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Ultimately this will be a complete listing of every Ken® made from 1961 until the present.  I will include Name, Model # (M#), Box Date (BD) and Hair Color (HC).  I am adding Clothing (C) and Accessory (A) descriptions as well.

Highlighted boxes are the Ken® dolls I keep.

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"today's teens in outdoor scenes"


The Sun Set Malibu Ken (White Box)

M:  1088  BD:  1974  HC:   Painted Medium Blonde.  C:  Lime green tricot  swim trunks.  A:  None.   NOTE:  This Ken came in a pink box version called "Malibu Ken" in 1975.

Talking Ken (Baggie-mute)

M:  1159  BD:  1974  HC:  Painted Brunette.  C:  Same as Talking Spanish Ken 1968.  A:  None.   NOTE:  Talking Ken body 1968(mute) and Live Action Ken head 1970.


"Bendable legs.  Poseable."

Funtime Ken (Europe) & (Canada)

M#:  7194  BD:  1974  HC:   Painted Brown.  C:  Blue tricot swim trunks.  A:  None.  NOTE:  There is also an ERROR version using the Blonde Sun Set Malibu in the lime green shorts.


Gold Medal Ken Swimmer (Europe)

M#:  7380  BD:  1974   HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  Pieced Red, white and blue swim trunks.  A:  Gold medal on gold chain.  NOTE:  Considered by collectors as the rarest Ken to find, this doll was created by Mattel Europe to commemorate the upcoming 1976 Olympics held in the U.S. In the United States, only a Gold Medal Skier Ken was available, but in Europe this Gold Medal Ken wearing a red, white, & blue bikini swimsuit was available to U.S. citizens there.


"With a little help from you he can move more freely than ever!"

Free Moving Ken

M#:  7280  BD:  1974  HC:   Painted Brown  C:  White shorts attached to red with white striped polo shirt with white collar s/s.  White socks with red and green stitching.  White tennis shoes.  A:   Gray plastic tennis racket with strap.  Gray plastic golf club with strap.  Gray plastic ball. 


"U.S. Olympic Star-best in the world!"

Gold Medal Ken Skier

M#:  7261  BD:  1974  HC:   Painted Blonde.  C:  Ski suit 1 piece red, white and blue l/s with blue belt.   Yellow entry vest with #9.  Gold medal necklace.  Red ski boots.   A:  Red ski hat.  Blue skis and poles.  Red goggles.  Gold Medal coupon offer inside box included an Olympic medal in simulated gold on red, white and blue ribbon, U.S. Olympic record book and U.S. Olympic iron on shield for $1.  NOTE:  Authorized by the U.S. Olympic Committee.  Read more about this Ken doll at The Man Behind The Doll presents Gold Medal Ken Skier.


Long & Short Hair Versions

"Change his looks for any mood with beard, moustache and sideburns."

The Now Look Ken

M#:  9342  BD:  1975  HC:   Rooted Brunette (cello around head).  C:  Tan pants.   Tan matching jacket.  Turquoise or light blue scarf (tied around neck).  Brown loafers.   A:  Brush.  Beard, sideburns and moustache on sheet of brown flock.   NOTE:  The Now Look Ken was available in both long and short hair version lengths and two different arm molds.  The short hair version may come with white dickey; no scarf and has the PTS (Point To Side) arm molds.  It was the first version available and also features a box that had a greater height stature than the long haired version.  The long hair version has PTR (Point To Rear) arm molds and a shorter height stature box.


Malibu Ken (Pink Box)

M:  1088  BD:  1975  HC:   Painted Yellow.  C:  Lime green swim trunks.  A:  None.   NOTE:  This Ken came in a white box version called "The Sun Set Malibu Ken" in 1974. 



