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Ever find a Ken® at a garage sale or out of the original box and wonder which version you have? Maybe you have a hard-to-find version you don't want to debox? Welcome to The Ken® Parts Department.   Ultimately this will be a complete listing of every Ken® part made from 1961 until the present.  This page was created so you can identify your loose and NRFB Ken® dolls.  Eventually this page will be filled with the identifying parts, to piece your guys together.  I am asking your help, in making this list complete and accurate.  Please feel free to send information and correct markings for Body Molds, coming soon!


Most Ken head molds are marked on the back of the neck.  The markings include a year stamp and are always on the head portion, not the body.  Some exceptions apply, like 30th Anniversary Ken and the nostalgic reproduction head molds without markings.  The following is a complete listing of Ken head molds produced, and the doll version it was used for.  As new Ken dolls are produced, I will update the list.

1961 Flock Hair

*No marks

Flock Hair Ken

1962 Painted Hair

*Some, but not all head molds are marked with a three digit number underneath the chin, for example "635".

Painted Hair KenPainted Hair Shortie KenDressed Box Ken(s) Bendable Leg Ken

Barbie and Ken Tennis Set,  Barbie and Ken Mix n' Match Set,  Fashion Queen Barbie Gift Set (Barbie, Ken & Midge)Fashion Queen Barbie & Ken TrousseauOn Parade Gift Set,  Barbie & Ken Little Theatre,  Barbie, Ken and Midge Pep Rally Set,  Wedding Party Gift Set

1968 Ken 1

*Markings are inside neck rim.


Talking KenTalking Ken (Spanish)New Good Lookin' KenNew Good Lookin' Talking Ken

Barbie & Ken Fabulous Formal Set,  Red White 'N Wild Gift Set

1968 Ken 2

*Date markings on outside neck rim. Markings inside neck rim are marked HONG KONG or TAIWAN


Live Action KenLive Action Ken on StageThe Sun Set Malibu KenWalk Lively KenBusy KenBusy Ken (E)Talking Busy KenLive Action Ken BaggieThe Sports Set Sun Valley KenTalking Ken Baggie-MuteMalibu Ken White Box,  Talking Ken Baggie-Mute,  Funtime Ken (E)Gold Medal Ken Swimmer (G)Free Moving KenGold Medal Skier KenMalibu Ken Pink BoxSpiel Mit Ken (E)Party Time Ken (E)Beach Fun Ken (E & C)Hawaiian Ken 1978

Malibu Ken Surf's Up Gift Set,  Barbie et Ken Gift Set (F)

1972 Ken

*Markings are inside neck rim


Mod Hair KenMod Hair KenMod Hair Ken (Montgomery Ward's)The Now Look Ken

1977 Superstar

*Markings are inside neck rim

© Mattel, Inc. 1977

SuperStar Ken 1977Sun Lovin' Malibu KenJeans KenSports Star Ken (F)Disco/Golden Nights Ken (F & C)Western KenRoller Skating KenJogging Ken (E & C)Fashion Jeans Ken, All Star KenSunsational Malibu KenSuper Sport Ken (E),  Super Dance Ken (E & C),  Horse Lovin' KenDream Date KenSafari Ken (Australia)Roqueiro Ken (Brazil), Rock Star Ken (Brazil), Passeio Ken (Brazil), Moda Jeans Ken (Brazil)Olimpico Ken, New Wave Ken (Brazil), Noite de Baile Ken (Brazil), Alta Moda Ken (Brazil)

SuperStar Gift SetBarbie & Friends Gift SetCampin' Out Gift Set,  

1977 Rooted Superstar

©1977 Mattel, Inc

Sport & Shave Ken

1981 Black Ken


Sunsational Malibu Ken African American

1983 Ken


Crystal KenExercise Ken (E)Great Shape KenGreat Shape Ken Second EditionSun Gold Malibu KenDay-to-Night KenBeach Time Ken (C & E)Sea Lovin' Ken (C E & F)Rock Star Kenny (Argentina),  Ken Ceremonie (F),  Tropical KenDream Glow KenMusic Lovin'/Sport Music Ken (C & E)Tennis Ken (E),  Roqueiros Ken (Brazil),  Doctor KenPerfume Giving KenIsland Fun KenCalifornia Dream KenClub California Ken (C),  Cool Times KenBeach Blast KenMy First Ken #1389Animal Lovin' KenSuperStar Ken 1988, Playa California Ken (Mexico),  Llanero Ken (Venezuela)Ken and the All StarsFlight Time KenDance Club KenIce Capades KenWet 'n Wild Ken (C)My First Ken #9940Sports Club Ken (E)My First Ken #3841

