August 2000

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Special Secondary Market Report 8-14-2000

For a look back on my Secondary Market Report for past updates, please visit the Keeping Ken Value Guide Secondary Market Report Archive.

With the completion of updated secondary market values for month ending 7/99, I can compare values from 8/99 and 3/00.  Here are some Ken versions to look out for, and some you may want to avoid! The data base created for this page will have added updated entries by the next value update in 3/01.   Percentage calculations will appear by each item, if there is an existing value.

A lot of activity is seen in the African American Ken versions, Stars and Stripes (again), Vintage and Mod Era categories.

The most obvious increase in secondary market value activity with this update, is in the African American Ken versions.  Within each era (that provided a choice of either Caucasian or AA Ken versions) most have a higher value.  I attribute this rise in secondary market value simply to the Ken collector sensibility.  Most Ken collectors realize that there are fewer AA versions made, compared to their Caucasian counterpart.  Unlike AA Barbie versions, the AA Ken is the HOT item NOW, with Ken collectors adding both versions to their collection to make it complete! Recently, the Rainbow Prince Ken AA, was added much later in limited quantities to the existing Rainbow Prince/Princess line.  This tells me that collectors are still wanting an AA Ken version and if we can't get more Ken dolls, we can certainly collect different versions in the same lines.

In the Vintage category, I predicted that Talking Ken dolls were going to be on the "hot list" from March 2000.  There had been strong increased sales in the past six months with prices getting higher for both NRFB and loose dolls.  I have to admit I "missed" on this prediction, as the Talking category showed minor increases, or remained the same.  On the other hand, another doll in this era, New Good Lookin' Ken, who's secondary market value had almost doubled in the last six months, has increased in value again.  Most other Vintage Kens are at a price lull, with no major leaps or bounds.  This is a pattern that continues from the last value update in 3/00.  The original Flock Brownette saw a decrease while the Painted Hair's remained the same.   The Bendable Leg is still commanding the highest price with another increase in value, while the Shortie increased slightly.  After my terrible prediction for Dressed Box Ken dolls, they rebounded with the harder to find outfits determining their value structure.  I still think it might be smarter to buy later.  This pattern that is affected by supply and demand.   Supply is still somewhat plentiful, while  the collector is looking to buy in a more affordable price range! One to watch out for is the Walk Lively Ken, I think this one will go through the roof, and will be well in the $200 range by next year.

The Mod Era Ken dolls seem to be becoming a stronger exciting category, as most prices increased for the more popular versions, like Mod Hair Ken and The Now Look Ken.  It seems that collectors ARE favoring this rooted head mold, and collector age ranges are converging.  My pick this update would have to be in this era, although stay away from the Malibu Caucasian.  I fear because of plentitude, these will see more decreases in value in the future.  Two stand outs are the The Sun Set Malibu Ken and the Malibu Ken White Box, which I predict will both continue to increase in value.

I predicted that interest in the Stars and Stripes line seemed to be resurfacing after resurgences of disinterest.  Most values have now increased except for a few versions in the series.  The Marine Ken (Caucasian) increased in value again.  I would seriously consider buying now, before prices increase again in this line, as I am still predicting this series will continue to see renewed interest!

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