Partytime Ken (Europe) & (Canada)

M#:  9927  BD:  1976  HC:  Painted Brunette.  C:  Black pants with attached  black "velvet" scoop vest with orange ruffled tuxedo shirt with black stitching and black "velvet" bow-tie.  Matching black tuxedo jacket with "velvet" wide peaked lapels.  Black loafers.  NOTE:  Partytime Ken uses a Talking Ken body mold, but the holes on the back are not cut out but visible.


"Barbie doll's boyfriend with the movie star look!"

SuperStar Ken

M#:   2211  BD:  1977  HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:   Navy 1 piece pantsuit.  Red cravat (sewn in).  Burgundy belt with silver buckle with star.  Black loafers.   Silver watch and ring with red stone.  Silver "Ken" ID bracelet.  A:   Silver rim with red lens sunglasses.  2 piece clear stand. NOTE: Variation of boxes and accessories with one including a free child's size "Sparkling Superstar" ring (BOTH versions are pictured).   Also in 2 doll SuperStar Gift Set (Barbie and Ken).


Spiel Mit (Play With) Ken (Europe)

M#:  2168  BD:   1977  HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  Orange swim trunks with white waistband.  A:  None.


Beach Fun Ken / Strandpaß (Europe) & (Canada, a Sear's SSE)

M#:  2683  BD:  1978   HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  Orange with yellow trim swim trunks with the initial "K."   Yellow tote bag with orange straps with "Ken" printed in orange star, hanging on shoulder.  A:  None.


Hawaiian Ken

M#:  2960  BD:  1978  HC:   Painted Black.  C:  White with multi-color floral swim trunks (two versions available).  Brown bead necklace.  A:  Pink surfboard with orange floral stripe sticker.   Multi-color floral lei.  Orange towel.  NOTE:  There are two different variations found in the floral print design on swim trunks.  Read more about this Ken doll at The Man Behind The Doll presents Hawaiian Ken 1978.


"The doll with the peek-a-boo tan!"

Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken  

M#:   1088  BD:  1978  HC:  Painted Blonde. C:  Aqua with purple trim swim trunks with "K" initial on hip.  Aqua vinyl tote bag with purple strap.  A:  Aqua rim with mirror lens sunglasses.


Sports Star Ken (Germany)

M#:  1336  BD:  1979   HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  One-piece white tennis shorts with 2 navy/1white stripe waist and stitching with white tennis shirt with navy trim (collar, neckline & shoulders) and orange shoulder inserts s/s.  A:  White tennis shoes.  White socks.  White tennis racket with orange cover with "Ken" on navy star.  Yellow tennis ball.


"Shave him.  He's athletic.  He's all man."

Sport & Shave Ken

M#:  1294  BD:  1979  HC:   Rooted Brown (side part, chin length).  C:  Yellow shorts with white and navy ribbon waist and navy stitching.  White shirt with navy stitching s/s.  Yellow sticker on shirt that says "all STAR marathon".  Blue and white tennis shoes.  A:  Navy pants.  Brush and comb.  Tennis racket.  Cologne.  Brown marking pen (to draw on bread).  Toothpaste and toothbrush.  2 shavers and a shaving mug.  Gray sponges for shavers.   Hair dryer.  Watch. 


"Today's dance stars know all the steps."

Disco Ken AKA Golden Nights Ken (Germany) & (Canada)

M#:  3208   BD:  1980  HC:  Painted Butterscotch.  C:  One-piece nylon with white pants with shiny gold strip down both sides, bronze shirt with shiny gold strips down front and around bottom s/s.  Gold shiny bow-tie attached to shirt.   White loafers  A:  None.  NOTE:  Box picture shows white tennis shoes.


Domestic Version


Foreign  Version

"He's the perfect partner for Western Barbie doll."

Western Ken AKA Western Style Ken (Canada)

M#:  3600  BD: 1980 HC:  Painted Brunette.  C:  Black vinyl pants with white stitching.   White shirt with black vinyl yoke, cuffs and collar  with white stitching l/s.    Silver sticker belt buckle that says Ken. Black and silver cord around neck.  Black cowboy boots.   A:  White cowboy hat.    