Tennis Stars Gift SetCool City Blues Gift SetHappy Holidays Indian Gift Set

1983 Black Ken


Sunsational Malibu Ken African AmericanCrystal Ken African AmericanSun Gold Malibu Ken African AmericanDay-to-Night Ken African AmericanTropical Ken African AmericanDream Glow Ken African American Jewel Secrets Ken African American

1983 Hispanic Ken


Sunsational Malibu Ken HispanicHawaiian Ken 1983Sun Gold Malibu Ken Hispanic 

1985 Derek

© MATTEL INC. 1985

Olimpico Ken (Venezuela)

1986 Ken

© 1986 MATTEL INC.

Rocker's Ken, Rock Stars KenJewel Secrets KenJewel Secrets Ken (box variation)

1987 Black Ken

© MATTEL, INC. 1987

Perfume Giving Ken African AmericanSuperStar Ken African AmericanDance Magic Ken AACostume Ball Ken African AmericanMy First Ken AA #1807Marine Ken African AmericanArmy Ken African AmericanMy First Ken AA #3876Air Force Ken African AmericanBaywatch Ken AA

Stars 'n Stripes Marine AA Gift Set,  Stars 'n Stripes Army AA Gift SetStars 'n Stripes Air Force AA Gift Set

1988 Ken

© M.I. 1988

Sun Charm Ken (E)Dance Magic KenWestern Fun KenCostume Ball KenAll American KenSki Fun Ken (Canada)Ski Fun Ken (American)Wedding Day KenHawaiian Fun KenUnited Colors of Benetton KenWeekend Ken (E)United Colors of Benetton Shopping KenSun Sensation Ken, Brilho Mágico Ken (Brazil), Segredos do Coracao  Ken (Brazil)

Dance Magic Gift SetBarbie & Friends Gift Set (Disney) Wedding Party Midge Gift Set

1990 Alan


Rappin' Rockin' Ken (Long Hair)Rollerblade Ken (Long Hair)Sparkle Surprise Ken (Long Hair)Camp KenNature Adventure KenLocket Surprise KenWestern Stampin' KenNaf Naf KenBaywatch KenHot Skatin' KenWinter Sport Ken (C)Sparkle Beach KenOcean Friends Ken,  Splash 'n Color KenMiami KenFlorida Vacation KenPhilippine Islands KenPhilippine Islands KenPhilippine Islands Ken, Beach Fun Ken (Philippine Islands), Beach Fun Ken (Philippine Islands), Beach Fun Ken (Philippine Islands), Beach Fun Ken (Philippine Islands), Palm Beach Ken

Wedding Fantasy Gift SetWalt Disney World Resort Vacation Gift Set Disneyland Resort Vacation Gift Set

1990 Ken

© 1990


Butterfly Prince Ken (C)Shaving Fun KenInline Skating Ken (C)Cool Shavin' KenBig Brother Ken & Baby Brother TommyGreat Date KenTotally Cool Ken (Casual)Totally Cool Ken (Suit)Dr. Ken & Little Patient TommyPrince Ken (Rapunzel's)Olympic Skater KenButterfly Art KenCool Lookin' KenPrince Ken (Sleeping Beauty's), Barbie in the Nutcracker Ken as Prince Eric, Concert Date Ken, Magic Jewel Ken, Scooby Doo Ken as Fred, Cali Girl Ken, Barbie Princess Collection Ken as the Fairy Tale Prince (Foreign Edition)

Olympic Skater Gift SetHalloween Party Gift Set

30th Anniversary Porcelain


30th Anniversary Ken

1991 Modified Alan

© 1991 MATTEL, INC.

Rappin' Rockin' Ken (Short Hair)Rollerblade Ken (Modified Alan Head Mold)Sparkle Surprise Ken (Modified Alan head mold, no text box)Earring Magic KenSea Holiday KenGlitter Beach KenHollywood Hair KenSun Jewel KenHollywood Legends Ken as Rhett ButlerTropical Splash KenHollywood Legends Ken as Professor Henry HigginsPearl Beach KenHawaii Ken First IssueHawaii Ken Second Issue

Secret Hearts Gift SetBeach Fun Gift SetIsland Fun Sizzlin' Beach Party Gift SetDisney Weekend Vacation Deluxe Gift Set

1991 Totally Hair


© 1991 MATTEL INC.

