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Trip to Melbourne, Australia!

"Here are some more photos of my trip to Melbourne, Victoria.  I've had a JOY-ous time here in Australia, first with Jennifer Joy and now with her friend Joy, who is taking me to Detroit via Japan!  As you can see by the photos, winter has hit Melbourne!"-Traveling Ken

Hmmm.  Where to go first?
Southbank on the Yarra River.  People say the Yarra flows upside down because of it's high silt content!
Melbourne's CBD (central business district) skyline.
Flinders Street station, a famous Melbourne landmark.
Sydney has the opera house but Melbourne's Arts Centre is a bit more aSPIREing! Here I am about to be TRAMpled.
Victoria's Parliament House.  Jen says I'm probably smarter than those who work here! Australia is celebrating the Centenary of Federation - where the colonies united and broke away from English rule, hence this (thankfully temporary) arch.  Looks like the Gods have dropped their pick up sticks!
This is the Exhibition Building where the first sitting of the Australian Parliament was held in 1901. Bye Jen. 

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