"He's king of the roller scene!"

Roller Skating Ken

M#:  1881  BD:   1980  HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  Black shorts with purple/fuchsia prismatic and red prismatic ribbon stripes on sides.  Red tee shirt s/s.  Purple windbreaker with black prismatic and red prismatic ribbon.  Red socks.  A:  White with red stripes (on sides) roller skates with red wheels.


Jogging Ken (Germany) & (Canada)

M#:  3988  BD:   1981  HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  Light blue running sorts with white trim around bottom.   Pieced low cut white with blue trim and yellow sides tank top with the number 103 on front.  A:  White tennis shoes.


Jeans Ken (Germany)

M#:  3903  BD:  1981  HC:   Painted Blonde.  C:  Dark blue denim jeans.  Rust knit shirt s/s.   White tennis shoes.  A:  None.


"Best looking guy in jeans!"

Fashion Jeans Ken

M#:  5316  BD:   1981  HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  Blue jeans.   Pink V-neck shirt with collar s/s with blue Ken on chest.  Blue belt.  Black cowboy boots.  A:   None. 


"He's an all-around athlete!"

All Star Ken

M#:  3553  BD:  1981   HC:  Painted Brown.  C:  Robin egg blue shorts with yellow ribbing on sides.  Light blue and yellow ribbed pieced shirt with royal blue cording.   A:  Light blue socks.  Royal blue tennis shoes.  Silver muscle band.  Weight lifting bar with 2 each weights (5, 10, 25 lbs.)  Dumbbells.  Black racket ball racquet.  Jump rope handles with string.  "Bend his arm, his muscle pops up!


"He's got the California look!"

Sunsational Malibu Ken

M#:  1088  BD:   1981  HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  Purple with pink trim swim trunks.  A:  Striped towel (purple, green, yellow).  Aqua rim with mirrored lens sunglasses.




Sunsational Malibu Ken (AA w/ rooted hair)

M#:   3849  BD:  1981  HC:  Rooted Black (curly).  Available later with Painted Black.  (See listing for Sunsational Malibu Ken AA 1983).  C:   Yellow with orange trim swim trunks.  A:  Same as above.  Read more about this Ken doll at The Man Behind The Doll presents Sunsational Malibu Ken AA.


Super Sport Ken (E)

M#:  5839  BD:   1982   HC:  Painted Blonde.  White shorts with multi-color waist band and purple trim.  Purple with lavender sleeves and black trim shirt s/s with " <----> " sticker on left chest.  A:  Purple headband.  White tennis shoes.  White socks with red/blue stitch.  2 Black dumbbells.

Super Dance Ken (E & C)

M#:                   BD:                     HC:  Painted Blonde.  C:  White satin short shorts with magenta trim around bottom.  Pieced magenta with pink sleeve t-short s/s with black trim around neck and sleeve.  Magenta leg warmers.  White dance oxfords.  A:  None.


"The doll who loves to ride horses!"

Horse Lovin' Ken

M#:  3600  BD:   1982  HC:  Painted Brunette.  C:  Red vinyl pants.   Red and cream dotted shirt l/s.  Tan fake suede vest with fake fur "sheepskin" inside and as trim around middle and waist.  Red scarf around neck.  Tan cowboy boots.   A:  Tan cowboy hat.


"He's everybody's Dream date!"

Dream Date Ken

M#:  4077  BD:  1982 HC:  Painted Black.  C:  1-piece body suit with silver pants, white shirt with plastic collar, black bow tie and hot pink cummerbund.  Black suit coat with hot pink flower on lapel.  Black loafers.  A:  None.


Cérémonie Ken (France)

M#:  693  BD:  1982  HC:  Painted Blonde.  Navy pin stripe double breasted suit.  White collar shirt with red tie attached.  Black loafers.  A:  None  NOTE:  Mattel France.

Continued Keeping Ken The Collectable Era 1983-1987