Totally Hair Ken

1991 Ken


My First Ken #1503Secret Hearts Ken, Country Ken,  Coca-Cola KenSurf City Ken, Surf City Ken Beach Play Set, Photo Student Ken, Rio de Janeiro Ken

Wedding Fantasy Barbie Gift Set Star Trek Gift Set

1991 Stars 'n Stripes


Star 'n Stripes Marine KenStars 'n Stripes Army KenStars 'n Stripes Air Force Ken

Stars 'n Stripes Marine Gift SetStars 'n Stripes Army Gift Set Stars 'n Stripes Air Force Gift Set

1991 Jamal


Big Brother Ken & Baby Brother Tommy African AmericanDr. Ken & Little Patient Tommy African AmericanOlympic Skater Ken African AmericanShave 'n Style Ken African AmericanRainbow Prince Ken AAMovie Date Ken AARose Prince Ken AA, Barbie in the Nutcracker Ken as Prince Eric AA, Route 66 Adventure Ken AA

Olympic Skater Gift Set African American

40th Anniversary Ken AA, Concert Date Ken AA, Magic Jewel Ken AA, Barbie as Rapunzel Talking Ken as Prince Stefan AA, Skate Date Ken AA, Barbie® of Swan Lake Ken® as Prince Daniel AA, Barbie Fairy Tale Collection Ken as the Fairy Tale Prince™AA

1991.97 Modified Jamal

© 1991 . 97


Enlarged 1991-1997

© 1991-1997 MATTEL, INC.

Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper Ken as King Dominick AA, Barbie Fantasy Tales Tea Party Prince Ken AA, Handsome Groom™ AA, Barbie Rapunzel's Wedding Prince Stefan Doll AA

1995 Tin Man


Hollywood Legends Ken as The Tin ManKen as The Tin Man, Wizard of Oz™ Tin Man Ken Doll

1996 Cowardly Lion


Hollywood Legends Ken as the Cowardly LionKen as The Cowardly Lion, Wizard of Oz™ Cowardly Lion Ken Doll

1996 Scarecrow


Hollywood Legends Ken as the ScarecrowKen as The Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz™ Scarecrow Ken Doll

1996 Ken

TM/© 1996


Harley Davidson KenHarley Davidson Ken (Second Edition), 40th Anniversary Ken

Phantom of the Opera Gift SetKing Arthur & Queen Guinevere Gift Set Merlin & Morgan le Fay Gift Set

1997 Romeo

© 1997 MATTEL INC.

Romeo & Juliet Gift Set

1997 Ken

© 1997 MATTEL INC.

Shave 'n Style KenCool School KenRainbow Prince KenSwim Buddies Ken & TommyMovie Date KenRose Prince KenPhotographer Ken, Barbie as Rapunzel Talking Ken as Prince Stefan, Route 66 Adventure Ken, Skate Date Ken, Flower Surprise Ken, Scooby Doo Ken as Shaggy, Barbie® of Swan Lake Ken® as Prince Daniel, Barbie Fairy Tale Collection Ken as the Fairy Tale Prince™, Route 66 University Ken

Addams Family Gift Set

Enlarged 1997 Ken

© 1997 MATTEL INC.

Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper Ken as King Dominick, Barbie® Fantasy Tales Tea Party Prince Ken®, Barbie Princess Collection Enchanted Ball Doll (European Edition), Handsome Groom™ Doll

Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper/Princess Anneliese and Julian Wedding Gift Set

1997 Ken Collectibles


The X Files Gift SetThe X Files Gift Set Second EditionBarbie & Kenny Country Duet Gift Set

2000 Ken Collectibles


Tales of the Arabian Nights Gift Set

2001 Ken Collectibles

TM/© 2001


Tango Barbie & Ken Gift Set, James Bond 007 Barbie & Ken Gift Set, Jude Deveraux "The Raider" Barbie® & Ken® Gift Set, The Waltz Barbie® & Ken®  Gift Set, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Gift Set (Barbie® and Ken® as Arwen and Aragorn), Zac Posen Barbie and Ken Giftset

2001 Blaine

TM/© 2001 MATTEL, INC.

