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Trip to the Prom!

Detroit, Michigan USA to Cedar Rapids, IA USA

I picked TK up at the National Barbie Convention 2001 from Jen's friend.  He arrived exactly like the photo below.  Traditionally with "traveling" dolls, the sender encloses a gift.  Jen sent me a jar of Vegemite...yum!  TK had a great time with me as he learned a little about fashion and what to wear to the Prom.  TK felt it was a little hard to let go and move on to Stan in Canada, because he was with me for such a short time in Detroit and Cedar Rapids.

You'll notice that TK has changed clothes in to a 40th Anniversary tuxedo, which he wore to the prom at the convention.  His original clothes are neatly pack inside the convention pencil case.  He also comes with a Queen of the Prom clear book bag where I placed the Australian travel brochures and the red disc from Omar.  He also comes with a convention pompon and set of Queen of the Prom notes cards.  To keep the tradition going, the note cards are a gift to Stan, and Stan will send the rest.  Imagine what a collection of things TK will have when he finally arrives back home to Omar! Maybe Stan will dress him in something new and neatly pack the tuxedo away for his next trip.  Or Maybe Stan will do something completely different!    


TK arrives from Australia bearing a gift of Vegemite for Jef from Jen.  Staying with him for his next trip will be the original red disc from Omar and a bunch of travel brochures from Australia, where TK visited.

With a fresh change of clothes (with the original outfit safely packed) TK is on the way to Stan in Canada, representing his prom functions.  As my gift to Stan, I packed him some note cards (seen here in the picture) from the National Barbie Convention 2001.

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