This Feature Story appeared in the Keeping Ken Ken News! on December 31, 2000.

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"My Room" Generation Girls!

I found the new Generation Girl "My Room" Barbie® at Target right before Christmas.  Purchased solely to see if any news could be discovered about the Generation Boys! Upon deboxing, I discovered Issue #3 of the Generation Beat™ Magazine.  You won't be happy to hear that Generation Girl Blaine™ has been omitted from this issue entirely.  Ana Suarez  from Mexico City, Mexico (athlete) a character present in the first edition but omitted from the second edition, now takes Blaine Gordon doll's place to make the typical "six" doll set.  Chelsie Peterson from London, England (singer) is also not represented, but may become a TRU SSE, like she was offered in her second edition.  If she is added again, she will become one of the "core" Generation Girls.  The "core" girls are the versions that have been represented in all three editions so far.  Barbie Roberts®, Los Angeles, CA (amateur photographer and actress), Nichelle Williams New York, NY (fashion model), Tori Burns Sydney, Australia (champion snowboarder and in-line skater) and Lara Morelli-Strauss Paris, France (artist) make up the core dolls of this line.  All the girls "write" their own stories for the magazine filled with easy tips on decorating your room.  issue #3 is centered solely around the "My Room" theme.
Above:  Generation Beat™ Magazine Issue #3.  Cool, but not so cool without Blaine™!

News started to trickle in on the 22nd concerning any boys being added to the line this year.  At first, confirmation was given that indeed Blaine™ has been discontinued in 2001.  Then with a little more investigative work, another listing for Blaine™ was discovered.  When I pressed a little further, I was given two more names:  Trevor (Asian) and Rigo (Hispanic).  So what does this all mean and where are the boys? Unfortunately, I didn't get much further.  I can only conclude that there very well may be two Generation Girl™ lines this year!  The "My Room" line is box dated 2000 and is tied in with a "Cool Room Sweepstakes" sponsored by Mattel.  You can fill out the official entry form (in the back of the Generation Beat™ magazine), send in a 3x5 card or download one from  You have to choose your favorite GG character.  6 grand prize winners receive a selection of furniture and accessories (maximum retail $10,000) resembling the contents of your favorite Generation Girl™ doll's room.  10 first prizes computer and monitor chosen by sponsor (value $1,000)  15 second prizes "Generation Girl World" prize package (all six "My Room" dolls value $250).  if I weren't too old I would certainly enter.  Nichelle® doll's room looks to be the coolest!  Just a bit of personal trivia, Nichelle® is also my favorite GG girl.  I just thought I would add that since I can't enter.  Of course if Blaine™ had his own room I would be all for him!

I think the "My Room" line is made for the sweepstakes promotion.  I still believe we will see another line later in the year.  Also remember that this line is being released sooner than the standard line did last year, leaving the rest of the year for new product.


Above and Below:  GG "My Room" Barbie®.


Below:  GG "My Room" Barbie doll enjoys her room which has a photography and aspiring actress (film buff) motif.

The GG "My Room" Barbie® version (model #28986) I bought was pretty easy to put together and only required scotch tape.  There are not too many accessories which I found disappointing.  I wish most of the stuff that is artistically rendered on the walls and floor would have been real play pieces.  I was also disappointed to discover that Barbie has a TNT waist, not the new Jewel Girl™ body mold.  This line needs this body mold and I was surprised that it doesn't have it since most dolls in the 2001 line will.  I also found that out of all the rooms, this one is the most spiritless.  The only funky piece is the "space-age" television with VCR tape. The other rooms are more interesting.  Maybe Mattel rationalized that Barbie® doll's character is staying with the Jenner family in NY, so maybe this is the reason.  FYI, Movie Date Ken would fit in nicely for a visit with his popcorn box, drink and movie tickets, since she has her bowl of popcorn and drink cup.  If I would of spotted it, I would have bought the Nichelle® version.  Her room is more like a "My Dressing Room" than a "My Room".  She also has the best taste in furniture design and symmetry.  Her bed is a fainting bed extension from her couch.  Nichelle® brings "a fashion sense to her room".  Ana™ is back and brings a beach motif to her room complete with a blow-up raft (and pillow) for her bed.  I loved the miniature aquarium!  Super sport Tori™ has a loft bed (with fuzzy pillow and ladder), leaving room for her cool floor chair and scooter on the floor portion of her room.  Lara™ doll's room is romantic with "wrought iron" bed, art easel and art accessories.  The last room is Mari™ (pronounced Mă-ree; long a) who doesn't have a bed at all.  Her room is my second favorite which is "totally techno".  Who wouldn't want to sit down in the computer chairs and play games with the miniature game controllers?

Until I receive more news, which will be soon I hope, we will have to wait to see if Mattel shows another GG line at Toy Fair 2001.  I know the new boys (known then as Winn and Alfonso) were shown at Pre-Toy Fair 2001 in Arizona earlier this year.  I know the buyer who actually saw them.  Let's cross our fingers that the "My Room" line is a vehicle for promotional purposes only! There is certainly room for two versions in the same year.  Also, 10 GG line dolls or versions are listed for 2001.  I thought it was interesting that this post from Nadia on the old Keeping Ken BB pretty much sums up my personal assumption.  "We already know that Barbie®, Lara™, Ana™, Nichelle®, Tori™ and Mari™ are lined up for the GG My Room Line. The addition of Blaine™, Rigo, and Trevor sums up a total of nine dolls. The tenth doll is probably Chelsie™. She could be a TRU exclusive for next year, which is why they wouldn’t include her in the direct market. Think about it: Barbie® focuses on a “film motif,” Lara™ an “artist motif” Ana™ a “beach motif” etc. A “music motif” would fit perfectly in the GG My Room line. And yes I know that there is no sign of “Chelsie™” at the back of Barbie® doll’s box, but just remember that Chelsie™ was excluded from the GG magazine covers, and boxes of every Dance Party™ doll except her own".

I think this post from Gerald also is steering in the right direction:  "I think that they are going to make two lines this year that focus on the Generation Girls™. If I remember correctly, the previous two times that a new Gen Girl line was released the first sightings started around early spring/March. It's not even January and there has already been a Barbie® sighting. I think Mattel will try to capitalize on next years holiday season and bring out a 2001/2002 for the 2001 holiday season and maybe then that's when they will introduce the new guys and bring back Chelsie™. Also, only one set of fashions has been introduced so far for 2001. I doubt that only one line will be marketed. I'll keep my fingers crossed for two lines of Gen Girls in 2001!"

Above:  Issue #2 of Generation Beat™ Magazine which features Blaine™.