncomfortable.  I spent about an hour there with my friends and fellow tablemates.  We had a great time talking.

Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Summer of Love Dinner/Dance



Saturday, June 8, 2002


Governors Square 15-Raffle Room

Governors Square 14-Silent Auction

This was the last day! Jack and I used our free breakfast buffet tickets this morning at the hotel restaurant.  It was announced during Friday's dinner that both the Raffle and Silent Auction Rooms would be open again today.  These special extended hours gave conventioneers another chance of placing bids or purchasing tickets.  Since both rooms were supposed to be closed and over with after Thursday at 6:30p, there were a few grumbles from Silent Auction bidders that assumed that they had won the items they had placed the highest bid on, when the room closed.  It was sort of confusing, but the Silent Auction items were moved to the room that use to house the Competition items.  Previously, the Raffle and Silent Auction items were together in the same room.  Since the rooms were now closing at different times, two different rooms were needed.  From what I can remember, the Raffle Room was re-opened from 8a-11a, followed by the Raffle Room giveaways at 11a-12p.  The Silent Auction Room was re-opened from 12p-5p, followed by a Silent Auction ceremony from 5:30p-7p.  This year's Silent Auction raised $7,342 for Angels Unaware.

Workshops continued today from 9:30a-11:30a, and again from 3p-5p.  This afternoon's big event was the Sales Room! It was open from 9:30a-10a for conventioneers only, then from 10a-4p for the public.  I worked at the FOTM club table again, along with Susan.  I did get in my last minute shopping...I bought this Live Action Ken from Sandi Holder and this Mod Hair Ken from somewhere else.  Another dealer had the Tommy Snowman AA I have been looking for!  Today I had some great conversations with Denver locals about Ken® doll.  I was asked many different kinds of questions about Ken®.  Questions like how many have been made, to the publicity surrounding Earring Magic Ken.  I think people found it very endearing that our club is so passionate about Ken® doll! The displays were a hit, and generated interest.  The most common comment heard when passing by was, "Look...a Ken® table".  I think our club table mission was complete!

Then it was time for dealer tear down from 4p-5p.  We packed everything up and took it straight to my car in the parking lot.  (Less to pack in the morning!) After this, I went with Jack to witness the last few minutes before the Silent Auction ended.  Jack was checking his bid, I was looking to see what Linda DiCicco's "Flower Power Ken®" doll would end at.  There was a lot of activity, as a few people put down last second bids during the count-down.  I was happy to see "Flower Power Ken" go for $159, but Jack got outbid on the doll he was bidding on.

It was time to chill from 5p-6:30p, but I had little time, since I had to report for Host admittance at 6:30p for the Gettin Groovy Dinner.  

Gettin Groovy Dinner

Gettin Groovy get-together at the Gettin Groovy Dinner.  (Left to right) Malibu Ken® in Lisa's fashion, Table centerpiece Christie®, Traveling Ken® and Host gift Barbie®.

The Gettin Groovy Dinner was the last event, and the last time I would see all my friends and table mates.  My co-hosts, Jack and Dwane, presented the table with the "Mile High Mod" Barbie® and Ken® Gift Set at this event.  It was created by Dwane Adle, Dorinda Balanecki and Jack Wootten.  The airplane background is original artwork from a Mod era Barbie® paper doll set, which was reproduced in scale and then given a 3-D effect.  Barbie's custom fashion is a reproduction of the serving outfit in the Braniff Air Hostess gift set, with a jacket similar to the boarding jacket in the same gift set.  From the host club, we got a third Barbie® doll fashion, Brian York's "So Hip It Hurts".  Mattel provided two pins that are Mod era versions of Barbie® Collectible™ dolls.  They are very unique!

As the room filled, I started to feel like I was missing everyone already.  We had the best time at our table this evening! Valerie gave each table member a PHB Collection porcelain hinged box (with shoes).  Mine was Commuter Set™ Barbie® from the Barbie® Nostalgic Series.  Susan, the Colorado native at the table, gave us some gifts to remember Colorado.  A really cool clay Native American whistle, and some flower seeds to plant at home.  The seeds are Colorado's state flower the Blue Columbine.  Lisa surprised us all with a Mod era Ken® doll fashion that he mother made! The shirt came in two different colors, and I chose a orange combo.  This was so cool, right down to the fringed vests.  Lisa's Mom rocks! Thanks to Lisa and her Mom!! As a special gift to the Host/Hostesses, I received a doll with the same, but different color dress than the table doll did.  It was an orange color combo (pictured above far right).

All of these surprises lead to the inevitable.  We started to play again! We traded our blonde centerpiece Barbie® doll for a Christie® doll with our table neighbors, simply because we thought she was cooler.  Then we added The Original Traveling Ken and more dolls.  It was really fun! Of course we took lots of pictures, and Traveling Ken became famous as he was covered in the Ponytail Press at  There were announcements and a presentation by Mattel Barbie® Collectibles™ designer Katiana Jimenez on her doll design process.  A short film followed that showcased her new 2003 line Designer Spotlight doll.

A 2003 welcome included speeches from Steering Committee members.  Julie Bronski passed on the reigns to a new Steering Committee Chairman.  Julie is really an awesome person to meet!  Then application forms with pins were presented by the Host at each table for the 2003 National Barbie Convention.  It will be hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Doll Club in Orlando, FL, June 24-29, 2003.  The theme is sketchy so far, but it will be called "The World of Barbie®".  Here is the website:  

It was now time for the Live Auction! I was intrigued by Katiana Jimenez's "Gypsy Passion," a gift set featuring Barbie® and Ken®.  The Ken® in the gift set was the coolest Ken® doll I have ever laid eyes on! Others must have noticed his HOT factor too, because "Gypsy Passion" ended up fetching $8,250 in the live auction!  So many talented doll artists donated dolls, and the best presentation came from Camilli De Bellis from Italy when describing her doll!  What a wonderful, charming person she is! In all, the live auction raised over $22,000 for Angels Unaware.


Pictures of this event at National Barbie Convention 2002-Gettin Groovy Dinner


That's the convention coverage for this year! Thanks to all my old and new Ken® and Barbie® friends! See you next year!