Fashion Fever Kurt, Fashion Fever Modern Trends Collection Doll, The Wizard of Oz™ Winkie Guard Ken Doll & Winged Monkey

Reproduction Ken

*No Marks

Fashion Insider Ken Doll Giftset, 1 Modern Circle™ Ken®, 1 Modern Circle™ Ken® (Second Edition)

Barbie Fashion Model Collection 45th Anniversary Gift Set (Barbie® and Ken®)

2001 LOTR Ken

TM ©2001 Mattel, Inc

Ken doll as Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings:  The Fellowship Of The Ring

2003 Doll

©Mattel, Inc 2003

Barbie Rapunzel's Wedding Prince Stefan Doll, Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses Prince Derek Doll

2004 Doll

©2004 Mattel, Inc

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Prince Aidan Doll

DC Comics Ken

TM & © DC Comics (S05)

Superman Returns Ken as Superman

2005 Ken

©2005 Mattel, Inc

Beach Fun Ken, The New Look Ken, Fashion Fever Doll (Wave V), Fashion Fever Ken, Beach Glam Ken, The Groom Doll, The Groom Doll & Ring Bearer Doll, Barbie Sleeping Beauty Prince Doll, Fashion Fever Ken (Second Edition), Fashion Fever Ken (Third Edition), Surf's-Up Beach Ken, Fashion Fever Ken (Fourth Edition), Camping Family Ken

Barbie as Sleeping Beauty Gift Set (E)

2005 Ken Collectibles

©2005 MATTEL, INC.

Star Trek Ken Doll as Captain Kirk, Ken Styled by Gareth Pugh, Fashionistas Ken "Hottie", Fashionistas Ken "Sporty", Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Ken

Speed Racer Gift Set (Barbie and Ken)

Reproduction Flock Ken

*No marks

45th Anniversary Ken

Friday Night Dream Date Gift Set, Campus Spirit Gift Set, Wedding Day Gift Set (Barbie and Ken)

2005/2006 Doll

©2005 2006 MATTEL, Inc

Barbie as The Island Princess Prince Antonio Doll, Sleeping Beauty Prince Doll

Barbie as The Island Princess Rosella & Antonio Wedding Gift Set

1991/2006 Black Doll

©1991.2006 MATTEL, Inc

Barbie as The Island Princess Prince Antonio Doll AA, Wedding Day Groom Doll AA

2007 Ken

©2007 MATTEL, Inc

Wedding Day Groom Doll, Beach Party Ken, Wedding Day Sparkle Groom Doll, Barbie and The Three Musketeers Prince Doll, Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Doll, Toy Story 3 Ken Loves Barbie

2007 Mariposa


Barbie Mariposa Prince Doll

2007 Doll


©2007 MATTEL, Inc

Barbie & The Diamond Castle Twin Musician Doll, Prinz Doll (European Edition), Ken In India (India, European Edition)

Barbie In India (Barbie and Ken)

2008 Ken Collectibles


Star Trek Ken doll as Mr. Spock

Reproduction 1968 Ken

*No marks

Pop Life Ken

Mad Men Ken
©2009 MATTEL Inc.
Mad Men Don Draper, Mad Men Roger Sterling

2009 Ken
©2009 MATTEL, Inc.
Fashionistas Ken "Cutie", Fashionistas Ken "Sporty", Bath Play Fun! Ken, Sweet Talkin' Ken, Shaving Fun Ken, Princess Groom Ken, Kid Picks Ken Gift Set

She Said Yes! (Barbie and Ken)

2010 Japan Ken
©2010 MATTEL, INC.
Dolls Of The World Ken in Japan

2009 Ken Collectibles
©2009 MATTEL, INC.
Ken Basics 2.0 Model #015

Harley-Davidson (Barbie and Ken)

2010 Modified 2001 Ken Collectibles
©2010 MATTEL, INC.
Ken Basics 2.0 Model #016

2010 Black Basics Ken
©2010 MATTEL, INC.
Ken Basics 2.0 Model #017


  Most Ken body molds are marked on the back waist.  The markings usually include a year stamp.  The following is a complete listing of Ken body molds produced, and the doll version it was used for.  As new Ken dolls are produced, I will update the list.  


Talking Ken


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