September 2001
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My "INSIDER HOT TIPS" and "NOT PICKS" for the next six months, sorted by category.

Vintage/Early Mod Era HOT Bendable Leg Ken (Brunette) or Bendable Leg Ken (Blonde) NOT Flock Hair Ken (Brownette)
Spirit/Urban Era HOT The Now Look Ken NOT Sunsational Malibu Ken
Collectible One Era HOT Sea Lovin' Ken NOT Perfume Giving Ken and Perfume Giving Ken African American
Collectible Two Era HOT Sparkle Surprise Ken (all versions) NOT 30th Anniversary Ken
Now Era HOT Locket Surprise Ken NOT Camp Ken
Millennium Era HOT Rainbow Prince Ken NOT Ken as The Tin Man 1999


Special Secondary Market Report 9-30-2001

Things sort of leveled off with this value update.  There were really no "stand-outs".  But there was some interesting results, nonetheless.

Ken doll's secondary market value is rising, but at a slower rate.  Like in the last update, the most positive activity was seen in more recent Ken dolls available and also in African American Ken versions in the "My First Ken" line.  The Vintage and Mod Era categories also showed slow, but steady increases.

Again, the most obvious increase in secondary market value activity is in Ken dolls available in the very recent past.  Notably, Ken dolls box dated 1997-1999.  While the dollar amount may seem minimal, the percentage of increase still tells the story.  Stand-outs included Cool School Ken +40.9, Dr. Ken & Little Patient Tommy +39.7 and  Dr. Ken & Little Patient Tommy African American version showed an increase this time +39.7 after showing a decrease in the last update.  Other stand-outs included Cool Lookin' Ken up an astonishing 135.4 percent.  Other dolls of note were  Shave 'n Style Ken + 48.1 and Shave 'n Style Ken African American + 10.7.  The recent swim line dolls did well too with Pearl Beach Ken +87.5, Florida Vacation Ken +81.1 and  Hawaii Ken First Issue +40 and Hawaii Ken Second Issue +55.6.  Like I said in the last update, I attribute two major factors in the newer dolls increases.  One is supply and demand.  There was simply not enough supply to meet the demand of each version made by Mattel; for collector or consumer.  I base this assumption by the supply available (especially during peak sales times).  I also attribute it to the growing Ken collector base.  Most new collectors are adding these recent dolls to start their collection.  I think it is harder for the new Ken collector to find these "old stock" Ken dolls in stores like I did.  So the new collector must resource other areas like eBay, which drives prices higher.  Some words of advice:  "Buy it now".  Unless Mattel increases production of Ken vs., Barbie dolls (which seems unlikely) I can only see this trend continue.  I predicted that Rainbow Prince Ken would be the one to watch, but this doll showed little activity, but it did increase but a marginal +1.5.  I still am picking this doll as one that could easily double in value in the near value.  On the flip side, over produced Ken dolls did not do as well.  Over production of the recent Wizard of Oz Ken dolls drove their value down as all three versions showed a decrease.  Ken as The Cowardly Lion 1999 -10, Ken as The Scarecrow 1999 -16.2 and Ken as The Tin Man 1999 -18.4.   While underproduction is good value wise, I would like to see Mattel raise their productions levels slightly higher or produce more versions.

In the Vintage category, most Vintage Kens broke out of a price lull, but with no major leaps or bounds.  This continues a pattern from the last two value updates.  This update showed a slight value increase.  As predicted, the original Flock Hair Ken Brownette ended with a decrease (-4.3) while the Blonde and Brunette versions were +3.1.  The Painted Hair Ken also showed another increase +3.8 while the Painted Hair Shortie Ken stayed the same.   The Bendable Leg Ken is still commanding the highest price and had the best increase +5.4 and up +19.1 overall.  In the volatile market the Dressed Box Ken dolls provide, they showed a slight increase in value with this update with the harder to find outfits determining their value structure.  Keep in mind that the Dressed Box Ken dolls are certainly the most risky investment.  They are affected by supply and demand.  I was happy to see most of the DB dolls showed a increase this update.

One update later, the Mod Era Ken dolls are staring to become a stronger exciting category, but at a slower rate than I have predicted in the past.  Also it seems that this category is not value structured with increased values for more popular versions.  After leveling off in the last update, The Mod Era picked up slightly with activity.  The New Good Lookin' Ken +118.3 is still a leader in this category, but as predicted, it has finally leveled off after sharp increases over one year.  The Mod Hair Ken showed another decrease this update, but is still +23.2.   The Now Look Ken showed a slight increase, and is still +16.5.  Live Action Ken and Live Action Ken on Stage both had modest increases.  Both of these dolls are harder to find NRFB.  Last year I predicted that the Talking Kens value would increase.  It was fairly apparent that these dolls to are on the secondary market rise, with no apparent end.  Talking Ken +30, Talking Ken Spanish (New Good Lookin') Orange/Aqua Outfit +15.4  and Talking Ken Spanish (New Good Lookin')  Red Outfit +36.4.  , New Good Lookin' Talking Ken remained the same while Talking Busy Ken took a dip -6.8.  I felt that the two stand outs in the Malibu line were going to be  The Sun Set Malibu Ken (two versions) and the Malibu Ken White Box (same version, different packaging).  All three versions are still gaining value while the Malibu Ken White box slipped slightly -2.8.  The more common version of the Malibu Ken Pink Box gained more value +32.  I was wrong in predicting Walk Lively Ken, would be in the $200 price range by this year.  He slipped -1.3.  But I did say that one to watch is SuperStar Ken 1977.  While the standard version slipped -4.1, the version with the child's promotional ring was +11.2.  If you deciding which version to purchase, maybe this will help you decide! And as always, the Baggie Ken dolls are doing well and still increasing.

Barbie Collectibles™ Ken dolls provided a unsteady market.  Not surprising was the nose diving 30th Anniversary Ken which was down again ending at -22.8.  Harley Davidson Ken was -6.4 while Harley Davidson Ken (Second Edition) gained +2.3.  Limited to 7000 dolls, Coca-Cola Ken gained +1.9.  Great news since Barbie in this series has been deeply discounted.  I feel Coca-Cola Ken will retain value because of the production level and the series continuation into 2002.

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